The Return of The Light

February 4, 2021

As I make my way up the slope between a watching avenue of old oaks and sycamores there’s a real bite to the air.

Persistent rain has forced the ground to swell like a sponge and leak out rivulets that race down newborn gullies and channels.

This morning I had to drag myself out of bed. Even now as I walk under the bare canopy of winter trees a part of me wishes I’d stayed in that warm room, swaddled by darkness, under the heavy blankets, fondly aware of Nicola’s breathing presence next to me.

The comfort of the known always pulls me although I do my best to step over that particular edge into the unstructured wildness beyond those four walls. As I reach the lake a mist being swirls over the path ahead of me, curling uphill, defying gravity and evaporating into the freezing waters.

I shiver a quick hello to my crow familiars who always make space to greet me with their guttural caws. This morning they seem particularly attentive so I tip my trilby hat to them.

Cresting the far edge of the lake embankment I follow a fox track that weaves a trail into Devil’s Bit Meadow. Her steps, efficiently placed atop each other, will last another hour or two until the grey slush is claimed back to water. I know the fox was a Lady as her tang, held by the still, misted air, is less musky than the dog’s and doesn’t catch at the back of my throat in the same way. Crow prints accompany the vixen’s marks. I wonder what stories they made together in the predawn woodland?

Pouring down from a high birch tree the monosyllabic song of Nuthatch bursts through the silence. My first of the year. I stop and pay attention, knowing this is a sign of spring. And as I sit on a moss wetted stump I hear the joyous song of Great Tit and the harsh, laughed yaffle of Green Woodpecker.

My mood lifts. This is home. This is a homecoming. Out here I remember about life. Nature is gently reminding me that the wheel turns. The light returns. I see squirrels busying themselves in the beech trees, fat with young, ready to birth a new year. They know stuff. It’s in their bones. And it’s in mine too. I just cannot find that knowledge unless I fill my eyes with green, wash my head clear of manufactured news and notifications and heed the call to be fully human again.

My legs are now beginning to ache as the chill fingers of winter leach deep and drain me, but it no longer matters. I see the light through the skeletal trees, pulling the mist from the stream and showing me certainty. Nature speaks of hope, but also of so much more. Perhaps my ancestors, and yours, long ago would have held onto hope at solstice that the light would return for them.

Deep in the shadowy corners of the darkest time they had no assurance of survival as the weather had its way with them. But at Imbolc, as the light began to linger longer with the passing of every day, they would feel a building sense of assurance that yes, life returns. Light and life once more join hands in an eternal dance that will march inexorably on through a blessed Beltane and beyond.

Climbing high with the rise of the sun I speak with the alder catkins who purple the valley in readiness for new seedings. Once over the ridge I gaze across miles of unbroken moorland. Anglezarke is changing. The moor grasses are lightening with the onset of spring, preparing to make way for new green shoots which themselves are brooding unseen in the black peat.

My new barn owl friend ghosts from the edge of the forest, his dark onxy eyes meeting mine somewhere over this expanse of wilderness. And then I see her. His Lady! She quarters over the moor and glides with him for an intimate moment. A testament to the new life around the corner so sharp and true that it brings tears to my eyes.

The Return of the Light is a film I made, with the help of the land, to depict this special time of year. Nicola and I invite you to watch it here, and to share any thoughts that may arise within you.

About the Author


Jason has been a visual storyteller all of his life and follows an animistic, shamanic path from his ancestral lands of Anglezarke on the edge of the West Pennine Moors.
Formerly a professional photographer and film maker he now uses his art to help others fall in love with the land that little bit more.

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  1. Stunning . Time is only fleeting . No state is permanent! Pain, darkness, isolation, separation are soon replaced with light, Hope and reunion .
    The colours and movement were very emotive and reminded me there is always hope .

  2. Absolutely stunning. I saw this on Imbolc but watching it again today I felt that I had been transported into beautiful countryside. Just what I needed today, we can't all get to see such beauty so easily. Thank You

  3. What a joy! Watching your exquisite film has lifted my heart. It made me feel as if I was there ,out in the wilderness , being where I was meant to be. Magic Thank you so much Debbie

    1. This is lovely to hear Deborah. Thank you for sharing your thoughts here. Yes, this is what I hope for, that you felt transported to the place alongside me.

  4. What a beautiful film….Captivating, inspiring and wholesome..With our rich tapestry of nature ,what beautiful treasure and delights…Thankyou it was gorgeous to watch, I loved the tiny web on the snowdrop .
    The film made me stop and relax and gave me that warm comforting feeling as nature does ?

    1. Thank you Sophie. I'm so pleased you found it comforting. I did wonder if anyone would be drawn to the tiny web. Well spotted!

  5. A wonderful article and such a lovely
    film. Thank you for sharing this with us.
    I loved the shot of the wood glade with the time speeded up. And the barn owl is so special.
    I couldn't manage without being out in nature every day and am so,so lucky that I can be. I hope this helps those people who are missing natural magic at the moment. Xx

    1. Thank you Rebecca, yes time out in nature does help sort us out doesn't it. I especially enjoy shooting the time lapse sequences as they do take a while. This particular one took forty minutes in total, during which I just had to quietly stand a watch which was a treat. xx

  6. Love this film Jason. Thank you so much for sharing… I've also watched it twice and am memorised by the Barn Owl especially… What patience you must have. I also adore the time lapse shots of the moors.. Pure magic.

    I actually live not so far away in Belmont and enjoy views from my window across the moors towards the East.. so am fanatical about sunrises… ??.

    Curious to know where you go to film o er Anglesarke way… Would even like to know of nice quiet walks away from the masses.. If you can give away any secrets…??

    Also enjoyed your Winter Solstice film which I think was made Hebden Bridge Way. My sister and I stayed in an off grid tiny tree house cabin in the woods up there with a great bird watching windiw… Plan to go back with my husband soon to get immersed in nature.. Soon as we allowed!!

    Thanks again for sharing your amazing work. ???

    1. Thank you Jane, I'm glad you enjoyed the film and I look forward to making my next one. We too face East from our bedroom but the view is taken by trees except at the height of summer when we can enjoy the sunrise should we wake very early.

      Belmont is not very far away from us at all, just 15 minutes or so. We are almost neighbours!
      I shoot in all corners of Anglezarke, Rivington and Belmont to be honest, and the Imbolc film was shot primarily on the moors up from Leadmine Valley and in a quiet ancient meadow in Rivington by Dean Wood.

      I think the secret to finding places away from crowds is to go early, avoid weekends and get off the beaten track. High up on the moors is always good.

      The Winter Solstice film 'Slowly Beats the Heart of the Forest' was in fact filmed in a Belmont plantation. 🙂

  7. That was absolutely breathtaking! Seeing the beauty of nature made me feel that all will eventually be well in the world….how could it not be??

  8. Jason your film is so atmospheric and moving I loved the dancing snowdrops it makes me feel very peaceful. Thank you

  9. I have read this passage and watched this video twice. It’s so moving bringing realise, peace , tranquility love and respect in to my heart. My emotions have run deep because my spirit guide has always been the Barn Owl. I thank you for sharing this beautiful video that takes me to a very special place. I am so honoured to have taken part in your session on Imbolic night. I’m a newbie but feel a sense of enlightenment in my heart
    Thank you

    Ps You have written this beautiful which I thank you for.

    1. Thank you Angela, this is kind of you to say. We really enjoyed the gathering and look forward to our next one, and the next film. 🙂

  10. Your words are so magical Jason, whenever I read your words I’m transported to a place that I’ve never seen and I just want to be there too.
    Living in the lovely chalky South Downs in West Sussex is very beautiful in its own way but to experience the stark moorlands, hills and valleys is something I long to experience but for the moment I shall enjoy your writing and films. Thank you.

    1. Thank you for your comment Kathy. I do love the isolation of these northern moors and also enjoy the occasional jaunt to the South lands too when conditions allow. I hope you manage to make it up north before too long to enjoy their blessings.

  11. Thank you for a lovely detailed descriptive writing. It took me back to my days of walking along the South Downs and the Meon Valley. Its bought great mental pictures and Smells. Carry on the good work.

    1. Thank you Paul. Your thoughts are encouraging. I will continue to bring the stories of nature for as long as I am fit and able and nature is willing to share. 🙂

  12. That first exquiste shot of the Barn Owl flying across that huge beautiful moon gave me wings. Your love of the natural world is so evident and takes us all on a journey of remembering with gratitude. Another stunning film Jason, never stop doing this!

    1. Thank you Anne. I was very blessed to spend time with the owl and to meet both of them too! Thank you for your kind words here, your encouragement to continue helps me commit to doing so.

  13. This was such a beautiful read and will be read again several times. Just a lovely reminder of the treasures we can find if we just take the time to be in nature. Thanks so much for sharing.

  14. Thanks
    Such an Eco-Poem that speaks of Mother Earth caring for her creatures.Also your sharing Hope that is dimmed in our daily living of anxieties stemming from being out of sinc with ourselves and Nature.
    Very beautiful and energising


    1. Thank you Magda. I love that you refer to this as an Eco-Poem, what a wonderful term and honour for the piece to be spoken of in this way.

  15. Thank you for your beautiful and powerfully emotive film, blog and Tuesday’s Imbolc celebrations. My recent shamanic journeys have changed my spiritual focus and pointed me towards walking the earth path, following the moon and study and learning. Your film and the journey at Imbolc told me to find my way home, ( barn owl turned into a dove) this is what I need to take care of myself right now. Also I know that my mum is helping me with this.. she sends me messages and encouragement in rainbows. I saw the slight rainbow in the film on Tuesday and I knew she was with me. I have just begun to study with OBOD as well as yourselves in the Way of the Buzzard mystery school and today’s OBOD lesson was about finding my way home through going back in my own and my ancestral past. Then I read your blog with the beautiful photograph of the rainbow and your words..”This is home, This is a homecoming”. Amazing synchronicities. I am slowly building my tribe, no longer feeling cast adrift and alone in a world that doesn’t understand me. It’s an emotional journey but I welcome the return of my emotions and sense of purpose along with the light. Thank you Jason and Nicola and blessings to you both Xx

    1. Thank you Diane, your words touch me and encourage me. I caught the brief rainbow as I hunkered down under a fir tree, hiding from the cold rain as I awaited the company of the owl. It was a gift and a surprise for me and am pleased that it spoke such deep words to you too.
      This journey home is revitalising and empowering and it's reassuring to know we are not alone as we talk this path. We can all return home together. Blessings to you. xx

  16. Gorgeous ❤️ the swan glides effortlessly on top of the water whilst the rumblings are hidden under the water below.Both I’m learning to accept as a human been ?Wonderfull video ❤️A new journey beginning for my son and I.Thankyou
    Much love to you both
    Sam ( Celtic warrior fionuala )

    1. Thank you Sam. I'm pleased you too saw the power of the swan, this is what I tried to portray. Enjoy your journey with your son, and know you are not alone on this path, not at all. Much love to you both. Jason

  17. Absolutely beautiful. Makes me really appreciate this time of year and the phenomenal beauty of nature and our profound connection with it. Thank you for showing this ?

    1. It's a gorgeous time of year isn't it Mark. But then again isn't every single day beautiful when we venture out without expectation or need. Thank you for your comment.

  18. As per usual a lovely video Jason. Really nicely composed and on the evening of Imbolc brought a few tears to my eyes. Many thanks for posting. For those of us stuck in the metropolis such as myself (London) it's lovely to see what we cannot really see here. So thank you both! Love Nadia

    1. Thank you for this Nadia. Sharing the stories of the land nurtures me and it's great to hear the film does so for you too. Love, Jason

  19. Beautiful and atmospheric. It’s good to be alive, very very.
    Wednesday was bright, old and sunny here, not only were the birds singing , the frogs were croaking (first time this year) and the colours were vibrant.
    Happy Awakening.

  20. I’m sitting here speechless – which some may say is rare OMG I love the way you write – you are such a gifted writer (as is Nicola). I truly walked with you on the path & felt everything so deeply. I love Barn Owl and I loved even more that you captured him/her on film. The film was nothing short of incredible and it stirred up the deep mid winter inside of me. The snowdrops were sublime and always signify hope. Just so beautiful- thanks Jason ??❤️??

    1. Thank you for sharing your thoughts here Deborah. You encourage me to continue. If I can show you the truth of our land, then my calling is working.
      I was so fortunate to spend so much time with Barn Owl, I spent four afternoons working with it to catch it's story.

  21. Beautiful Video… Inspiring…. Emotional… It's like life has given itself a bran new meaning and reason to be… simply like that; just be!

    Love to you both…

    keep the beautiful work flowing…we need it.



    1. Thank you Flavio, you sum up the purpose of the film so eloquently.

      Sending you love too, and never fear, I will continue to create these pieces for as long as nature chooses to speak with me.

  22. A beautiful piece, full of acceptance and growing confidence in the return of the light. I can hear you speak it. The sense of the manufactured dross being put into perspective. Your words have helped me see what I already know, deep down – that compared to the call of the wild, the controlling low-vibrational fear stuff has no power over the true me. I smile as I see its truth. Thank you for these words.

    1. Thank you Nicki. Yes! the call of the wild will show us the way home. We simply need to clear our minds so that we can hear more clearly.

  23. Yet again I am bewitched by the melding of your words, images and the beautiful music. Thank you Jason for sharing the magic of nature, raising my spirit and introducing me to the sublime music of Caleb Etheridge.

  24. Ooh thank you! Your wonderfully descriptive written piece transported me to a place of real hopefulness. After all, in these troubled times, if the roots of hope are born from nature, they are surely the one true source on which we can depend.
    Blessings and thanks

  25. Absolutely amazing , both in the captured images and in the quality of film and presentation. Made me feel so glad to be alive.

  26. Hidden depths right from the start … a spirit dear in foreground at the crossing of 2trees & then my gaze falls upon a nature spirit at base of tree in foreground opposite … once seen can’t be unseen. How fast the world turns & how small we are compared to the natural world. The single drop of water falling .. the owl swooping & gliding .. the geese the crows …. thank you once again for creating this film so that we can see nature in this way, amazing.


    Sue S

    1. Thank you for your thoughts here Sue. Yes there's a lot going on in the film isn't there, both seen and less so. I'm pleased you enjoyed it.

  27. This is really lovely, thank you so much. I joined your Imbolc Ceremony on replay on Wednesday 3rd. The information about it was sent to me by a dear friend who has been following your work for some time.
    I was very moved by the ceremony, it was the first time I had done any Shamanic journeying and I was amazed at how powerful it was.
    I'm so pleased to have 'met' you and Nicola (and the very noble Blue!) and am now very interested to see what courses you run and to become involved in your activities and community.

    Many thanks for your generosity of spirit and your gentle, heartfelt guidance throughout the Imbolc Ceremony.

    I look forward to joining you and Nicola and like-minded souls in the future.

    1. You are most welcome Anna. It's great to share it with you. Thank you for your thoughts here and I'm pleased you enjoyed the Imbolc Ceremony and journey.
      We have much more to share as the year rolls on and it's good to have you along.

  28. Stunningly beautiful!! Your film stirred love, light, beauty and made me breathless! The music made it so special too! Can I ask who composed the music please?

    Thanks for heart is lifted out of the darkness. ??

    1. Thank you for your thoughts here Karen. Yes, the music really helps doesn't it. The piece 'Arise' was composed and performed by Caleb Etheridge.

  29. Tears, so grateful for your beautiful film Jason, it touches a deep resonance within, much love to you Nicola and Blue x

  30. I always have loved the return of the snowdrop as it brought the idea of spring and longer days. now I know I'm not the only one,
    your words were lovely Jason thank you and your film I could watch again and again

    Blessings to you and Nicola

    1. Oh yes it's a very special time isn't it Norma. It's so good to know the days are lengthening now. Thank you for your comments here.

      Blessings to you.

  31. My family and I are eternally grateful to have found your work- so vital and vibrant at this key time of transition for us all on Earth.
    This film made us gasp in awe, particularly at the sight of the swaying snowdrops and the serene swan.
    Thank you Nicola and Jason for all that you are bringing to our attention and awareness.

    1. Thank you Sally. It's great to hear your thoughts, and particularly to know which parts of the film spoke to you the most. Thank you for your kind comments.

  32. I loved it, made me feel hopeful and connected to mother earth. The photography was beautiful and the music went so well with the images. Thank yo so much.

  33. Hi Jason and Nicola,

    Thank you so much for sharing this. Beautiful words and video. You capture nature so
    wonderfully well. I love the animal footprints in the snow too 🙂

    Blessings to you and Nicola

  34. Ahhh…. this heals my heart. This is so beautiful. Thank you ??❣️???
    Miss you both
    Space to Emerge will be such a gift ❤️

    1. Thank you Claire, Nature knows just what we need doesn't it. We too are both looking forward to reconnecting as soon as we are able.

  35. We are blessed with nature, sadly as humans, we rarely see ourselves as part of nature. We must change that belief, because we are all breathing the same air, living in the same moment as one.
    I thank you, Jason, for this beautiful film in celebration of the return of the light. Thank you.

    1. You are spot on there Nicola. We do need to see ourselves as nature, and I think the easiest way to do that is to touch, smell, hear and see nature in all of it's moods. Thank you for your kind comments.

  36. This is very moving , both with the spoken and the visual ! It's like hearing a song for the first time that you absolutely love ! I completely agree with what Nicola has written an hour ago that we humans often forget that we are a part of nature , and it is something we need to change ! Thank you for presenting us with this , and thank you Jennie for bringing it to me !
    Lots of Good Wishes .

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words Dave. It's a real honour to be able to share the spirit of the land and nature in this way and your comments truly encourage me to continue doing so. Lots of good wishes and blessings to you.

  37. Oh how enjoyed this film, it brought a sense of steady ebb and flow of nature all at the same tempo ,just as with nature I suppose, bringing, as the music is named, a feeling of gently steadily but suredly rising, all in its own good sweet time.

    I am lucky to live right next to expanses of nature on the South Downs and seeing the smallest flower or drop of dew on a blade of grass is just as magnificent as the sprawling landscape and the setting sun.

    Thank you for sharing this film this feeling…

    1. Thank you for your kind words here Ama. Yes! You are so right! If we can see the beauty in the small things, allow ourselves to fall in love with the flower, the dew, we will be held by nature.

  38. A beautiful film. Thank you Nicola and Jason for sharing. Uplifting, hope and joy is what came into my mind while watching. A truly special time of year captured so beautifully.

  39. This is a really beautiful film. It is so well done. Thank you for sharing it Jason.
    It is plain to see you are a very accomplished film maker.
    I have been to Anglezark some years ago. What a great place to live. Thank you for sharing.

    1. Thank you for your kind words Linda. I'm honoured that the land gifts me the stories and am honour bound to do my best to share them. Anglezarke has deep tales to tell, many lifetimes worth I'm sure.

  40. This is a beautiful, deeply expressive piece of Nature writing. Your intimate understanding and love of Nature are so clearly apparent. This, together with the wonderfully crafted video, are balm for the wounds of uncertainly and these challenging times ahead. It speaks of hope. Hope in the knowledge that the Wheel of the Year will continue to turn…

    I can so identify with the pull of what is comforting and familiar, keeping us entrapped in a place of seeming security. The transitional stepping out and into that place of wild wonderment is masterly described here…one that is necessary if new beginnings, new horizons are to appear.

    I love that "Light and Life have again joined hands in an eternal dance…"

    Thank you Jason for this uplifting offering..


    1. Oh Krystyna what wonderful words you share here. It's so reassuring that my work is reaching out in the way I hoped. It's always worth the effort to get out isn't it. Thank you for your comments here.

  41. Aaah! Thank you… My heart was lifted… Felt reassured of coming spring as watched a pair of flirting nuthatch on beech tree in woods this week. ????

    1. You are welcome Sue, great to hear from you. I love nuthatches! They have such a presence and always seem to be the masters of our bird table!

        1. My son Luke was camping on his own deep in forest recently feeling fearful when a ferocious storm was blowing…
          Reassured when a barn owl landed nearby, swivelled it's head and stared into his eyes

          1. Ah how lovely to hear. Nature knows what we need and both nuthatch and barn owl speak their truth. 🙂

  42. so utterly beautiful, uplifting, inspiring – as well as soothing, soaring . . . Just want to be at one with it all. Such a privilege to live on and experience this beautiful planet. Thank you for sharing this.

  43. Thank you Jason. This is so beautiful. I am grateful to be put in touch with wild in this direct way. My garden in Essex is my wild and that is good but to join you on your walk is something else. the video connects me again to my shamanic journey at Imbolc when I spontaneously shape-shifted into owl. I learned how to dance in the air currents and how to care for myself in very practical, common-sense ways,

    1. Thank you for your comments Gina, it's a pleasure to share our wild with you in this way. Lovely to hear of your owl journey too, and of the practical advice you were gifted.

  44. Your skill at photography and cinematography, as well as your written piece, are movingly magnificent. Thanks so much for sharing this and may your skills take you to your desired heights of achievement!

  45. Thank you for this lovely blog, I was able to picture your journey on the day. Your video, as always, was wonderful. Thank you both so much for all that you do xx

  46. Everything Krystyna said yesterday just about summed up how I felt about the blog and the wonderful video.

    Thank you Jason and Nicola for all that you share xx

  47. Such a fine film, beautifully produced, reminding us all that light will return, that these dark worrying days will end, and the wonders of our, so precious and imperilled, Biosphere, will once again remind me of the old Zulu sentiment of Ubuntu, I am because we are!

  48. Thank you for sharing your wonderful work.
    I am lucky to live out on the Moors near Lands End, Cornwall. Watching the first shoots and signs of the season changing is amazing
    These lockdowns have been a blessing as I have been teaching my grandchildren so much about nature and wildlife. It's something they don't learn at school that much.
    They can now identify footprints and birds flying past. In this computer generated world it can't do any harm to go back to nature.
    Imbolc blessings xx

    1. I'm glad you enjoyed it Rosey and I totally agree with you about the need to teach youngsters about nature. This old knowledge is vital if they are to grow up with a deep respect of love for the land. Thank you for your comment. xx

    1. Thank you Jeni. Yes, it is a concern isn't it. I feel it all the time when I'm out and about. However I see that the natural world and the land around us has a way of being both fragile and resilient at the same time. There are so very many threads of life woven together to hold each other.

  49. Absolutely beautiful piece of writing; I try to embrace all the seasons, but I'm not a lover of the snow or the biting cold, but your work uplifts me and gives me hope that warmer, colourful & brighter days are ahead.

  50. Hi,,I'm new here. I just wanted to say,,thank you for the below paragraph, it resonates with me. The struggle between being contained, the jabber and repetition of media and people can become overwhelming. The solace found within the woodland is nature's perfect gift and soothingly powerful to the soul. When one steps out on the pathway to nature, freedom is found. Happy days. All the best. Georgie

    "My mood lifts. This is home. This is a homecoming. Out here I remember about life. Nature is gently reminding me that the wheel turns. The light returns. I see squirrels busying themselves in the beech trees, fat with young, ready to birth a new year. They know stuff. It’s in their bones. And it’s in mine too. I just cannot find that knowledge unless I fill my eyes with green, wash my head clear of manufactured news and notifications and heed the call to be fully human again."

    1. Thank you Georgie. And welcome, welcome, welcome here.

      Yes, time out in nature is such an antidote to many of the problems around us isn't it.
      Best wishes, Jason

  51. Massive thanks for sharing Jason. Giving hope and positivity to all the turmoil in life at the moment. Just to forget everything and immerse in nature is just the best and you have achieved this. The snowdrops,swan and owl are a stunning reminder that nature is still out there for us all no matter what. The music is so beautiful too. You certainly have captured and shared how nature can remind us of beauty and love that is so often missed. THANK YOU

    1. You are most welcome Rosie. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and the highlights of the film. It helps for future filming projects.

  52. Thank you thank you thank you!
    What a joy that was to read and watch. It was beautifully made and has truly lifted my spirits today.
    I am grateful for all you and Nicola do to educate and inspire x

  53. Oh Jason…..I found this today……When I so needed reassurance. Bless you, thank you. Your film making is just beyond beautiful…..that carpet of nodding snowdroos will remain with me. And the barn owl….loved the way the end was without music. Wet eyes, but so uplifted . Thank you…..
    And then the amazing story that is the text. You are a very very talented, emotive writer. I loved every word.

    1. I'm so glad you found it Michelle and found it reassuring. Thank you for your kind words which, in turn, reassure me. There are more films to come as the year rolls on.

  54. Absolutely beautiful, you are so lucky to live in such wonderful surroundings, watching this i felt at peace and very relaxed, love your description of your walk as well, thank you xx

  55. Hi Thanks for posting this film and story about the countryside around you I thought it was really interesting and well constructed and the story of the film was also well written and gave me depth to the film

  56. Fabulously resonant bit of observation. .loving your mission. Thankyou for sharing so generously..

    Please accept my imbolc poem by way of gratitude. .

    Many thanks
    John Beckett .Norfolk


    A corner turned and tiny seed is
    broadcast to the fullest field,

    And wait the patient springtime rain

    it's fruitful life to gentle yield.

    With loving warmth and sweetest light

    the embryonic seeds erupt,

    And pushing forth the tiny shoot

    and tender radical root abrupt!

    Where seeds fall on the soft tilled earth
    and fortune land to gentle rest,

    A sappy growth through xylem pass

    draws only on sweet water's zest.

    And in the fallow places where

    the Earth is bare not firmly trod,

    The shoots still grow but long and weak
    hid dark beneath an earthy clod.

    But as the new corn ears proffered
    survive e'en the wildest weather

    The lush plant growth & flowers bright

    Attract like bees to summer Heather.

    So soon the blooms pass over and

    new seeds are spawned all hard & set,

    Ripened by the loving sun's rays

    swelled by summer rain sweet and wet.

    The early autum rains disrupt

    and threat to spoil the laden crop,

    As all hands on deck join forces

    work hard around the ticking clock.

    And so the seeds are harvest in

    a frenzied busy rhythmic dance,

    All gathered up for winter's days

    and stored within our bursting barns.

    And calmer now the sky and land

    as autumn sets its cautious tone,

    A gentler rhythm now arise

    still winter come so colder soon.

    But harvest stores are used to give

    both man and beast their winter feed,

    Whilst near a goodly tythe of crop

    is soon become new Imbolc seed.



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