Ancestral healing

The Way of The Buzzard

What is ancestral healing?

In short its healing down the ancestral line.

The way we are is influenced by those who came before us. Their battles and strife’s, as well as their victories and triumphs get passed down the family line. Its possible that the way we are responding to a situation, or a particular trait in our personality which is unhelpful to us in this lifetime, has come about because of our ancestors actions many decades or centuries ago.

We can work together to bring about the healing needed in your ancestral line.


How is it done?

This is usually done through guided journeying, as it means you are most involved in this way. If you have not journeyed before don’t worry, its something which people pick up quickly and naturally.


Why is it important?

On a personal level it may well be that until you resolve and heal the issues of the past with your ancestors, you will not be able to heal what you are working on in your life right now. Its like getting to the route cause of a problem, and until its healed the problem will keep on surfacing again and again, in different guises in your life.

From an Earth care perspective, ancestral healing is an important part of Earth healing, by healing the negativity which has occurred during their life on Earth and which has not been released and transmuted.

Also we find that in many cases the soul of your ancestor has not crossed over to the other side. Often the soul has not moved on because it is hanging on or being held onto by someone or something. It could be a soul from someone who has lived recently, or it could go back down the family line for decades or hundreds of years. Scenarios could include that at the point of death there was great trauma, and the soul isn’t aware that it no longer has a human body. Or that there was a great sadness in their life, and they are not wanting to move on from its hold. Or there be an over attachment to a loved one who was still alive when they died. From our experience what we see is that this does impact on our current lives, even if the relative lived many years ago. We also see that trapped souls between realities seems to lower the vibration of the Earth.


How might it come up as something which needs doing in our session?

It is most likely that you will bring this to the session yourself, as something which you know needs to be worked on. You might not know exactly what it is, or how it can be fixed, but that doesn’t matter as we can work on that at the start of the session.

What will happen in the session?

We will discuss together what has drawn you to the session and talk about your ancestral story you are present with which you feel needs healing.

We work through journeying, and with this particular work its usually with guided journeying. This is where I (Nicola) talk to you and ask questions, and you go on a journey and tell me what is happening. I guide you through each step of the way. We prefer to work with you like this rather than go off and journey ourselves, as it keeps you most involved in the process and it facilitates the healing process.

Don’t worry if you have not journeyed before. Again, people pick this up really quickly and we will guide you every step of the way. Also don’t worry if you find you cannot journey, as we can journey on your behalf.