Here's your recording of the
April Full Moon Journey Circle

Watch the journey circle replay

During the evening over 300 of us gathered in circle to commune with Heron and each other to see what insights and wisdoms we could glean as we navigate our way through these challenging times.

There's a transcript of the chat discussion lower down this page that you can read through to get a full flavour of the realisations, revelations and messages that will help to resource us as we journey together through the mists of uncertainty.

We did have some audio issues with the drum beat cutting out due to changes in the new, updated version of Zoom (which we think we've solved now) however please note that the drum beat in the recording has been replaced by a high quality recording so you should find it to be much better to journey to.

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Your hosts:

Nicola & Jason Smalley
The Way of The Buzzard

In challenging times such as these it's important to reach out to our guides and seek the wisdoms we need to remain resilient and fearless.

We are committed to help our Way of The Buzzard clan navigate a path through the maze of confusion and uncertainty by encouraging the use of the Shamanic toolkit that's so easily available to us,

Here's the transcript from the circle

To make it easier to read I've split it into sections, each of which can be revealed by clicking on the toggle on the right of the title of each section.


00:17:18Steve:Good evening from sunny Topcliffe, North Yorkshire
00:17:19Bruce Pearson:good evening all
00:17:32Lorna Smithers:Hello Lorna from Penwortham here :)
00:17:36Jo Jukes:hi from Jo in Shropshire’s
00:17:37Dee Lister:hey all, from dee in sunny Bolton :)
00:17:41Fae Eilbeck:evening all, fae from Wesham x
00:17:42Karen:hello from Staffordshire UK Karen
00:17:49Caroline Rigby:hi
00:17:50georgie:Hi from sunny Burnley :-D

00:17:50HTC U11 life:good evening everyone from carol in Scotland
00:17:51annie:Annie here - hello
00:17:51Ebony Hoorn:Hellooo from Ramsbottom
00:17:52Sharon:Sharon from Thatcham
00:17:53Sarah:Hi from Sarah in Yorkshore
00:17:54Anne Kingston:Happy Full Moon and Good Evening you two lovelies from Anne K XX
00:17:55Ann marie:hello xx
00:17:55Ruth:hi from Pembrokeshire xx
00:17:57Hils IMRIE-SMITH:Hello all from Hils
00:17:57Lois:Hello! Lois in Glasgow here
00:17:58Jo:Hi all Jo from Bolton
00:17:58Sue Bradbury:Hi from Sue Bradbury

00:18:01Jules:Hello x
00:18:01Sarah Chapman:hi from Nottingham
00:18:01fran:Hi x Fran west yorks
00:18:03trigga:yo Trigga from Devon
00:18:04Michelle:Good evening from Rochdale
00:18:05Patsy Watten:Hi Everyone :)
00:18:05Jo:hi Jo from Cambridge x
00:18:05Lou:Hi from Lou in Bristol :)
00:18:06Linda Woolley:hi everyone. Linda from Garstang here
00:18:06Rhona Graham:Hi Rhona here from fife good to be here with you :)
00:18:06Jean:Hi from Jean in sunny (!) Macc

00:18:07Bridget:Hi Bridget & John hr
00:18:07Shona:Hello from Scotland 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿
00:18:07Gaynor:hi from Gaynor from Shropshire x
00:18:07Moon:G'day to you all üòä
00:18:07emmadecent:Hello from Emma in Todmorden!
00:18:10April:Good evening everyone April in a little village in East Yorkshire
00:18:10Peter:Greetings from Beaconsfield Bucks
00:18:11Lyn:hi, she's just made it. ‚ù§.
00:18:11David:hi guys! xxx

00:18:12Carol:Greetings from central New York.
00:18:13Steph:Hi from Steph!
00:18:13Emma Taylor:Hi everyone, Emma from Northwich
00:18:15Sue:hello fromherts
00:18:15Davina:hello from Davina in Dolgellau
00:18:16Rebecca Hajdu:Hi from the Peak district
00:18:17Helen:hi from sunny Kendal
00:18:18Rebecca:Hello from Cumbria x
00:18:19Di:hi from Di in Forest of Dean

00:18:21Christine:Hi from Christine Wilmslow
00:18:22Sharon D'Souza:Happy full moon everyone. Sharon in London x
00:18:23Pam Butcher:hello everyone NE England
00:18:26Sujatin:Hello from Perth
00:18:26HUAWEI MediaPad T5:Hi from Su in Fleetwood
00:18:28Emma Speller:Hi, Emma from Wymondham
00:18:29Anna:Hi Anna from Penwortham Preston Lancashire
00:18:29Margaret Clarke:Hello from Debryshire xx
00:18:29Alison Thompson:hiya love from prseton
00:18:29Val McKenzie:good evening from Chester! :)
00:18:30David:little London here xx

00:18:30Patsy Watten:Hi from Upton-onSevern, Worcs.
00:18:30Kay Campbell:hi from Prestwick, South West ScotlandüòÅüëç
00:18:34Galaxy A20e:Hi x
00:18:35Debbie:Thanks, im so looking forward to this.. from Debbie, Stoke on Trent
00:18:38Bridget:Bridget & John from Birmingham here
00:18:40Sharon:Good evening everybody x
00:18:40Dave:Dave from West Wales
00:18:41Sonya:northen ireland
00:18:42Lyn:Blackpool x
00:18:44Elaine wilkinson:Watching from Unst shetlands
00:18:44Claire Shackleton:Hi from Claire in N Yorkshire
00:18:49Richard:Hi from York
00:18:50Ann:Hi Ann K again from Cumbria.
00:18:50Avril:hi Avrik from glorious Cheshire
00:18:54Iris Rogan:hello from Cumbria

00:18:55Sheila:hi everyone, greetings from Altrincham x
00:18:56sharon anderson:Hi Sharon in Bedford UK
00:18:57lynn glenister:hello happy full moon Lynn,somersetx
00:19:02Anna:Anna from Billesdon
00:19:05Rachel:Hi from Sheffield
00:19:12Emma:Hi Emma from North Wales
00:19:16mrs's 3rd Fire:Jeanette from Stafford
00:19:17snowbuttercup:Hi, everyone from Leominster x
00:19:21FDR-A01L:good evening watching from Essex. lovely to see you both again x
00:19:22helen walker:helen from chester
00:19:25Jacqui:Hi from Jack Lightfoot x
00:19:30Chris:Hi From Chris & Rob Washington Tyne & Wear xx
00:19:33Vera:Hi from Norfolkf
00:19:34Barbara Morgan:Hello everyone ,from Loughborough .x
00:19:37Alan:hi all from A

00:19:38Lyn:can't 👀me coming up but I'm here. x
00:19:40Maureen:hi from Maureen in Partington
00:19:45Helen:Hello from Helen in France
00:19:46Sheila:hi everyone, greetings from Altrincham x
00:19:50HUAWEI P smart 2019:Hi All from Amanda from Salterforth xx
00:19:51Craig:Hi everyone, Craig from Suffolk
00:19:51Roberta:Hi Roberta from Greenwich
00:19:57Annmarie:Hi from Stourbridge
00:19:59Natalie:Good evening from London
00:20:00dukes:Hello! I'm Julie from Devon . x
00:20:03Fausta:Hi from Hampshire
00:20:04allison:Hi Allison from Worcestershire
00:20:05Paula Taylor:Hello from Paula in leicester
00:20:11Jan:Hello again from sunny Brummie’s!
00:20:14Catherine:Hi everyone from West Yorkshre
00:20:16Louise:Hi everyone from Hebden Bridge :) x

00:20:37Jules:Hi from Wiltshire x
00:20:38Imogen Doherty:Hello from Manchester x
00:20:42Galaxy A20e:In Leyland x
00:20:42Bruce Pearson:good to see you on board Anna!! sunny Stourbridge here
00:20:44Sam Turner (Galaxy A5):Hi from Sam in Wigan
00:20:46Sujatin:I’m Sujatin and this is my first event. I’m in Perth - received my drum at the weekend :-)
00:20:51Sally:hi Sally from Cheshire x
00:20:53julie:hello from blackpool.. x
00:21:03Charmaine Bridges:Hi everyone from Liverpool
00:21:07Sharon:My living room and flat has been smudged
00:21:10Mark Chimejczuk:Hi everyone, Chimmy from sunny Huncoat

00:21:14Michaela L Holmes:chaela from edinburgh
00:21:14fran:blessed full moon x
00:21:18ann:Hi everyone, from Glasgow but originally Bolton
00:21:19Maca:hello from Lancing
00:21:28Ty:Ty in Devon
00:21:33Hilary:Hi from hil in huddersfield
00:21:36Ann marie:hi from ann marie in leigh xx
00:21:39HTC U11 life:I've smudged too üíöüòä
00:21:42annie:smudging too - using palo santo for the first time
00:21:47Debbie Brownlow:hi from debbie horwich
00:21:48Xperia XZ1:Hi from Lostock Hall, just t'other side o' Leyland!
00:21:56Pauline:Hi from Manchester xx
00:22:00Paula Vodden:Hello, from Paula in Pontypridd :) my first time joining you xx
00:22:01Galaxy A20e:Hi Chimmy! My Granded was born at Watermams cottage at Anglezarke x
00:22:02Sharon:There's Mead and dried fruit for the Powers that Be later on, and drumming here x

00:22:14Mareile:Blessings and light from Somerton, Somerset
00:22:16fran:hi Hil in Hudds from Fran xxx
00:22:24Moon:I have smudged ready for this... Really looking forward to doing this tonight... Sending luv n hugs to all
00:22:34way of the Buzard:I’m sitting in my garden ,smudged with sage 🌷
00:22:38Alison Hayes:Hello everyone, Blessings on this full moon
00:22:39Sharon:Hugs to u too Moon x
00:22:47Debbie:Blessed be xxx
00:22:51Alan:good evening from a sunny Bury x
00:23:43Liz:hi everyone Liz from Stockport x

The opening discussion

00:47:26Andrea:sorry lovely people will have to catch up on the recording, didn't realise it would be till 9pm. need to put my little one to bed. enjoy yourselves xxx
00:50:40Ann marie:lovely xx
00:50:47Debbie:So chilled
00:51:23annie:my usual unruly visualizationing - no heron - refused totalyy
00:51:41Sharon:I saw Heron flying overhead, then I was flying with him to a huge lake, we spiralled down to the waters.... and we were called back.
00:51:41annie:sorry - a pink flamingo yes - no heron!
00:52:53helen walker:south = serpent?
00:53:21Charmaine Bridges:Had a bear with me from the start until the end , and also saw the heron

00:57:30Sharon:I see my quarters guardians in the way they choose to show themselves, depends what I'm working for, sometimes humans, animals, trees, etc.Joined in with the calling of the quarters, love your way of working. wonderful
00:57:39Charlene Campbell:beautiful
00:57:42helen walker:thank you :-)
00:57:50Alison Thompson:welcome
01:04:17Annmarie:A heron has appeared in my cul de sac 2x this year already. never seen a heron before at my home and lived here 8 years
01:04:36Dee Lister:I've seen a couple in last ffew weeks too
01:05:02April:Past two weeks of meditation I keep seeing eyes of animals and birds x
01:05:05cheryl:I thought it was 1 hour for exercise

01:05:33Moon:Heron is one of my power birds... Which is why I am here tonight üòÅ
01:05:39Sarah Chapman:one flew over my garden last night, they look prehistoric!
01:05:42Rebecca:1 hour is a guideline only isn't legally 1 hour only
01:06:49Lorna Smithers:Eel and duckling!
01:07:30Jan:They can clear an ornamental fishpond of goldfish in about half an hour….
01:07:41Annmarie:2m long
01:08:11Karen:they ate 15 fish out of my pond in one meal
01:08:39Jan:Karen, about 30 of my dad’s ….
01:10:15Anne Kingston:Saw a real Heron standing next to a plastic Heron on a fish pond once. The plastic one obviously to deter real ones didn't work! Anne K
01:10:24Sharon:I saw a pair of Magpies chasing off a Crow... be interested to hear what this might mean shamanically.

01:12:30Tony:I got told by my grandfather that herons feathers on their feet have pheromones that attract fish to them. that's why they need to stand in the koi pond to catch the koi.
01:13:13Rebecca Hajdu:anyone else's sound just gone?
01:13:28Rebecca:mine is fine
01:13:28Rhona Graham:no ok here
01:13:29Sujatin:sound is fine
01:13:34Emma Speller:My sound is ok
01:13:36Linda Woolley:no
01:13:37Alison Hayes:Mine’s ok
01:13:38Simon:people struggle with still ness, maybe it’s time to learn
01:13:39Ann marie:is fine xx
01:13:43Galaxy A20e:mines good x

01:14:21alexandra reynolds:im loving the stillness. i have herons in my stream sometimes
01:15:51Carol Dent: the stillness at the moment is just wonderful.. partly the weather and partly the lack of traffic etc.
01:16:42Jan:I have been very surprised at how I have coped with the stillness of this time (I’m usually full throttle, even moving around whilst asleep)…. I think that my pal Mandy contacting me about this web thingummy, was also timed just right, and am finding lots that resonates…
01:17:27Anne Kingston:I have sit spots that I need to spend more time in.
01:17:41Dee Lister:yes.
01:18:12Gaynor:moon is just appearing between the clouds. quite pink and glowing
01:18:28alexandra reynolds:being in nature there always so much to see im often distracted by some bug or another
01:19:16Ann marie:moon is stunning xx
01:19:19Linda Woolley:the full moon is just rising- can see it through my window. beautiful...
01:19:22Sharon:I feel that this time of enforced stillness is a good thing, the way we work with Spirit is changing and deepening. We need the stillness to centre ourselves before the Earth and the elements start moving again.
01:19:35HUAWEI MediaPad T5:Stillness in nature is what makes me feel more alive yet centred... The scents, sights, sounds and more.. Senses come alive and I feel at my most happiest
01:19:38dukes:I done a4 day vision quest, change my whole perspective on my live.
01:19:49Karen:stillness with awareness
01:19:58jacqueline:stillness brings time to renew and rejuvenate, align and center myself
01:20:44Sharon D'Souza:I really struggle with stillness, I'm sat here rocking as you speak. it is the one thing I promise myself and don't manage to achieve... this is the universe taking away my excuses I guess x

01:21:21Moon:Sounds blissful üòä
01:21:24Sharon:I did a vigil for my 1st degree (that was a long time ago) it was a deeply moving experience. It's time I did another not sure where though
01:21:34Jo Jukes:I did one 30 years ago and it’s still a place I go to in my mind regularly, it changed me and continues to do so
01:23:11dukes:I cried when I had to return from the quest . Everything in nature seems so simple.
01:23:46Iris Rogan:lots of lessons to be learned from Heron intelligent patient you don't. mind waiting then going all out for an opportunity!
01:24:04Carol Dent:oh you have to include the curlew!
01:25:13Maggie Hathaway-Mills:the moon is beautiful over the Ridgeway
01:25:45Rebecca:we are having to go within , stay in , adapting as Heron dives into the water , beneath to then emerge onto land
01:26:06Avril:moon just rising over Bosley Cloud üíñüåï
01:26:17Shona:Im a frontline worker, very difficult to be still

01:26:44Lorna Smithers:There is so much negativity around ‘doing nothing’ - laziness, uselessness, hard to get over it…
01:26:56Annmarie:Shona hopefully this will help you.
01:27:09dukes:It's a process if you can get through boredom, you feel anger, fear, and then incredible peace and self love.
01:27:12Debbie:Fantastic, im totally enjoying it. Unfortunately I need to go to work. Stay safe, blessed be x
01:27:30Paula Taylor:Liz says hello Avril
01:27:32Moon:It's bizarre... Working still
01:28:19Michaela L Holmes:thank you for mentioning this! I am a nurse on the frontline and need some guidance toward stillness
01:28:57Avril:hello Liz
01:29:18Shona:that’s why I’m here ❤️
01:30:04Annmarie:I sat in my car for 30 minutes before coming home today and sat there to unwind briefly after work
01:30:21Anne Kingston:Only seen as bad in our culture, in other cultures it is still an essential part of a healthy body and soul.
01:30:36Patsy Watten:We need to find a better balance
01:30:56alexandra reynolds:its the rat race for materialism

01:34:12Jo:5 rythmns
01:34:33dukes:Love dancing into that place. Movement through emotion .
01:34:45HUAWEI MediaPad T5:5 rhythms is superb... Mmmm
01:35:46Anne Kingston:Journeying always takes me back to being a child daydreaming.
01:36:12Jo:it’s amazing one of the happiest days of my life when I found 5 rythmns, I thought I was alone with it until I saw a group dancing the 5 rythmns
01:36:52dukes:The drum is the way to healing deep and fast relaxation.
01:37:35Anne Kingston:
01:37:38Jo:the energy is coming even without clear sound, thank you
01:37:58helen walker:sound cut out when you did that..
01:38:18Kay Campbell:sounded distorted
01:38:29Geraldine:the drum is reverberating

01:38:36Sharon:could hear the drum vibration but not beat
01:39:57dukes:As long as our intention is set, the drumming will be fine.
01:40:33Galaxy A20e:Sorry. Wondering if the drum would be better at other side of room?
01:41:32Fae Eilbeck:or you'll get answers in your dreams xx
01:42:50Rebecca:it sounds better but it cut out
01:42:52emmadecent:Gone quiet
01:42:53jacqueline:gone again
01:42:56Imogen Doherty:Can’t hear it
01:42:58Emma Speller:It was good and then cut out
01:42:58Hilary:no sound
01:42:58April:No sound
01:42:58Rebecca:cut out again
01:42:59Oskar:If you go in to audio settings bottom right you can turn off the audio when you switch over to YouTube
01:43:00Kay Campbell:sound cut out
01:43:07Carol Dent:it worked for the first few seconds and then cut out
01:43:07Sharon D'Souza:starts ok then cuts out

01:43:11Anna:starts ok then cuts out
01:43:15Ann marie:cant hear it xx
01:43:15HUAWEI MediaPad T5:Yeah can't hear
01:43:18Linda Woolley:keeps going quiet
01:43:31Jan:Just an idea, try banging more lightly so mike doesn’t cut it out
01:43:33Lorna Smithers:Maybe heron wants us to be quiet?
01:43:37Helen Hicklin:that's perfect
01:43:40Sujatin:that’s OK
01:43:42Patsy Watten:maybe zoom thinks it is background noise, which it cuts out
01:43:45Rebecca:cut out again
01:43:46Peter:Best to play the Michael Harmer YouTube
01:43:49Emma:starts ok then cuts out
01:43:51Jan:Cuts out
01:43:52dukes:Just let go of expectations . Go with whatever comes for you with or without the drum .
01:43:58Charlene Campbell:so strange
01:43:58Ann marie:cuts out xx
01:43:58Kay Campbell:never cut out when very quiet
01:43:59Sharon D'Souza:cutting in and out
01:44:18Alison Thompson:good

01:44:19Peter:that works
01:44:19Imogen Doherty:thats good :)
01:44:21[BG2-W09 (395)]0:what about turning the drum round,other hand
01:44:22Rebecca:that's better
01:44:23Rhona Graham:That seems ok
01:44:23Jude:that's good
01:44:23Jan:That one working for me
01:44:23georgie:so far so good
01:44:26Maureen:that’s good
01:44:27Ann marie:thats good xx

01:44:28Shona:much better
01:44:29Emma Speller:not cut out this time
01:44:30Karen:that’s okay
01:44:30Kay Campbell:better
01:44:30Alison Hayes:That’s fine
01:44:31Moon:That works
01:44:31Carol Dent:better !
01:44:31Sarah Chapman:good
01:44:32Charlene Campbell:yaaay
01:44:39Hazel:it may class the drum as surround sound and cancelling it out
01:45:23Moon:Heron energy
02:00:32April:The link for Michael Harmer disappeared from the thread üôÑ
02:00:57April:Jason drumming has been hit and miss üò•
02:01:06fran:few sound issues getting to me x il wait for recording another time xx bright blessings
02:01:27Kay Campbell:can hear but cutting out

The sharings from our journey

02:01:43Charlene Campbell:amazing
02:02:24alexandra reynolds:i was enjoying that but the sound went off so it ended.
02:02:40georgie:Thanks Jason, first part was working well and I got my message quickly tonight, so success here.
02:03:27Steve:Thank you guys.
02:03:32Sharon:That was amazing, Heron showed me two sit-spots, one where I live and another for when we can get out and about again, The Herne overshadowed me very strongly, I'm sorting out msgs from him. Results! Thank you
02:03:37Charmaine Bridges:Thank you x
02:03:49Jan:Thank you x
02:03:53Sharon D'Souza:thank you x
02:04:09allison:Thank you very much, Great insight
02:04:10sharon anderson:Thank you so much
02:04:11Anna:thank you ‚ú®

02:04:11Galaxy A20e:Thankyou for that. Heron was lovely. x
02:04:15FDR-A01L:thank you once again. bb
02:04:28Helen Hicklin:Thank you some great advice there
02:04:29Elaine wilkinson:thank you
02:04:30Liz:thank I had an I
02:04:32fran:il look forward to that xx
02:04:34Carol Dent:did you drum for 15 mins? I I switched onmMichael harner but yioy cakled back after 11 mins
02:04:36alexandra reynolds:the heron had me standing in the stream just looking for fish, there was a bear on the bank watching
02:04:37Claire Shackleton:thank you
02:04:38Julie:heron was there
02:04:43Sam Turner (Galaxy A5):I did journey - thanks
02:04:44Patsy Watten:Thank you, that was lovely :) I will do this again with the recording
02:04:57Ann:Ann K that gives something to think about. Heron showed me bears marching!!
02:05:02Julie:thank you
02:05:05Steve:Don’t worry about the sound, no need to apologise. Can re-run that again on the recording. was definitely in the right place and I guess the messages will follow in time 👍

02:05:10Elaine wilkinson:I met a bear
02:05:13Jan:So Wolfy and I shared fish with the Heron, and had a real insight into sharing my voice - felt a physical unblocking of the throat….
02:05:17Rhona Graham:Thank you…few things, heron sat on an elephants head ?!? and at one point snakes winding round herons legs
02:05:29Ann marie:thank you, was amazing, met heron and got some insights, he told me to read at this still time. xx
02:05:29Liz:thank you it was an interesting journey, visiting a pond and a river, I am
02:05:32Sarah Chapman: did not see heron, but i did see otter and eagle. Internet went off halfway through! hope to catch heron later x
02:05:34SJ Howarth:Thank you Jason & Nicola. I always find all the Buzzard events are so restorative, so nourishing. You both deliver with passion, yet with a genuine simplicity and without ego. Feeling wonderful after that. Blessed be.

02:05:34Kay Campbell:thank youüòÅ. saw a fox who felt like a female. she was telling me to follow her and I cd see her babies in their den! lovely xx
02:05:39Dave:Black Wolf was an awesome guide ……. the word I got was 'strike'
02:05:45Charmaine Bridges:Lots of symbolism in mine, take some time to work it out
02:05:50[BG2-W09 (395)]0:thankyou both. magical memory
02:05:56Sally:beautiful pond, heron in the middle trying to pull something out, went to help but we couldn't pull it put. like something black
02:05:59Helen:thank you - Heron said to wait, Heron had many blackbird companions and crystals and skulls for me to work with üòç
02:05:59Cat:That was quite wonderful. Heron directed me towards Swan, with whom I swam and flew. Lots to sit with.
02:06:05Imogen Doherty:gecko!
02:06:05georgie:The message to me was to watch and wait for magical things and moments no matter how small and infrequent at this time. To grab the moments of magic as they pass and some of these will grow to other things and others are just moments to enjoy. It said this is a message for all of life, not just now.
02:06:08April:Thank you for being you. I'll redo when it's released x

02:06:12Lois:felt as though Heron was letting me feel what it was like to be inside his body
02:06:14Linda Woolley:thankyou for this evening xx
02:06:23Dee Lister:I got quite a lot from that journey - thank yo.I was doing you tube one so got the full time :)
02:06:24Lorna Smithers:Unexpected. I asked about my resistance to stillness. Heron showed up in an academic gown and specks and led me into a dusty library. Sat down at a book with words flowing like a river and speared the word ‘pointless’. That’s why I’m resisting as I struggle to do things without a point. When I asked for help he said I won’t find the answer in a book.
02:06:25Nyx:Thank you….. lots of messages to unravel from heron but basically in stillness be vigilant at all times, met some really cool bats too xx
02:06:26Alison Thompson:It was meant to be with silence and stillness in-between the drum
02:06:32HUAWEI MediaPad T5:Superb journey.. Wolf and heron surrounded me and fed me worms and fish.. I swam in the river.. I felt as I was becoming wolf.. Beautiful violet light and a hooded man. Feels safe

02:06:34Patsy Watten:I feel so peaceful, teher are a lot of bymble bees in my garden this week
02:06:34alexandra reynolds:im seeing a lot of beetles and bee fly
02:06:36Rachel:My message was "Be still and Know". x
02:06:44Karen:I wanted to know how I could recharge and replenish myself during this stillness. heron suggested I get creative in some way. I can express how I feel through creative project
02:06:48jacqueline:heron was sitting on a rock like budda asking where I had been as he had been waiting along while, he brought a eagle who sat on my right shoulder, there was a otter who told me to bring the children into nature spirit it was lovely x
02:06:51Peter:Heron is observing everything whilst waiting for moment
02:06:51Bruce Pearson:it was a fantastic meditation I was urged to get to and use the toilet after which I was told to keep standing up and put my candle on the floor and start dancing around it then I put my plants in the floor. a message of positivity, movement and for me the heron was telling me to do exactly what I am doing now.
02:06:55Annmarie:Heron was flying to the 4 corners south east West north. he was spreading purity. and asked if I could also help spread this

02:06:57Sally:I play drum along which works well.
02:06:59Dee Lister:'Be still. All is yet to come'. Heron was really still.
02:07:00Sonya:thank you went to the heron but never said anything
02:07:05Carol Dent:I was floating down stream very passively with Heron, but she called me to be more active and to sstrand and actively punt the boat we were in.. fast down stream till we emerged into a huge lake which was full of lotus blossoms
02:07:07Charmaine Bridges:My wolf appeared very 'fat' not sure what that means?
02:07:12Julie:there are miner bees just outside my front door
02:07:17Liz:I had an amazing journey to heron at a pond and a river, told that I am the same person in both environments.o
02:07:38Helen:I was shown two known and nearby places to spend more vigil time. very helpful as i havent been able to decide myself
02:07:54Alex:Had a journey and met heron in my otter and fox forms
02:07:56Rebecca Hajdu:It started snowing and a gray horse took wolf and I to heron.. he said I was trying too hard and to just be...
02:07:57Liz:good journey but problems typing on phone

02:07:59Margaret Clarke:felt safe with wolf by my side. I flew with heron seeing all the beautiful world. Also told to stand tall and proud and bekive in myself
02:08:00allison:Heron told me to achieve what I need to I must be more patient. I also felt a brushing against my leg which was I know was the Wolf
02:08:03Jo Jukes:yes a pearl for me and nugget of gold under the water, treasures in the stillness
02:08:03Sharon:Just remembered I had a baby Ocelot in my hand, could feel it's fur and hear it purring
02:08:07Janet Buckingham:from Janet, my first time here, thank you xx
02:08:11Anya:I saw a bee when you said north. Does bee connect with North and East?
02:08:22Anne Kingston:I said Good Morning Mr Heron and she said its Mrs Heron. Our feet in the water, watching the water flow past, allowing things to pass us by, observing, present but overviewing rather than involved. We stretched our wings out, shadowing the water, calming the experience. Heron told me We can move, we can dance. Lovely journey with Heron and with Wolf by my side, I could feel her fur under my fingers a constant support. Tears came. Thank you

02:08:28Michaela L Holmes:“stop getting in the way” Heron had me under the water standing upon my chest as she wolf stood watching on the bank
02:08:35Alison Thompson:bless you both
02:08:41Anya:I felt the need to move my alter to my room
02:08:54Jan:This was my first ever shamanic journey (though I have sat spiritual circle) felt a very different energy, seemed more physical, somehow, ruffling the fur of Wolfy, seeing/smelling/hearing more tactile somehow? Thanks once more x
02:09:05Anna:thank you for the stillness
02:09:06Fae Eilbeck:I didn't meet heron but I did get a couple of glimpses, I saw I was looking through a doorway into what looked like a war office I saw two men in green uniforms, one had his back to me and the other was walking across the room with paper in his hand, the other glimpse I got was I was watching myself planting seeds in the soil on a bright sunny there you go typical oddness for me üòÇüòÇxx
02:09:22Paula Vodden:heron told me to realise my personal strength in this difficult time. I was also shown a clam

02:09:26Mark Chimejczuk:Sat in silence with the Heron no message, but was very calming. Thank you for all you have give this evening, given lots to contemplate. Blessed be
02:09:29Avril:met heron from the water - he pecked out my heart and took it within heron he said be still but I couldn’t settle - my mind kept wandering so my upper world guide came and asked me to journey on why I refuse to settle
02:09:37Rebecca Hajdu:it snowed on my journey
02:09:39Iris Rogan:Thank You
02:09:41ann:The dolphins took me to the sea and beach forest, we met the heron there, they told me that the blanks I have is me being taken to the other world to be given wisdom.
02:09:51HUAWEI P smart 2019:From Amanda. My first time here, thank you xx
02:09:52Anya:Thank you to you both üôè
02:10:05Annmarie:I felt calm and took strength from the heron.
02:10:07Fausta:Saw Heron but eagles and kites in the sky - I have a wolf and cougar that tend to be with me om

02:10:15Sue:thank you. beautiful. ties in with kite.. who I see many of and are my power animal...who gave the same message of patience / far sight and stillness...sense of waiting....will know when to move.....saw vehicle carrying many things....aho!
02:10:23HUAWEI MediaPad T5:Beautiful and thankyou Nicola and Jason.. Off to make a fire in the yarden have some stuff to burn to heal 🙏💜❤️Xxx
02:10:40Fausta:Thank you xx
02:10:55Katy:Heron was teaching me to sit still and look into the emotional depths of the still water of the lake. Thank you so much.
02:11:15Sally:Thank you both, lots of love x
02:11:23Sarah Chapman:Thanks, really great eveing with you all - off to look at the moon now!
02:11:23Rita:first time but hope to come back. thank you
02:11:41Sujatin:Felt profound, feeling the need to keep what I experienced private in my heart for now. thank you

02:11:56Anya:Heron showed me feathers and incredible intelligence
02:12:03Fausta:This was an amazing evening thank you both
02:12:06Charlene Campbell:are you doing more online circle meetings?
02:12:07Patsy Watten:My first Shamanic journey, thank you o much :) xx
02:12:07Anya:Everything is possible and everything exists
02:12:24Anya:It's OK to be still. It's good
02:12:32Alison Thompson:love and gratitude
02:12:36Carol Dent:thank you.. very lovely
02:12:39Chrissie:thank you
02:12:44Ty:Asked heron, who's face was nearly pressing against mine, how I can find my focus and when is the right time to strike upon it.....

saw kingfisher too.

thank you! _/|\_


02:12:44Charlene Campbell:thank you all for your energy
02:12:45Galaxy A20e:Thanks for tonight x
02:12:51Lois:Thank you so much for providing thid precious space and your kind guidance.
02:12:53David:much love xx
02:13:10Janet Buckingham:how strange woodpecker came to me, Janet xx
02:13:12Val McKenzie:thank you both for tonight xx
02:13:36Sonya:thank you lots of love x
02:13:46Alison Hayes:Thank you Nicola and Jason. Really interesting eve and much needed to be reminded of the beauty of nature. xx
02:14:15lynn glenister:Thaxnkyou for a beautiful journey.
02:15:28Helen Hicklin:thank you both for this evening really enjoyed it lots of love
02:15:36Bruce Pearson:thanks all!
02:15:54Sharon:merry meet, merry part and merry meet again, So mote it be xxx
02:16:23Anya:Thank you
02:16:32Anna:Thank you ‚ú®
02:16:36Anya:Would love to!
02:16:37Sheila:thank you x

02:16:41Liz:thank you good night xx
02:16:43Kay Campbell:thank youüíñ
02:16:44Sonya:that was great x
02:16:45[BG2-W09 (395)]0:nameste all ,much love n blessings
02:16:45Julie:thank you for letting me join your circle
02:16:46Helen:lovely evening - thank you everyone x
02:16:48Rebecca:Thankyou so much, really beautiful x
02:16:49April:Thank you so much... I will do the recording üíñ
02:16:51Roberta:Thank you so much, really enjoyed my journey xxx
02:16:51Emma Speller:Thank you both!
02:16:51Anne Kingston:Thank you Nicola and Jason, another lovely evening of animal connection. XX

02:16:53Helen:thank you both - much love
02:16:55Fae Eilbeck:Thank you everyone, thank you Jason and Nicola for a wonderful evening xx
02:16:55Davina:thankyou for this evening üòçx
02:16:58Lorna Smithers:Thank you :)
02:16:59Maureen:thank you night all
02:16:59emmadecent:Thank you, lovely
02:17:03alexandra reynolds:thank u x
02:17:03Shona:Thank you Thank you Thank you üíïüí´üíï
02:17:04Emma Taylor:Thank you for a wonderful evening x
02:17:04Margaret Clarke:Namaste xx
02:17:04April:Much love and many blessings to you both ❤️
02:17:06Ty:blessed be, fare thee well
02:17:06Anna:thank you for holding this space....
02:17:09Charlene Campbell:would love to join the school
02:17:10Sue:üåàüëèthank you
02:17:16Avril:thank you - full moon blessings to you all üåï
02:17:23Sam Turner (Galaxy A5):thank you so much
02:17:32jacqueline:moon blessings to all
02:17:34Ann:hanks for tonight. Ann K

02:17:36Anya:Blessings of the full moon abundantly to us all
02:17:37HUAWEI MediaPad T5:Thankyou. Blessed be 🌿🍃🌱🏵️🦅xxx
02:17:38Stella:thank you xüíö
02:17:40Anya:Lots of love
02:17:42Jo Jukes:like s spirit/ mind gym
02:17:47Imogen Doherty:Thank you <
02:17:49Imogen Doherty:<3
02:17:49Alison Thompson:bye
02:17:50Carol:Thank you so much! Good evening.
02:17:50Dee Lister:thank you. blessed be!
02:17:51Carol Dent:love to you both
02:17:53Anya:And you too
02:17:54Simon:thank you so much
02:17:55Fausta:blessed be xx see you next time
02:17:55susan:thank you both

02:17:57Donna:Thankyou, this was amazing!! Lovely to see all the comments. Blessed be x
02:17:59Sarah Chapman:Thanks, looking forward to joining you again xxx
02:18:01georgie:thank you both. And yes thanks to all keyworkers too x
02:18:02Sujatin:Thank you, blessings - and thank everyone else x
02:18:03Rhona Graham:Thank you both and all in circle Stay well x
02:18:04Alan:Thank you both ..... truly insightful .... off to howl at the moon with my new companion ..... enjoy the warm weather tomorrow x Thanks Jason & Nicola much appreciated and stay safe üôè
02:18:04Bridget:Many thanks, very much appreciated, good night both from Bridget & John in Birmingham
02:18:06Dukes:beautiful Thank you both of you for you time and kindness. x
02:18:08Hazel:thank you and blessings
02:18:14Patsy Watten:Thank you, enjoy your dreams too
02:18:15Anya:Enjoy your dreams
02:18:15Jan:Many thanks & namaste x
02:18:20Michaela L Holmes:thank you

Introducing The Way of The Buzzard Mystery School

In these unsettling times as the world pauses it is our moment to drop into a different space, away from the turmoil of the chattering mind, and reach out to taste that balm for our soul.

The shamanic path was made for this moment.

If you are looking to resource yourself spirituality and learn more about shamanism then the Mystery School is the perfect place for you. Here you can learn how to draw the healing magic nature holds, through deep nature connection, animal spirit medicine, tree spirit medicine and by aligning yourself with the natural rhythms of the earth.

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Thoughts from our clan about the Mystery School from last night:

The mystery school community has been truly wonderful this week - a calming place that has made me feel much better and grounded, so thank you.


Thank you so much. This tribe/clan and your generous spiritual work is genuinely helping keep me sane and balanced.


 The Mystery school has helped me over this week for sure, beyond today and into the this coming period.


thank you for creating a truly beautifully crafted evening.


The Mystery School is amazing, and has been a real oasis for me at a very difficult time. 


Loving this journeying planning... I'm a nurse!!


It’s excellent resource.


thank you so much for all you do it's greatly appreciated.


its an honour to be a part of this beautiful circle.


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