March 23, 2021

Three minute read and ten minute film

The woodland creaks with the sudden hail storm, tender newborn ramson leaves shudder under the dissonant strikes of unseasonal ice. A coldness casts its enchantment over the mossed boulders, defying the turning of the wheel of the year.

Yet life emerges.

As dark shadows claim the sky, stealing away the blue once more, a cock Blackbird alights on a bare sycamore branch and dares to raise his voice. Echoing across the canopy, weaving some strange magic through this wooded landscape, he charms the souls of all within earshot, human and other than human alike.

A harbinger of spring perhaps? Or simply a humble being who knows it’s time to step up, to live his life and tell all others about it? Rattling away deep in a naked blackthorn a Chiffchaff courageously courts his world in the old tongue, the language that speaks to our tired hearts.

At first glance this old wood seems little changed in the past month. The bare canopy thinly covers the cold breadth of the place. Boulders, still icy to the touch, hulk and swell in the old rhythms of the passing millennia. At first glance nothing appears to be stirring.

But all it takes is a shy kiss from the warming sun. As mid March clouds blow and part, sunlight yellows the ground and sparkles on the new verdent beings that presume to rouse from a wintery slumber. Dog’s Mercury, Nettle and Honeysuckle join the Wild Garlic in a symphony of emergence. Still very much a practice session before the full ensemble, but enough to give heart to a queen bumble bee who urgently seeks her first sip of nectar. I wish her good fortune in her hunt.

As the days pass deep in this forested corner the beings shake themselves awake. Robins and Wrens sing of truth and beauty, a Mistle Thrush serenades those slow to leave their slumbering hollows. Showing the way, showing the way.

On the edge of the wood Roe bucks flaunt velvet covered antlers. In the shaded pool drakes preen in honour of the oncoming spring watched by their partners. A Heron stares silently, waiting to satisfy her winter hunger, knowing her time is coming.

All of this glorious nature doesn’t know or need hope. As I shiver on a greening rocky outcrop I realise this woodland is just getting on with it. Courageously, elegantly, stylishly keeping in step with the turn of the year. Nothing here is pondering the what ifs, buts and if onlys as they peer out from the death grip of winter. They just get on with it. Life here cycles without question, without moaning, without self pity or defeat.

Sitting in the midst of this bravery I know that I too can do this.

Whatever this particularly challenging spring may throw at me I know that I too can emerge in whatever way my circumstances permit. The Warblers in the Honeysuckle, having flown thousands of miles to be here in this wood, know they can do it. Their songs burst out as a signature of strength from their twenty metre circle of influence, drawing in the life force of the coming summer.

The young Roebucks, along with their consorts hold their heads up with pride despite the haunting memories of wolf, spear and gun. They show the path of beauty which climbs inexorably from the dark places. New life is being nurtured.

Somehow these greening corners are showing the way this year. Can you feel it too? As we cast our gaze deeply into the soothing eyes of nature we can know there’s a way through this. We don’t need to know the details any more than the Thrush or the Robin, we don’t even need to hope.

There’s so much solace in the watching, in being curious and awestruck by the world around us, whether that be wood, meadow, pavement crack or park.

It’s happening. Life is emerging once more. And we are sewn into this grand tapestry.

The Nature of the wood conspired to give me a film which we share with you here... Emergence - Elegance - Courage. May it inspire your emergence too.

I've decided to make a print available of the deer photo. Click below to find out more.

About the Author


Jason has been a visual storyteller all of his life and follows an animistic, shamanic path from his ancestral lands of Anglezarke on the edge of the West Pennine Moors.
Formerly a professional photographer and film maker he now uses his art to help others fall in love with the land that little bit more.

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  1. Jason I find your films extremely moving it captures the essence of Spring and new life – I loved it all and the sounds of the birds chirruping touched something deep in my soul

  2. What inspirational words at this time of emergence. I agree we need the courage and elegance to meet a different world.

    The hope that our earth will be better cared for. Our open spaces are open for free. To invest our time in community projects planting bulbs, trees, improving our country water courses. Picking up litter. I often sit and just listen to the sounds around me. The ever present sound of humming traffic. In there we should have an opportunity for quiet space to engage truly with our surrounding's.

    Wander of the beaten track, explore, appreciate and dance drum. Celebrate the changes that occur day by day. As Jason says observe journal and share our combined knowledge and skills to be greener and sustainable

    1. I too echo your thoughts Leonard. Yes, it's all about cooperation with nature isn't it. And respect, humility and love. Thank you for your comment.

  3. A very eloquent, lyrical description of the season’s unfurling, Jason, along with your excellent photographs. Thank you for highlighting the way to a saner way of living.

  4. This is so beautiful. I needed to hear these words and watch this video so much today. It's really touched my soul and put into words how I'm feeling right now. Thank you so much ❤️

  5. Oh my goodness, thank you SO much! You're words were just what I needed to read and video just what I needed to see. We will get through this ??

  6. This is just wondeful. I watched the video, then just listened to the sound. Great 10 minute meditation.

    The words Emerge, Elegance and Encourage steps right for the current times we are going through.

    Thank you for sharing.

  7. Wow Jason !
    This video is just beautiful. It captures everything that I love about the emergence
    from the darker days.
    Those trees I could watch all day just swaying in the wind.
    You even captured the sunlight on a newly spun cobweb.
    The sound of water trickling through the moss is always a favourite when we are out walking the moorlands around our home.
    Your words were just what I needed to read too. It’s given me such a warmth inside.
    This is such a special time of year for many many reasons be it on a personal level for me or just because Mother Nature is making herself known again with each passing day.
    Thank you I will be watching this video many many times over. It’s just the perfect escape for when I can’t get to the moors.

    1. Thank you Amanda. There's so much beauty around isn't there, and we can so easily be a part of it. I'm hearteded to hear you will be revisiting the video again.

  8. Jason that is sublime. Thank you so much for creating and sharing with us. Is there a platform that I can share from?

  9. Blown away by the beauty of this – so perfectly captures the transition of winter to spring – and that deer photo!!

  10. I have been watching the season changes closely, but you have reminded me what I am being told by nature, thankyou Jason.

    1. That's great to hear Chris. Yes, nature knows all and is happy to share her wisdoms and secrets with those who watch and listen closely.
      Hope you're well Chris, I look forward to seeing you again at some point.

  11. Wonderful and inspiring Jason. Your films are breathtakingly beautiful and bursting with life. I feel my insides stir and tears come to my eyes as I watch and have the memory in my bones and flesh of living a life this free and wild.

    It makes me yearn to be away from my desk so I can lie under the tree canopy and be emerged and submerged with my other than human family.

    Your film inspires me to get out in nature after too much time my at my desk and live life with courage and passion, living my purpose and being seen for who I am without fear.

    Thank you for this beautiful film.

    Love to you and Nicola.

    Andrea in Wales. ?????

    1. Thank you for your inspiring words Andrea. Your thoughts help confirm that what I do here is of use and shares the true beauty of our land and the nature that makes it.

      Love to you

  12. Jason, as always you produce something so relevant….at just the right time, to restore faith and acceptance in what simply ‘is’..
    Thank you so much for posting this beautiful video and for sharing your thoughts about emergence.
    Today (especially today) I needed to hear those words.
    Thank you. I hope you are both well.
    Bright blessings.

    1. Thank you Amanda. Nature knows just what we need doesn't she. We simply need to be present to hear. We are good thank you, and hope you are too.

  13. Amazingly beautiful and completely inspiring! Brought a tear to my eye in gladness, and the music is haunting. xxx

  14. Resonates so deeply. So beautiful as the words merge with the music and the beauty of our natural world all that is captured is essence, magic and mystery by thee Jason, thank you

  15. I absolutely Love Love Love this! video! It made my heart full and yearning to be in nature. You are very gifted!! I do hope you will do more!
    Thank you

  16. Thank you so much Jason. This is beautiful. And I must say, very well timed for me certainly. It reminds me not to stress about all the things happening on our planet right now, nature doesn't worry itself about all the what if and what if not. – it just allows life to emerge- it reminds me of the bible verse – consider the lilies of the field. Thank you so much for sharing your amazing talents.

    1. Thank you for sharing your thoughts here Alexandra. Yes you are so right. There are things in life we can influence and things we can't. It's no good stressing about those we can't change.

  17. Thank you Jason, a very beautiful and inspiring film, I really loved it!!! It really did capture Emergence and a feeling of spreading our wings. I also enjoyed the Mary Oliver poem at the end I am a great fan of her poetry.

  18. Absolutely what I needed to read and see today. I’ve watched the film Six times now, just beautiful, uplifting and inspiring. Thank you.??

  19. Beautiful Jason! Until I found you guys, I never realized (apart from my son) that other people viewed nature like I do & felt the way I do about seasons & signs of change. Thank you so much for coming into my life. Love the pictures & videos Jason & all you do. Love & Light to you both & your lovely Cat, who i really enjoy seeing xxx

  20. That film was spellbinding and made me ponder on the silly worries that frequent my mind. To be as nature is such a gift that is ours and we only have to allow it.

  21. What beautiful film Jason. I felt that I was there in that sacred and emotional place.

    Thankyou for such a lovely film. It touched my heart and brought tears to my eyes to see the unspoilt places that man has not reached.

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