Drawing on the Healing Power of Animal Spirit Guides.

Pop-Up Talk Recording

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During the evening over 100 of us gathered to explore the timely topic of working with our animal spirit guides for healing, support and wisdom.

There's a transcript of the chat discussion lower down this page that you can read through to get a full flavour of the realisations, revelations and messages that will help to resource us as we journey together through the mists of uncertainty.

Find about more about our online community The Mystery School at the bottom of the page.

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We produced a free guide to the five features animals to sit alongside the talk. If you haven't already accessed it you can download it with this link.

Your hosts:

Nicola & Jason Smalley
The Way of The Buzzard

In challenging times such as these it's important to reach out to our guides and seek the wisdoms we need to remain resilient and fearless.

We are committed to help our Way of The Buzzard clan navigate a path through the maze of confusion and uncertainty by encouraging the use of the Shamanic toolkit that's so easily available to us,

Here's the transcript from the circle

To make it easier to read I've split it into sections, each of which can be revealed by clicking on the toggle on the left of the title of each section.

Part one

19:03:41 From Fae : evening everyone üòÅ
19:03:53 From Alison : Hi Everyone!
19:03:54 From Annie to All panelists : Hi
19:04:03 From Jo : hi from Jo in Shropshire
19:04:05 From Emma : Hi everyone, Emma from Northwich
19:04:08 From Rosslynneto All panelists : Hi Rosslynne North of Bury
19:04:08 From Sian to All panelists : Hello, Sian from Wakefield!

19:04:09 From Sally : Sally Cheshire
19:04:09 From Nicola to All panelists : Hi, I'm Adalet from London
19:04:10 From Rhona to All panelists : Hi Rhona here from Fife in Scotland :)
19:04:10 From Sharon to All panelists : Hi, Sharon from Thatcham Berks.
19:04:13 From Jackie to All panelists : Jackie from Clitheroe
19:04:14 From Hils: Hils from North Notts

19:04:14 From Liz to All panelists : hi Liz from Stockport
19:04:14 From georgie : Hi, Georgie in Burnley
19:04:14 From Bernadette to All panelists : hi ... Bernadette joining from Cheshire üåüüåüüåü
19:04:15 From Norma to All panelists : hi
19:04:15 From Alison : Alison from Cheshire
19:04:16 From Roberta to All panelists : Hi Roberta from Greenwich
19:04:17 From Anne to All panelists : Anne, hi guys xx
19:04:17 From Joanne to All panelists : joanne doncaster
19:04:17 From Samantha to All panelists : samantha from Essex

19:04:17 From to All panelists : Hi Everyone, so pleased to be here!! x
19:04:18 From Hayley to All panelists : hiya hayley from widnes
19:04:18 From Natalie to All panelists : Hi Natalie from London
19:04:19 From Anya to All panelists : Anya derby
19:04:19 From Davina to All panelists : Davina in Dolgellau
19:04:19 From Jan to All panelists : Jan Dunstable
19:04:20 From Liz to All panelists : Lizzie from Milton Keynes
19:04:21 From Daryll to All panelists : hi all, Daryll from Mansfield
19:04:21 From Helen to All panelists : hi all- Helen from Kendal
19:04:22 From to All panelists : Hi from Donna in Yorkshire

19:04:22 From Kieran to All panelists : kieran from Torfaen
19:04:22 From Tara to All panelists : hi I'm Tara can you see me
19:04:23 From Charlotte : Hi, Charlotte here from Wakefield,
19:04:23 From Diane to All panelists : Diane from Edinburgh
19:04:23 From Dave to All panelists : Dave West Wales
19:04:23 From Anya to All panelists : Hi
19:04:24 From John to All panelists : John & Bridget
19:04:25 From Jan : Hi you from Jan
19:04:26 From Simon to All panelists : Simon, deepest darkest kent
19:04:26 From Karen : hello from Karen in Staffordshire
19:04:28 From Nicola to All panelists : Hi :) Patsy from Upton-on-Severn Worcs
19:04:28 From Sam to All panelists : Hi from Sam and Nick, Wigan

19:04:28 From Julia to All panelists : hi everyone. Julia from Hathern Loughborough x
19:04:28 From Gill to All panelists : hi, Gill mirfield 🥰
19:04:30 From Sami to All panelists : Hi all, Sami in Hullbridge
19:04:30 From Linda : hi - Linda from garstang
19:04:31 From janet to All panelists : janet from Hebden Bridge
19:04:32 From Peter to All panelists : Peter, Buckinghamshire
19:04:32 From alexandra to All panelists : Alexandra from Sheffield
19:04:35 From Debbie to All panelists : hi from Debbie and Peter Horwich
19:04:35 From Tara to All panelists : tara..Bournemouth
19:04:35 From Ann to All panelists : ann marie from leigh
19:04:35 From Kelly to All panelists : hello from kelly in Essex
19:04:37 From julie to All panelists : Hi Julie, from Worcestershire

19:04:37 From HUAWEI Mate 20 lite to All panelists : Hilary from Pembrokeshire
19:04:37 From Peta. to All panelists : hi from Peta staffs
19:04:37 From Rachel to All panelists : Hi Rachel from Sheffield
19:04:37 From Morgan : hi all, morgan from Newcastle x
19:04:37 From Emma : HI all, Emma from Wrexham
19:04:38 From John to All panelists : John & Bridget are Birmingham
19:04:38 From Carolyn All panelists : hi Lyn here. chat box found
19:04:39 From A Kay to All panelists : ann in carnforth
19:04:39 From Tracy : hi everyone from Scotland
19:04:40 From Janeen to All panelists : Janeen from Lincolnshire
19:04:42 From Jan : Jan
19:04:44 From Margery to All panelists : hi from Margery in Cheshire
19:04:45 From niccola to All panelists : Hi xx

19:04:45 From Jill to All panelists : Hello from Jill in Lancaster
19:04:46 From Steve to All panelists : Hi from North Yorkshire
19:04:47 From pete to All panelists : Hi from Harrogate
19:04:47 From Paula : Hello from Paula in Leicester
19:04:50 From Sheila : hi everyone from Sheila in Altrincham x
19:04:52 From Chris to All panelists : Hi everyone from Chris & Rob Washington Tyne & Wear
19:04:56 From Carolynto All panelists : Blackpool. hiya Faye
19:05:00 From Elaine : Hi Elaine. Hants. x

19:05:00 From elaine to All panelists : Elaine from Langho xx
19:05:01 From Nicola to All panelists : Catherine from good old Yorkshire!! good to be here. x
19:05:01 From Bruce to All panelists : good evening from Bruce, Stourbridge West Midlands
19:05:03 From Pearl to All panelists : Hello from Northern Ireland
19:05:08 From Carol to All panelists : hello from carol in Barnsley
19:05:08 From Anne to All panelists : Hi from Anne north yorks
19:05:11 From Sharon : Done
19:05:18 From Bharti : Bharti from Kidsgrove hello‚ù§
19:05:19 From Siggi : Hi
19:05:19 From Carolyn: can you see me?

19:05:23 From Annie : judt switched so hi again from Annie in Dawlish
19:05:24 From Emma : Hello Emma here in wigan love to all x
19:05:25 From Liz : Cool, understanding gradually :)
19:05:28 From John to All panelists : Hi everyone from John in Redditch
19:05:32 From Hayley to All panelists : set to all panelists
19:05:32 From Carol : hello, from Carol in Highland Scotland
19:05:32 From Sara : Hello from Portsmouth!
19:05:32 From Sharon : hi from Sharon in southAyrshire
19:05:36 From Carolyn: o.k.
19:05:39 From Zoe : Hi
19:05:39 From Sonya : Hi All, Sonya from Essex
19:05:41 From Ann to All panelists : Hi, Ann in High Wycombe, buckinghamshire

19:05:46 From Carolyn: I got dressed!
19:05:47 From Nicola to All panelists : hi all, Jude from Cumbria .... stuck in the USA x
19:05:51 From Hayley to All panelists : I'm in my pjs but I did put me false teeth in incase you saw me
19:05:56 From Louise to All panelists : Hi everyone from Hebden Bridge!! x
19:06:19 From Ann : hi everyone, ann marie from leigh xx
19:06:23 From Carolyn: ok Carolyn, aka Lyn
19:06:28 From Hayley : hahaha I dont mind
19:06:33 From Carolyn: put my teeth in too
19:06:37 From Simon : having dinner
19:06:42 From Sami : I got dressed too! been teaching all day and just went to see my lovely river
19:06:45 From Hayley : I didnt get the email
19:06:53 From georgie : Haha that's funny Carolyn
19:06:56 From Elaine to All panelists : Hi pyjama day xx
19:06:56 From Sam All panelists : hi
19:07:01 From Norma : I am Norma in Waterlooville hamposhire

19:07:10 From Carolyn: ok be Lyn, Carolyn only official
19:07:15 From Jo Jukes : I’ve just chipped my front tooth on Andy’s bread
19:07:33 From Sharon : It's reduced the bandwidth because of too many meetings
19:07:40 From Tara : my zoom email went into spam
19:08:02 From georgie : Ha Jo, I read that as 'beard' before bread and was very confused
19:08:06 From Jo : hard crust
19:08:19 From Jill : You don’t seem as clear as usual. Do you think it is because too much traffic?
19:08:41 From Julia : agree a little out of focus x
19:08:42 From Michelle to All panelists : hello
19:08:54 From Michelle to All panelists : first time for me
19:08:56 From Harcourt to All panelists : hello it's Harcourt

19:09:05 From Jan to All panelists : you are very jerky. keeps stopping and starting
19:09:16 From Steve : Hi from North Yorkshire
19:09:36 From Sharon : I saw you on FB and wanted to know more. Merry meet to everyone x
19:09:39 From Carolyn: I can't chat and see you so I chose to chat. Lyn
19:09:41 From Nicola to All panelists : hi from North Wales
19:09:48 From A Kay : Glad someone else thinks a bit out of focus
19:10:09 From Diane : Yeah, out of focus and a bit jumpy
19:10:18 From Sharon : It
19:10:30 From Anne : Anne K - Even out of focus you two still look lovely
19:10:36 From Carolyn: cos I'm on mobile. Lyn
19:10:42 From Norma : you are doing well

19:10:44 From Sharon : It's Zoom reducing bandwidth, they did it this morning
19:10:51 From Belinda to All panelists : Hearing you loud and clear though, sound is good :)
19:10:54 From Sian : I can hear you enough o know what you’re saying
19:11:05 From pete : its about content rather than picture quality
19:11:07 From Kelly to All panelists : it's amazing, dont worry, much appreciate xx
19:11:08 From Carolyn: üëç
19:11:25 From Emma : audio is good
19:11:27 From georgie : Audio is fine, just picture that's blurry
19:11:37 From Tara : your all good no biggie
19:11:43 From Karen : audio is good
19:11:47 From Linda : sound good - just picture blurry
19:11:54 From Sam to All panelists : yeah audios fine

19:12:35 From georgie : mmm mt cats just jumped on my knee.... smells like the muck spreading going on outside
19:12:47 From Morgan : Will you send the video put on email, incase cut off, thankyou
19:14:33 From Hayley : I'm so excited to have found you I'm sure I was guided to you guys
19:14:38 From Sam : it is!
19:14:47 From Jo : I’m going to miss space to emerge so much
19:14:57 From Anne : Anne K - miss too!
19:15:12 From Anya to All panelists : I hope you will come to Derbyshire üòä
19:15:16 From Michelle to All panelists : I live in Preston
19:15:17 From Carolyn: online is great for us, practically housebound
19:15:19 From Simon : we were going too, next year!
19:15:46 From Anya to All panelists : I hope so Simon!
19:15:59 From Sharon : would like to know more about events, workshops, etc thanks
19:16:25 From Michelle to All panelists : love Chorley

19:16:28 From Anya to All panelists : Beautiful
19:16:32 From Hayley : not too far from me I'm keen to become part of your community and learn
19:16:35 From Carolyn: love anglezark x
19:16:51 From Anya to All panelists : A brave new world...
19:17:38 From Anya to All panelists : Yey
19:17:43 From Anne : Anne K - Space to Emerge 2021 will be great guys.
19:17:53 From Anya to All panelists : Wonderful!
19:17:53 From A : I hope to come to some meetings once this virus over. Not far form me I believe.
19:18:00 From Charlotte : This time is a test of our patience waiting for the special events next year!
19:18:12 From Anya to All panelists : Please send the Derbyshire events
19:18:14 From Michelle to All panelists : spiritual meaning of a frog ? 🙏🏻
19:18:51 From Anya to All panelists : Yes

19:19:00 From Anya to All panelists : The dark night of the soul
19:19:11 From Anya to All panelists : To come through and connect to the divine
19:19:18 From Jo : the mystery school is well worth it
19:19:32 From Anya to All panelists : Back to basics, ancient knowledge ♥️
19:20:18 From A : ann K this crisis has given me the time to spend time to journey
19:20:44 From Carolyn: I love your choice of animals. Lyn
19:21:14 From Anya to All panelists : Can you talk to us about Web weaver spiders please
19:21:48 From Sian : Great!
19:21:51 From Carolyn: ok üëå
19:21:52 From Ann to All panelists : Sounds good
19:21:54 From Simon : bring it on…
19:21:57 From Fae : great üòÅ

19:22:02 From Michelle to All panelists : yes 👍🏻
19:22:04 From Liz : Sounds good thank you
19:22:04 From Bruce : sounds great
19:22:07 From Karen : send great thanks Karen
19:22:08 From Margery to All panelists : üëç
19:22:09 From Rhona : Sounds good :)
19:22:09 From HUAWEI Mate 20 lite : Sounds exciting
19:22:24 From Ann : sounds good xx
19:22:40 From Anya to All panelists : Giraffe
19:22:46 From A : Ann K yes please the wolf
19:22:59 From Anya to All panelists : Brown bear
19:23:00 From Sian : bee!
19:23:02 From Daryll : giraffe please
19:23:09 From Jackie : Jackie yes Spider and Crow
19:23:18 From Anya to All panelists : Daryl fellow giraffe, hi!!!

19:23:21 From Ann : koala please x
19:23:32 From janet : bear
19:23:32 From Norma : from Norma yes looking forward to it
19:23:48 From Anne to All panelists : deer please in the future xx
19:23:51 From A : Ann K just joined and wow---brilliant.
19:23:51 From Anya to All panelists : Thank you ❤️
19:23:57 From Carolyn: I'm a bear. I hibernated!
19:24:00 From Hayley : how do I join the mystery school please thanks hayley xx
19:24:07 From Vicky : heron is coming through strongly for me
19:24:15 From Sharon : Crow is my baby x
19:24:24 From julie : Newts...I love watching them
19:24:32 From Jill : h

19:24:43 From John : I am named Yellow Bear by the Lakota for the spirit Bear so bear please.
19:24:50 From Jill : Heron for me too, please
19:25:08 From Hayley : cool thankyou will join after the talk ‚ù§
19:25:24 From Fae : I was lucky enough to see a heron this morning x
19:25:29 From Jo : it’s well worth it Hayley
19:25:58 From Hayley : thankyou jo. cant wait üòç
19:27:29 From Rosslynne All panelists : it is a long article but well worth reading Charles Eisenstei
19:27:36 From Sharon : I'm a spiritual medium and have noticed the way I work with Spirit is changing and not just for me, I feel this 'pause' we are all going through is a time of self-evaluation. Whether we want to or not our paths are changing.
19:28:01 From Sian : I’ve been seeing spirits all over!
19:28:18 From Carolyn: you're right Sharon
19:29:13 From Peter : So much in that guide thanks
19:29:13 From Anya to All panelists : Thank you
19:29:14 From Rhona : Got the workbook - thank you x
19:29:21 From Morgan : blue tit, keeps appearing to me :)

19:29:33 From Morgan : great book thanks
19:29:37 From Charlotte : Thank you for the download guide, really kind of you to offer that.
19:29:48 From Bruce : I got a dove last week.
19:29:52 From A : ann k workbook looks great thank you
19:30:09 From carole to All panelists : where can I find the guide to download please
19:30:29 From Michelle to All panelists : üíú
19:30:41 From Jackie : Jackie Where is download guide?
19:30:59 From Anya to All panelists : When you say journied please can you say what you mean? Thanks
19:31:04 From Carolyn: it's in the email Jackie
19:31:39 From Michelle to All panelists : yes I get a woodpecker in my garden x
19:31:50 From Carolyn: woodpecker brings me messages
19:32:02 From Charlotte : We heard woodpecker from our garden for the first time ever 2 days ago.
19:32:09 From Sian : i love the call of the green woodpecker!
19:32:31 From Emma : A woodpecker came into our garden and ate from our lawn, other day, I have never ever seen one so close!!
19:33:41 From Anya to All panelists : üôè
19:33:52 From A : ann K I always find a rature around me in times of need
19:34:18 From A : Ann Ka Should say Rapture
19:34:33 From julie : I saw one this evening
19:34:34 From Nicola to All panelists : I heard 3!!! just this morning!! on my walk.
19:34:39 From Peter : Raptor

Part two

19:34:54 From Louise : My dad has been hearing and seeing a woodpecker the last fortnight or so in the park where he walks the dog - never heard him before
19:35:01 From Nicola to All panelists : the hidden language of trees?
19:35:04 From Carolyn: haha wood wide web. yes!
19:35:05 From A : Ann K Thanks yes mispelt
19:35:20 From Sharon : I saw Deer yesterday, it's antlers were just starting to grow.
19:35:37 From Carolyn: he's great!!!
19:35:42 From Anya to All panelists : The wood wide Web - yes
19:36:08 From Anya to All panelists : I have a Robin that keeps coming right up close to me, almost every day

19:36:23 From Anya to All panelists : What is Robin, and blackbird?
19:36:49 From Tara : I'm so scared of deer after nearly hitting one , that was so helpful
19:37:43 From Jill : Can’t hear you now
19:37:53 From Julia to All panelists : can hear you now
19:37:53 From Sian : yes
19:37:54 From georgie : now i can
19:37:54 From Rhona : yes
19:37:55 From Sam All panelists : Lost your voice
19:37:55 From Carolyn: üëç
19:37:55 From Alison : yes

19:37:56 From Emma : yes
19:37:58 From Jill : yes
19:37:58 From Karen : yes can hear you
19:37:59 From Enza to All panelists : yes
19:38:00 From Anya to All panelists : What a symbol of these times
19:38:01 From Michelle to All panelists : yes
19:38:06 From Anya to All panelists : I feel this
19:38:09 From Bruce to All panelists : all ok now
19:38:23 From Bernadette to All panelists : I watched the salmon leaping up in Inveraray many years ago
19:38:27 From Ann : they are beautiful xx
19:38:27 From Rhona : Can you include the name and author of the book you mentioned please Jason

19:38:46 From Sian : Wow!!
19:39:02 From Peter : Robert MacFarlane book
19:39:07 From Carolyn: Robert MacFarlane. Snderland . rhona
19:39:08 From Emma : Robert mcfarlane
19:39:20 From Carolyn: underland!
19:39:26 From Sharon : Leap of faith, surge of energy toward the greater goal.
19:39:32 From Belinda to All panelists : Same as sea-turtles returning to their birth beach. Mindblowing!
19:39:39 From Rhona : Thank you
19:39:41 From Anya to All panelists : ♥️
19:39:45 From Carolyn: üëç
19:40:50 From Alison : lost you

19:41:04 From Alison : ok again
19:41:06 From Anya to All panelists : Thank you, salmon
19:41:07 From Julia to All panelists : can hear you ok again
19:41:32 From Carolyn: amazing fish!
19:42:00 From Jackie : Jackie; I think big pics are draining signal and you cut out or break up since pic gone up?
19:43:04 From Rhona : All ok here
19:43:19 From Sian : indeed an amazing fish!
19:43:23 From Jan : hi all sorry im late
19:43:25 From Maureen : will have to leave the meeting soon to read my granddaughter a bedtime story on FaceTime. will have to catch this on the recording. thank you so much
19:43:51 From Nicola : thank you. Im keeping an eye on the connection as best i can, Jason
19:43:54 From Fae to All panelists : beautiful pictures
19:43:58 From Carolyn: I think Jackie is right
19:44:31 From Carolyn: yes
19:44:42 From Carolyn: changing levels
19:44:51 From Sian : Its ok here
19:44:51 From Sharon : breaking up
19:45:34 From Anya to All panelists : üôè

19:45:49 From Belinda to All panelists : Loving gazing at this picture - so sensory, the water on the scales and the rock.
19:45:56 From Anne to All panelists : So adept at finding new paths. When you build a fish pass next to a weir they find it within hours of it being installed. Anne K
19:46:25 From Carolyn: I like pics in your guidebook
19:47:17 From Carolyn: saw one in Portugal
19:47:30 From Carolyn: lesser spotted
19:49:15 From Alison : ahh right Professor Yaffel in Bagpuss was a woodpecker - does anyone remember???
19:49:28 From Carolyn: other birds can use their house too, when woodpecker leaves
19:49:35 From Rhona : Yes I remember
19:49:38 From Belinda to All panelists : lol Alison that just crossed my mind too :D
19:49:40 From Sian : aaaah cool!
19:49:40 From Carolyn: holes!
19:49:45 From Diane : oh yes, was thinking the same!
19:49:57 From Anne to All panelists : Anne K - now I know why I've been drumming since lockdown. Dogs have joined in with their voices.
19:49:59 From Sian : Im

19:50:18 From Jean to All panelists : I saw one only 2 days ago ♥️
19:50:32 From Sian : oops im not going to know which animal too choose cos they’re all amazing!
19:50:41 From Kelly to All panelists : like a resourceful guardian
19:50:57 From Rhona : Maybe it’ll choose you
19:51:05 From Carolyn: it will chose you
19:51:11 From Sian : Yes! xxx
19:51:37 From Simon : and when they do, if you’re looking you can’t miss it
19:51:50 From Carolyn: üëç
19:52:04 From Sian : cool. I am really connecting with bees right now
19:52:04 From Sharon : Sian, just trust and the animal will show itself in a way that you can't mistake. You'll have a sense of knowing
19:52:13 From Sian : They follow me round the woods!
19:52:29 From Sian : thanks xxx
19:53:12 From Sharon : Sian, I had a Kestrel follow me to work every morning, when I realised why and got the 'message' he disappeared x

19:53:42 From Sian : Oh cool ok. Xxx did u journey to get the msg?
19:54:06 From Sharon : No, I asked a question and Nature provided x
19:54:19 From Sian : ok thanks xx
19:54:27 From Simon : sometimes you just get a message when you need it
19:55:08 From Sian : I keep seeing bees and I work in a community centre. I’m sure they’re connected…….
19:55:40 From Kell : dony fly against the wind, fly with it! :-)
19:55:52 From Sian : nice one xx
19:56:02 From Fae to All panelists : sian, I don't always get messages or see things when I journey but I get the majority of my messages through my dreams so you will get the messages come to you, just trust the process don't question it x
19:56:35 From Sharon : Your task could be to find out as much as you can about the creatures you see, that way you might be able to 'see' the message in the knowledge you'll gain from learning about them

19:56:48 From Sharon : Love the picture
19:56:49 From A : What a cute view in tree Ann K
19:56:49 From Carolyn: I do that, active hard work, then coast with it, relaxed.....
19:56:57 From Sian : Cool xx
19:57:04 From Carol : pheasant is visiting me most days, pecking for scraps, his message was 'there is abundance to be found in scarcity"
19:57:13 From Sian : yes, I love that
19:57:30 From Carolyn: goddess
19:57:42 From Michelle to All panelists : that’s the one in my garden
19:57:53 From Sharon : I work with the Fae and elementals
19:57:57 From Zoe : Also The Morrigan
19:58:07 From Sharon : Zoe, me too x
19:58:16 From Jill : Also white for maiden, red for mother and black for crtone
19:58:22 From Sian : Whats the morrigan?
19:58:25 From Carolyn: maiden mother and crone
19:58:32 From Charlotte : This message really resonates with me as I go back to work tomorrow following a horrible burnout and time off. Thank you for this medicine.
19:58:41 From Carolyn: Jill üëç

19:58:57 From Sian : thankyou xx
19:59:34 From Tara : I love bats,I'm so drawn to them
19:59:46 From Fae to All panelists : I love working with bat 🦇
19:59:47 From pete : squirrel .. !
19:59:52 From Carolyn: you picked amazing animals, all very specialised
20:00:25 From Julia to All panelists : Forgive me ... have to leave. Thank-you
20:00:28 From Sharon : Bat is one of my guides, he helps me see in the dark places. amazing creatures
20:00:46 From Julia to All panelists : Good evening everyone x
20:00:52 From Sian : I saw a huuuuuge bat flew past me in Thailand it was amaaaazing
20:01:03 From Nicola : I have small bats flying in my garden in the summer, I love to sit out there watching them :)

20:01:33 From Fae to All panelists : me too and I love sitting and watching them
20:01:51 From Carolyn: love to catch bats in the evening . but none in Blackpool
20:01:57 From Carolyn: watch!
20:02:02 From Ann : i cant wait to see the little bats this summer, flying found my garden xx
20:02:10 From Emma : love the rebel misfit
20:02:29 From Hayley : bats are wonderful magical and mystical x hayley
20:02:36 From Natalie : Will listen to the rest on recording. Thank you so much for this. Natalie
20:03:02 From Simon : see as well as us, that’s why they need radar, lol
20:03:25 From Sian : can they lose their radars? I had one flew right into me one time
20:03:34 From Sian : I think that’s what it was!!
20:03:50 From Sharon : Is it ok to recommend a couple of books?
20:03:58 From Enza : Oooh I need their ears 😏
20:04:44 From Carolyn: its a great gift sensitivity
20:04:48 From Sharon : fantastic pic x
20:04:56 From Sian : very gothic

20:05:00 From Emma : like the listening element too
20:05:02 From Anne : Anne K - fabulous photos
20:05:04 From Ann : beautiful picture xx
20:05:07 From Nicola to All panelists : fab phoo
20:05:16 From Emma : the shadow
20:05:18 From Peter to All panelists : v. atmspheric
20:05:53 From Rhona : did you take these photos Jason? They are amazing
20:06:16 From Carolyn: we'll fly out different , better
20:06:19 From Hayley : bats are amazing
20:06:56 From Jan : love that nicola
20:07:04 From Sian : Wow cool
20:07:07 From Hayley : wow
20:07:28 From Peter to All panelists : Aww

Part three

20:07:29 From georgie : they are fantastic - even with the photoshopping
20:07:29 From Sian : shhhhh don’t tell hahaha
20:07:29 From Carolyn: can't see the pics but I hope I will, later
20:07:30 From Nicola to All panelists : Once again when I try to take part I get pulled to something else, I was so enjoying. I will see on recording. Take care everyone, nature blessings to you all. Thank you Nicola and Jason. xx
20:07:36 From Bruce : great session so far enjoying it, thanks all
20:08:21 From Charlotte : the other amazing thing about bats is they have an incredible immune system, which is why they are such effective virus carriers! they don’t have an inflammatory reaction to infection and stress. this helps them survive.
20:08:28 From Carolyn: bear is great Mother

20:08:38 From A : Ann K seen these in the wild whilst riding. What a feeling it gave me.
20:08:39 From Sian : Oooh that’s interesting about bats
20:08:39 From Anya to All panelists : I can't hear you
20:09:08 From Peter to All panelists : Didn't bats start the whole c-v?
20:09:41 From Peter to All panelists : as a test for us
20:10:02 From Anne : Anne K - I agree Charlotte, bats got a lot of bad press about carrying virus but not their fault it spread to humans more the poor conditions in wet markets in China.
20:10:23 From Kieran : everyone knows me as bear. I've always had a great connection with them also the hawk, raven and bee.
20:10:39 From Carolyn: abuse of bats did it!
20:10:53 From Anya to All panelists : I met a bear in my guidance - he is an alli
20:11:15 From Anya to All panelists : Thank you for covering this beautiful mammal
20:11:15 From Anya to All panelists : Yes

20:11:20 From Anya to All panelists : Caring for their young
20:12:00 From Anne : Anne K - I had a panda called Pebbles!
20:12:06 From Carolyn Swan: I had 🐼 too
20:12:10 From Kieran : it wasn't from bats. it was from Pangolins. the Chinese have been selling the meat on the black market and using the scales for medicine.
20:12:24 From Anya to All panelists : 🐻
20:12:29 From Sian : I had a bear called lop nose cos his nose was lopsided!
20:12:46 From Emma : What is the state like hybernation called where bears can survive with out food called please, sound cut out x
20:13:03 From georgie : toper?
20:13:08 From georgie : torper eve
20:13:11 From georgie : even
20:13:14 From Carolyn: torpor
20:13:15 From Emma : Thanks x
20:14:06 From Anne : Anne K - bear energy is awesome
20:14:10 From Carolyn: mother protector
20:14:29 From Anya to All panelists : Yes Carolyn
20:14:46 From Rhona Graham : Young bear was my guide during the summer retreat last year…when we were working with the bones. Lots of learning x
20:15:23 From Anya to All panelists : üòä
20:15:39 From Anne : Anne K - I think one of my dogs is a bear, he lies on the back of the settee like that.

20:15:40 From Enza : 😂😍
20:15:41 From Helen : think that’s me just now 😊
20:16:02 From Carol : Love it üòä
20:16:09 From Bruce : the bear was my very first spirit animal when I first started my journey it makes sense to me! 🐻
20:16:18 From Anya to All panelists : I love your tent in the garden idea
20:16:46 From Anya to All panelists : ❤️🎪
20:16:46 From Hayley : I resonate so much with bear my bedroom is my cave has all my crystals candles altar just about everything I want and need
20:17:21 From Michelle to All panelists : beautiful butterfly üíú
20:17:50 From Anya to All panelists : Really resonate with butterfly too - thank you!
20:17:54 From Karen : Hayley, you’re bedroom sounds like mine. it’s my safe space.
20:17:57 From Anya to All panelists : 🦋
20:18:20 From Sian : mental
20:19:21 From Charlotte : We have painted lady caterpillars at home, they have doubled in size in 4 days. will be studying them carefully now during the gooey phase!
20:19:22 From Jan : lovely reminder from butterfly
20:19:32 From Jill : Liminal space?

20:20:36 From A : ann k just today seen several butterflies in garden
20:20:40 From Caroly-: and play
20:20:50 From Sharon : If you're into Butterflies, there's a place near Swindon, Butterfly World it's about £3 to get in, and you can get up close to Butterflies there x
20:21:00 From Anya to All panelists : How can I make a truly safe shamanic space? White sage and Smudging etc...?
20:21:05 From Sharon : stunning pictures
20:21:24 From Sian : There’s one in Leeds too near rounhay
20:21:25 From Anya to All panelists : Yes need to find those spaces of like minded people and support network. Namaste üôè
20:21:30 From Anne : Anne K - embodiment work gives the same periods of work/rest/play, finding that so poignant at the moment.
20:21:48 From Anya to All panelists : Yes, the deep work and growth needs the space
20:21:53 From Carolyn: good one in Anglesey, pilli palace
20:21:54 From Anya to All panelists : Thank you
20:22:06 From Charlotte : life is extremely gooey right now.
20:22:37 From Nicola : A butterfly world in Stratford on Avon too
20:22:54 From Sharon : I've been in a state of stasis since last May when I was signed off from working. This really resonates with me, thank you x
20:23:07 From Jill : Grateful to have this time to pupate

20:23:30 From Sharon : Carolyn, I know the Pili Palace I lived in Brynsciencyn for a while
20:23:30 From Jean to All panelists : so true, it's like the universe has made me stop working so hard so I can concentrate on my plans
20:23:43 From Michelle to All panelists : the salmon is calling me
20:24:07 From Carolyn: Sharon, I love Anglesey x
20:24:12 From Kelly : thank you guys was amazing is amazing!!
20:24:14 From Sharon : Me too x
20:24:32 From Sian : wow!
20:24:44 From Enza : amazing!
20:24:53 From Kieran : is this the same process for a moth?
20:24:53 From Jan : love that jason
20:24:57 From John : Like stem cells
20:25:17 From Anne : Anne k - Wow love that
20:25:21 From Rhona : Thats awesome…redesigning itself from what its already got
20:25:36 From Carolyn: go in gooey. come out beautiful
20:26:00 From Sian : I have an irrational fear of moths
20:26:01 From Carol : dreaming the new into being
20:26:05 From Sian : but I love butterflies

20:27:24 From Hayley : been stuck in the gooey phase for a few years and didnt know what it was this explains things now and I've been slowly transforming the last few months
20:27:26 From Fae : you don't know until you've been through it that that's the place you were in
20:27:32 From Vicky : There’s a name for this idea of something coming from ‘goo’ It’s called cultural emergence in permaculture circles
20:27:58 From Carolyn: yes fae
20:30:29 From Sharon : It's like a deeper daydream
20:31:00 From Charlotte : Thank you both so much, lovely talk about the animal medicine, really enjoyed that. Have small person bedtime now, so signing off for now. Bye üëã
20:31:08 From A ril to All panelists : hey there in line rather than the phone now - underland is a fab book
20:31:47 From Carolyn: üëãCharlotte

20:32:01 From Jean to All panelists : you made my drum for me, I love it ♥️
20:32:20 From Peter : beats, one per second?
20:32:37 From Enza : I have really enjoyed this too. I have to go now. I look forward to the Friday session.
20:32:48 From Carolyn: chanting does it too
20:32:59 From Carolyn: üëã
20:33:08 From Enza : 👋
20:33:36 From Jean to All panelists : free mini course was great , thank you 🤗
20:33:47 From Carol : I have to leave now, but I enjoyed this very much. Many blessings to you all üíö
20:33:53 From Carolyn: üëã
20:34:51 From Carolyn: I'm getting very interested in courses üòä
20:35:14 From Sharon : Read the Way of the Wyrd, it's very and informative
20:35:31 From Sharon : meant to say good and informative
20:35:45 From Carolyn: yes Sharon, my son's facvourite book
20:35:52 From Tracy : I got messages from bear in the last week at home
20:36:46 From Carolyn: heightened sensitivity to everything!
20:37:13 From Anya to All panelists : Really want to do this again
20:37:25 From Michelle to All panelists : the frog said hello to me lol
20:37:34 From Anya to All panelists : How do I keep myself safe within a free journey?
20:37:50 From martin to All panelists : your hands remind me of moose:-)
20:38:18 From Carolyn: make the most of free time üôÇ

20:38:19 From Jean to All panelists : I saw the most amazing metallic blue Beatle in my garden today. well 4 in fact, 2 were mating another trying to get involved and one on its own. long double bodied Beatles, beautiful ♥️
20:38:32 From Ann : Anne K - be more animal!
20:38:38 From Carolyn: üëç
20:38:39 From Fae : I never take my phone with me when I'm out walking, it's my time
20:40:40 From Carolyn: time out
20:41:07 From Helen : like the crow rattle
20:41:31 From georgie : ha, my 5 year old is always asking why I'm bringing stuff home when we are out.
20:42:01 From A : Ann K when your on your own you are never alone if you just listen
20:42:03 From Carolyn: say it's for the nature table üôÇ
20:42:04 From Tara : asking out of curiosity...are you vegetarian
20:42:19 From Simon : just about everything that inspires us comes from outdoors
20:42:33 From Anya to All panelists : Do you have a resource for finding out about them please
20:42:39 From Carolyn: do they still have nature tables in schools?
20:43:05 From Tara : just wondered if I had to be to work this
20:43:10 From Karen : really enjoyed this tonight. such useful information. I’ve got to leave now. take care everyone. bye

20:43:33 From Bruce : thanks all been great
20:43:45 From Tara : yep I hear you
20:43:49 From Anya to All panelists : Is there a reason for grain free pulse free if you dont mind me asking?
20:44:27 From Anya to All panelists : A companion guide?
20:44:36 From Carolyn: üëãkaren
20:44:48 From Sian : is a companion guide same as an ally?
20:44:51 From Carolyn: and Bruce üëã
20:45:16 From A : Ann k this has been a wonderful evening. I am following guided journeys and enjoying them. Thank you when is the next one???
20:45:27 From Anya to All panelists : ☺️
20:45:34 From Ann : thank you for the pop up, lovely hearing about the animals. stay safe üíúüíú

20:45:36 From Annie : Annie - thank you so much Nicola and Jason - have to go now - brilliant workbook thanks again
20:45:46 From Carolyn: üëã
20:46:11 From Anya to All panelists : What a great idea!
20:46:13 From Jackie : i have Stephen D Farmer Animal Spirit guides, its good
20:46:26 From Margery to All panelists : from Margery thank you for a very informative night. I have to leave now. Great workbook too. thank you üôè
20:46:26 From Diane : Diane - Sorry, but have to leave. Thanks both for such a great session. Look forward to joining you again soon
20:46:30 From HUAWEI Mate 20 lite : Thanks for tonight, great insight loved all information. Shall look forward to the next one Take care
20:46:36 From Carolyn: üëã
20:46:37 From John to All panelists : Do not have the workbook yet.
20:46:38 From Carolyn: üëã
20:46:41 From Anya to All panelists : Yes, what is the journeying beginning with E...?
20:46:53 From Anne : Anne K - I like Stephen D Farmer's Animal Spirit guide cards.
20:46:54 From Anya to All panelists : As in not drumming
20:47:02 From Anya to All panelists : The word began with e

20:47:11 From julie : Thank you, really interesting evening..,hope to meet up again soon
20:47:17 From Helen : do you make your animal rattles or source them please
20:47:18 From Anya to All panelists : Is it with plant medicnes
20:47:22 From Anya to All panelists : Yes that
20:47:28 From Anya to All panelists : Entheogenics
20:47:45 From Carolyn: I like Jamie Samms animals medicine book and cards
20:47:51 From Anne : Anne K - would be great to have a British animal spirit guide.
20:48:11 From Rhona : Me too Carolyn, been using them for years now
20:48:17 From helen to All panelists : thank you both enjoyed this found it really helpful and informative
20:48:24 From Carolyn: obod animal and plant Oracle's are nice
20:48:29 From Michelle to All panelists : really interesting I do feel a lot of animals and plants calling me.

20:48:40 From Nicola : Thank you, enjoyed this very much, I have a drum that I birthed so will use it for journeying :)
20:48:40 From Kieran : I have been visited by a few bumble bees. also had dreams of them.
20:48:40 From Louise : The Druid animal oracle is brilliant
20:48:42 From Helen : thank you
20:48:52 From Rhona : Good to hear about the interpretations of our indigenous animals / birds
20:49:11 From Sharon : Thank you both very much, really enjoyed this x
20:49:12 From Anya to All panelists : Do you do 1 to 1 journeying?
20:49:14 From Carolyn-: Rhona had mine 30 years love it
20:49:25 From Rachel to All panelists : Thank you for putting all this information together. Best wishes x
20:49:28 From Anya to All panelists : Maybe via zoom?
20:49:35 From georgie : Thanks very much for this :-) Interested to journey to bat and bear as always felt something special about these animals over the years. Georgie
20:49:41 From Hayley : thankyou so much ‚ù§
20:49:48 From Tracy : thank you so much for this evening Jason and Nicola as always found it very informative and interesting thank you
20:49:53 From Diane to All panelists : thank you, a beautiful webinar. May spirit look after you both and continue to guide your journey
20:49:56 From Anne : Anne K - Thank you both very much, really uplifting and nurturing during this gooey time XX

20:49:58 From Belinda : This has been wonderful, thank you both so very much :)
20:50:07 From Simon : bye for now, been great, thank you.
20:50:22 From John to All panelists : Many thanks both from Bridget & John in Birmingham, we've found this very informative, and thanks again for the PDF
20:50:22 From Sian : Cool well up for that xx
20:50:23 From Anya to All panelists : üôè
20:50:30 From Jackie : free and the beginner course, i will try the mystery school but do prefer one offs.
20:50:33 From Hayley : exciting
20:50:37 From Bruce to All panelists : see you next Tuesday folks
20:50:48 From Rhona : Ill have had mine about the same time Carolyn - beautiful.
20:50:56 From Bruce : see you next Tuesday folks
20:50:57 From Jean to All panelists : can anyone do full moon one, what's the charge please?
20:51:02 From Sharon : would love to come to Full Moon group x
20:51:07 From Carolyn: so much happening online now üòä
20:51:13 From niccola : Really enjoyed tonight , thankyou both xx
20:51:15 From Tara : that will be great Many thanks very grateful to you

20:51:16 From Joanne to All panelists : many thanks for your great knowledge and sharing x
20:51:26 From Michelle to All panelists : Thank you very much !! libra moon üåë
20:51:28 From Jean to All panelists : fabulous thank you
20:51:35 From Carolyn: yes rhona
20:51:36 From Rebecca to All panelists : can't wait for the full moon journey.. thank you so much
20:51:39 From Anya to All panelists : üëç
20:51:42 From Kelly : can I add a friend re: full moon?
20:51:47 From Helen : look forward to that next week - thank you so much for all this wonderful sharing at this time üòäso helpful
20:51:49 From A : yes I will be happy to join the Full moon night XXA K
20:52:07 From Alison : Great sesh, both! thank you ttfn x
20:52:11 From Sian : full moon party!
20:52:37 From John : This was wonderful, thank you both so much.
20:52:48 From Sian to All panelists : Have you tried google teams? Apparently it’s less glitchy
20:52:54 From Sam : Thank you so much, really enjoyed this evening.
20:52:56 From Nicola to All panelists : I've absolutely loved this experience ❤️ the descriptions of the animals really resonated deeply, especially the messages from natural history. Very much looking forward to future events and exploring your mini course. Thank you from my heart Nicola and Jason xXx

20:53:20 From Steve : Thanks so much both. You’re providing great support for us guys during this challenging time.
20:53:33 From Nicola to All panelists : Really enjoyed the talk - thankyou so much! Akindra
20:53:35 From Anya to All panelists : Thank you to you both, special people, and thank you to everyone else who has joined here
20:53:48 From Peter : Thank you - you are both so natural!
20:53:54 From Sian : thankyou so much that was amazing!
20:53:57 From Maureen : thank you both so much for sharing with us all
20:54:02 From Anya to All panelists : Exactly
20:54:04 From Anya to All panelists : ❤️
20:54:06 From Siggi : Thank you so much both!
20:54:11 From Anya to All panelists : Namaste

20:54:12 From Louise : Beautiful, so good for the soul. Thank you all of you. Looking forward to next time xxx
20:54:12 From Emma : Thank you both, it has been a fantastic evening x
20:54:17 From Michelle to All panelists : üíú
20:54:19 From Kelly : thank you sooo much, really wonderful!! I met you both last space to emerge. blessings xx
20:54:23 From Nicola : Thank you for such a great evening
20:54:31 From Sharon : Merry meet, merry part and merry meet again x
20:54:34 From Helen : Really enjoyed this evening very rich - thank you!
20:54:36 From Fae : thanks everyone and Jason & Nicola xx
20:54:37 From Sara : Thank you to you both, that was a great evening x
20:54:38 From Jean to All panelists : thank you so much for this evening.
20:54:39 From Sian : It’s been great xxx
20:54:40 From Anya to All panelists : I would like to assist you
20:54:45 From alexandra to All panelists : Thank you. Good night
20:54:48 From Rhona : Nice to reconnect with you both…thank you for sharing all of this information…look forward to joining in with some other sessions over the next wee while
20:54:49 From Jackie : thank you ,look forward to the full moon
20:54:50 From Carolyn: wow 100 it's been great but I'm still here for the evening
20:54:52 From Sheila : thank you for fab evening xx

20:54:55 From Jan : thankyou both bless you
20:54:56 From Janeen to All panelists : thank you so much really enjoyed tonight and thank you for your support its much appreciated x
20:55:01 From A ril to All panelists : üíñ
20:55:03 From Jean to All panelists : see you next week X keep well x
20:55:04 From Jan : bye for now!
20:55:05 From Anya to All panelists : Good night and speak soon x
20:55:05 From Sian : thanks. Bye xxxx
20:55:07 From Belinda : Much love to everyone, stay well, see you again soon xx
20:55:09 From Jill : Thank you
20:55:09 From Davina to All panelists : Thankyou x
20:55:10 From Liz : thank you the info was great good night
20:55:10 From Jean to All panelists : bye
20:55:13 From Kieran : thanks bye!
20:55:14 From Rebecca to All panelists : thank you so much for this evening xx
20:55:17 From A : Ann K Goodnight stay well. You are wonderful
20:55:17 From Emma : Thank you for all your time energy and hard work xx
20:55:17 From Morgan : thankyou

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The mystery school community has been truly wonderful this week - a calming place that has made me feel much better and grounded, so thank you.


Thank you so much. This tribe/clan and your generous spiritual work is genuinely helping keep me sane and balanced.


 The Mystery school has helped me over this week for sure, beyond today and into the this coming period.


thank you for creating a truly beautifully crafted evening.


The Mystery School is amazing, and has been a real oasis for me at a very difficult time. 


Loving this journeying planning... I'm a nurse!!


It’s excellent resource.


thank you so much for all you do it's greatly appreciated.


its an honour to be a part of this beautiful circle.


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