Slowly Beats the Heart of the Forest

As the snow gently settles a blanket of light upon the land nature is slowing down. Right down.

Long nights encourage longer sleeps. Much of life from Bluetits to Birch trees conserve their energy, knowing the secret of rest. Hunkering down is the way of winter.

The hoary song of Mistle Thrush ripples through evergreen mists, Coal Tits, looking incredibly vulnerable in their smallness, tweezer nutrients from seeds as a rusty Roe Deer lopes in the shadowlands between the worlds of man and mystery. Not one of these folk know what tomorrow will bring, neither the winged ones, the four leggeds or the tree people, but they carry on being beautiful and elegant despite the bone shivering cold.

Concerns of what the next sunrise may bring, or the next moon, or the spring equinox don’t weigh heavily upon them. They go about their work of being Fox, Squirrel, Fir and Hedgehog. Knowing that the way of nature has seen their kind through to this point they follow their ancestral callings and live their lives.

Their resilience comes from a connection to all that is. Invisible threads of unknown magics weave between each and every one of them, entwining them into the great being that is ‘life’. Tuned into the rhythmic turnings of the year and wired to the weather each and every one of nature’s folk prepare, lay down stores, get fat, know when to hide, when to sleep or when to forage as if life depends on it. Because it truly does. For them and us.

There’s something about the heartbeat of the land that words cannot describe right now.

A mystery seeps from the mosses and lingers in the chill breath of the soil.

No one knows the name of this spirit, yet it waits in the enchanted corners to slow down our heartbeat, to bring us solace and bless us with beauty and truth.

Robin knows the days are now getting longer, as do Alder and Fox. Blood and sap are preparing to rise again, to inhale this spirit and wander the wheel of the year. Right now though, as razor edged frosts creep in from the moon drenched hollows and hunger is an every present gnawing, it’s time to hold each other with eloquence and benevolence.

We need to sew ourselves back into this colourful tapestry. To quieten our chatter, feel the stitches that bind us to our neighbours, let the trees bring forth our tears and synchronise our heart beats with the rhythm of the land.

Slowly Beats the Heart of the Forest is a short film I've created to catch the feel of this time of year, we invite you to watch this and share your thoughts below.

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  1. Wow. This is the first Earthlight film I have watched and it was absolutely beautiful and made me very emotional. The filming and the music both so powerful and the ethereal light of the moss covered tree just made me gasp.
    Thank you so much Jason. You are a true guardian of the forest.

    1. Thank you Marcia, your comment is very encouraging and I’m pleased you enjoyed the film. My recent ‘Coast’ and ‘Mountains of Majesty’ are my personal favourites right now.

  2. Dear Jason how exquisite this film was . The rhythem not just fom the music but natures orchestra creating such soulful movements . The forest took my hand and glided me through this journey of senses light touches ,gentle caresses I felt held and nourished . I feel to listen and view this would help create a place of well-being.
    As ever Jason you give such insights into our connection with creation .Thank you Susan Loftus

  3. Oh my goodness! Speechless, absolutely stunning. My heart feels warmed and nourished – Thank you so much ?❤ Imagine this sort of nature films being played in health care settings A&E etc…what a difference it could make

  4. A beautifully shot video Jason. You revealed the spirits of water and air and tree so clearly along with so many others quietly dancing in the background. The tree creeper and shadowy friend was lovely. You have a great gift. Lovely music too, again. Many thanks.

  5. Beautiful piece of film amazing photography captures the energy of the forest & the sounds of nature. I found it captivating…..

  6. That was beautiful in so many ways, from the cinematography to the music – has anyone else commented on the ‘dancing’ tree? It was joyous

    1. Thank you Sarah. This is so kind of you to say. Oh yes, the dancing tree has developed quite a following. I’ve been visiting her for about 15 years now. 🙂

  7. Beautiful film. Really miss going into the countryside but short films like this do help, I can imagine I’m there. Hopefully it won’t be too long before we can go further afield. I’ve only just discovered your work, it’s inspiring.

  8. This is just extraordinarily beautiful but also somehow tinged with a little sadness, as the world suffers through this pandemic month after month. So to see nature like this is both heartwarming and healing, and by watching this today it has raised my spirits a bit, which is always welcome. To be honest, I started daily walks back at the start of lockdown in March and I was very ill at the time….but persevered, and am now able to walk further, higher, longer than ever before. I truly believe in the power of nature now for healing the mind, the body and the soul, because truly, without nature I wouldn't be in the much better position I'm in at this moment in time. Hug a tree, listen to the robin sing, see the wildflowers start to bloom, listen to a stream or a waterfall flowing, and it's ALL good….xxx

    1. Thank you for your comment Wendy. It’s heartwarming to read your thoughts here. I’m so glad that you are persevering and making time for your relationship with nature. You are spot on with your sharings here. Thank you xxx

  9. Here I am again ,Jason its so touchingly beautiful . Its mesmerising but not hypnotic, draws you in , you become part of its essence .Come Come see who you are .
    Enough words thank you so much for a beautiful , work of art .

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words Susan. It's great to see you hear again. I'm going to do my best to continue making films like this. For as long as nature is willing to share her stories with me I'll make myself available to be her messenger.

  10. Dear Jason, this is so very, very beautiful that I am lost for words adequate enough to praise it….it is pefect, everything about it….reaches into the very soul…to think, I could have missed seeing it had I not been checking through emails…Jason, these videos are meditations….far too beautiful to be watched once…..have you thought about putting them onto a dvd disc ….to be watched over again on a bigger screen than phone or tablet? I would happily buy one….ok I know it may be old technology ? but there are still many of us who use and love it still….?
    This is a work of art….thank you so very much….I shall be returning to it here….

    1. Dear Michelle, thank you for this comment. I’m so pleased the film speaks to you in this way, indeed when I put the films together I rather hope they’ll be watched more than once and be seen as a meditation rather than just a nature film. I’ll be making many more as time goes on, in fact I’m currently working on one for the end of the month but, as ever, we’ll have to see what happens as the film dictates the pace and story rather than any plan I can make. Just as it should be. I’ll have a think about the dvd idea, however the films are great to watch on a laptop or computer monitor too.

  11. Watched this for the first time, and was mesmerised. Loved the balance and harmony of the natural world conveyed in a way that was totally immersive.

    Thank you

  12. Wow truly magical I love this thank you for sharing it's really is a stunning film that weakens,all of my senses even though I am visually impaired ??.

  13. This is a beautiful film that has left me feeling relaxed and trusting nature. I am here in the present and whatever will be will be.

  14. Just caught up with this, such a lovely and beautifully compiled film to watch during this difficult time. It really made my heart sing! How lucky we are to be able to turn to nature and receive its balm[without having to go outside!]

  15. Your poem is beautiful, it encapsulates the true meaning of life, quietening the mind and allowing the heart to feel the essence of your words.
    Your film is food for the soul, enriching the body and mind.
    Thank you ?
    Wishing you & Nicola a beautiful and peaceful New Year.

  16. Beautiful thankyou, even the music is perfect. Many blessing s lovely people. You keep me sane in these mad times I'm so grateful too you both ??

    1. This is very kind of you to say Tracey. It's so good to be a part of a connected clan isn't it where we can support and nurture each other.

  17. Thank you for sharing this beautiful nature video. The music was very beautiful and relaxing to watch, as well as the singing and chirping of the birds.
    I loved the clouds moving and changing, just like life, forever changing so we do not get stagnant.
    The green was beautiful reminding me of growth .
    The trees showing the light poring through. Through darkness comes light.
    Reflections on the water, reminding me to look at myself and work with my shadow.
    Happy New Year and Blessings for a new 2021. Love Angie ❤️

  18. Truly beautiful, thank you , felt like a magical trip in the woods, thank you , may your year ahead be full of love, joy and peace x

  19. There’s something about being in such surroundings that seeps into our language-use. Some beautiful descriptions here that really invite us to sink in …

    1. Thank you Tansy. Yes, I believe language should be used to evoke inspiring imagery so we can best share the stories nature has to tell.

  20. Such a treasure of a film – it moved me so much . I was quite simply spell bound by the beauty of nature you captured here accompanied by the most beautiful music . Thank you Jason.

    1. Thank you Brendan. What a great quote! Well done on spotting the deer in the shadows, which so many missed on the first viewing. 🙂

  21. Mesmerising and truly magical. Such a journey to be on.

    Thank you, such a blessing to find in my email box. At the right time.

    With gratitude Nicola & Jason for all your beautiful work.

    Always enjoy your story telling.

    Warmest wishes xx

  22. Such beauty and stillness in your words; my reply seems inadequate. I was moved to a state of gentle calm, to whisper 'yes!'.

  23. Oh this is utterly lovely,the perfect watch on a winter’s afternoon with the dusk coming in gradually and logs singing on our hearth. An exquisite piece of writing about this magical time of year and a stunning film. There is so much beauty around us every day and so much to be thankful for, even in the midst of the present chaos. Thanks for sharing and wishing you a blissful year. May you walk in beauty.

  24. I closed my eyes and meditated listening, it is so beautiful and gentle i felt so relaxed I listened again and probably will another time thank you so much for your insight ,Kate

  25. Beautiful, just beautiful. I was mesmerised and taken for a walk and flight through this wood. It brought light into my day.

  26. Stunning and beautiful photography. The first overhead shot of the pond looked like the North Pole to me! Also saw wolves in some of the reflections. Thank you for sharing it.

  27. Thank you for your beautiful words and video. The stillness is breathing through the images. Stillness, yet readiness to wake up soon.
    Your words resonate with me. I too feel as if there is an invisible veil just waiting to be lifted. I sense magic in all things. I am in awe of our magnificent trees wherever I go. It feels as if they're standing tall and strong supporting us as we wake up. ?
    And I observe the beasts of of our planet – big and small living in tune and total harmony with nature, Mother Earth and the cycles and seasons.

    Thank you ?

  28. Inspiring peaceful beauty seeking out nature at every opportunity and capturing that free healing moment .
    With gratitude and thanks

  29. Totally Magical , felt it deeply in my sola-plexus
    Those vivid greens just do something I can’t quite put into words
    Thank you ?

  30. Thank you, that was calming and serene. A welcome watch that spoke to my soul. I am grateful and appreciative of the effort and time you have put into making this and really get a lovely sense of the wood in winter. I feel inspired to make some film of the ancient woodland near me on Dartmoor now so once again, thank you.

  31. I have shivers running up and down my whole body watching this film. It is beyond magical.
    Thank you for being so willing to share your incredible gifts with us all.
    Beautiful deeply felt words too, in the blog.
    So much gratitude from me to you.

  32. M friend sent me this link – Beautifully made and I felt very peaceful when watching, ty and Happy New Year x

  33. Jason that is a stunning little film. You are a master at what you do and it really shows. The shots are so creative and melt into each other seamlessly. Wonderful xx

    1. That's very kind of you to say Linda. Thank you. To be honest the film just kind of assembles itself once I've spent sufficient time with the land. 🙂 xx

  34. Thank you so much ! This is truly beautiful and absolutely captures the stark beauty of Winter . May you both be blessed this New Year .X

  35. Hi Jason, what a lovely short film. Made even better by the drone shots that you are now using in your videos.
    What a beautiful place that water hole is. Captured beautifully with stunning images. Thank you

    1. Thank you Andy. Yes, the drone (Merlin 🙂 ) really does make a difference doesn't it. I use it primarily for low level (even almost floor hugging) clips where some camera movement will add to the feel of the film.

  36. This is truly amazing and beautiful, thank you for sharing the heart of the forest. You made me feel really calm and relaxed in what is a crazy world at the moment.

  37. Oh my gosh. Found this video truly mesmerising. Love the bird song the trees, the lighting, the angles u took of nature. And the music amazing with it too. Loved it thank u.xx

  38. Beautiful, refreshing and relaxing just what I needed at the start of 2021. I have watched and read at least twice. Thank you Jason for sharing your wonderful art work.

  39. I am a woman of the woods so this was a real pleasure. Is so beautiful where is it…. I would love to run with my dogs my pack.. I walk in the woods everyday… I've noticed the harsh frost s is hitting our small birds and I m grateful of the reminder Ed in ho w many types of tits there are.. Thank you it gave me alot

    1. I'm pleased you enjoyed it Laura. The wood is in Lancashire, on the edge of theWest Pennine Moors not far from the village of Belmont. It is alive with small birds. As is our garden where we are supporting a whole community of tits with a wide menu of nuts and seeds. 🙂

  40. This lift is a gift. Bless your creation, a reminder of all I hold dear.I forget I am bird, fox, deer. I think I must understand everything. No. I must just continue on as they do. Thank you after a tough Covid year. You are a present from a friend of a friend who died and so the circle, the cycle of life goes on. This is what you bring me. And I thank you. Kindly ~ so kindly I thank you. And I thank Carl's friend Leslie for bringing this beauty to me on New Year's Eve. Amen.

    1. Thank you for you kind words Ellen, I'm so pleased you found the writing and the film a good reminder of our truth and beauty.

  41. Mother Nature, Gaia shows us the line’s that make up her beauty….!..??
    My soul is refreshed as I rest and gather energy to do battle with environmental polluters in 2021.

    1. Thank you Marion, may nature support you as you go into battle this year. Great to hear you are resting and gathering yourself ready for the fight, this is so important.

  42. Thank you I was captivated from the first note,I found the video calming and serene from the mirrored pool through to the mossey fingers on the trees

  43. I just want to thank you both for all you do. I have recently attended two of your evening sessions on zoom and I am so grateful for your time and love you both put into all you do. Jason's films are so incredibly beautiful and have initiated healing in me more than once, I have only seen two of his so far. You are both such a gift.
    Much love Jayne ?

    1. This is so kind of you to say Jayne, Nicola and I really appreciate your thoughts here. I love creating the film and words cannot express the healing I receive as I spend time out with nature catching her beauty. Much love, Jason

  44. I love this – the way the lines of farmed trees are collapsing and being taken by the feminine moss, fungi and the wildness which is creeping through helping to bring the forest back to its natural balance…… thankyou

  45. Totally mesmerising,enchanting,magical ,it pulled me in, I have always connected to trees, only once I have stayed in a forest in a summer house with no facilities, but did have electricity, I was in my element, totally immersed in the woods.Thankyou for sharing this with us.My local parks are busy places, Due to Covid I am restricted as everyone else..Your film made me cry initially, so beautiful.Thankyou again.

  46. So much to enjoy on our doorstep. First snowdrops spotted yesterday,1.1.21. November – Sea Eagle . Seals., Peregrine, Buzzards, dippers, and. Not to be forgotten, all our little bird friends, robins, greenfinches, etc.

  47. Beautiful filming and scenery .
    Thank you so much .
    It’s so calming to watch and the colours of the forest are wonderful.
    I love the moss covered tree, it’s quite haunting but stunning at the same time.
    Do you know what type of tree it is Jason and Nicola ?
    Best wishes for the New Year xx

  48. So beautiful Jason. I can't get out in nature as I would like, so this is wonderful to watch and reflect. Thank You

  49. Jason how how mystical was that film and the heart touching music. As I journeyed through the forest i felt balanced and grounded yet I felt I was connecting with all . Humbled by the little bird pecking minute scraps for nourishment , but I was there with the bird . Then the ferns gently moving I was too , part of them ,then that gnarled tree inviting me , dancing almost . I then seemed to be part of this beautiful natural terrain just peacefully moving with its energy .. I really touched its deeper Elemental ,I am still sitting with this . No more words .Thank you for such soulful, beautiful creation Art and Heart .Thank you Jason . with Love and Natures Blessings

    1. Thank you for your thoughtful comment Susan. I too became very attached to the little Coal Tit. There was something about fragility showing through which made me appreciate all that I have. To be so small, so cold and yet hold beauty was, as you say, humbling to witness.

  50. So beautiful, so perfect. On days I can’t get to be near trees I’ll now be able to watch and listen to this ❤️xxx thank you

    1. Thank you Rosie, I do hope you get to watch the film again and again, and the others ones in posts before. As well as getting out near trees too. xxx

  51. Water, movement, emotions, reflections, green the coulour for heart chakra, drifting music perfect for going forward into the new year with love and light

    Love the write up too.
    Thank yiu and happy new year

  52. Water, movement, emotions, reflections, green the coulour for heart chakra, drifting music perfect for going forward into the new year with love and light

  53. I loved every second and every frame of this film – so beautiful! I love the little birds, the ferns and the moss. Just lovely. Thank you…

  54. So beautiful & calming, it draws you into the pond & the woods. Could sink down on the moss & dean. Thank you for this.??

  55. The words and sentiments, images and especially the magical video is a gift if healing to us all. A wonderful way to start the new year witnessing these. Heartfelt gratitude to Jason and Nicola ?

    1. Thank you Dee. If my words and images help to connect with the stories of nature, the healing tales of truth and beauty, I feel I'm on the right path with my creativity.

  56. Absolutely beautiful, what a wonderful enchanting world we live in.
    I live in Australia but when I watch one of your films I cant help yearning for the beauty of the countryside that I left behind.

    Blessed be ?

    1. Thank you Karen. I intend to create films like this on a regular basis now, including some much longer, more meditative ones. I'm glad they help you connect with the beauty of your homeland. Bless you.

  57. What a lovely thing to have wakened to and watched this morning , first day of the New Year, it brought me feelings of peace, gratitude and hope ! Beautifully captured and uplifting to watch . Thank you

  58. These exquisite words and stunning moving pictures of Mother Nature resting and recharging were medicinal soul food indeed! A beautiful reflection on lessons and wisdom that continue to manifest in Nature.

    Thank you to the creators of these words and film for sharing this special gift so very thoughtfully and beautifully… Wishing you a peaceful and joyful New Year. ?

    1. Krystyna thank you for your comment here, I appreciate your kind words and look forward to creating more visual stories from nature as this year unfolds. Wishing you a blessed 2021

  59. These words, images & music touches the soul reminding us all of the abundance of nature’s miracles in all of its forms. The creator & the destroyer .. perfect balance of which we are a part of. Thank you ?

  60. Just so beautiful.. as now is rest whilst life is slowly ebbing its way underfoot waiting patiently for the warmth ..

    Thank you lovelys

  61. Wow! This was just beautiful Hason and Nicola, mesmerising, quite hypnotic in parts!
    I did indeed feel my own heart slowing to the beat of the forest and felt drawn into the trees and water.
    The accompanying music helped too.
    Towards the end, the almost acid green colour of the moss covered trees felt like a fairytale scene and at times (although I didn't sense an oak tree), I was reminded (as a newbie to The Way of the Buzzard work) of the visualisation Jason guided us through at the Sanhain and Winter Solstice ceremonies.
    Am gong to share this to promote the sense of wonder that comes from the connectedness with Nature……..thank you. Georgie

    1. Thank you for your thoughtful words Georgina. it's great to learn how the film moved you. And thank you for sharing it too.

  62. What a beautiful way to wake up to 2021 and set intentions. Thank you so much for sharing your vision, reminding me of my blessings and how lucky I am to be part of this amazing world xx

  63. I so enjoyed this film when sharing and celebrating the solstice with you both last week. I’ve just watched it again and it’s so magical and beautiful, it fills my soul with hope and gladness of the magic that is all around us. Your words to are very special. I thank you both and wish you a good year to come ?

    1. Bless you, Giving One ~ I loved it! Left my thanks where you gave me this present. In awe of the way it begins my day and my New Year. Blessed thanks, Lesley <3 — ellen

  64. Absolutely stunning, a perfect vision to start the New Year, thank you.
    All good wishes to you and Nicola for 2021 ?

  65. Soooo beautiful… Nature in all her wonder just being as she is… Perfect. The luminous colours, the silence, the birdsong, the deep dark lake that looks like the eye of the world.. Touches my soul and makes me weep. Thank you…

    1. Thank you Shona. The dark pool has a particular energy that I can't yet put my finger on, but it does appear like an all seeing eye of the forest. Glad you enjoyed the connection.

    1. Hi Carole. Thank you. You should be able to share by copying the url but do get back to me if you still have problems with it. x

  66. Such beauty in mother nature I wish I could sit there bare foot and soak up all magic with in there recharge my self and feel grounded

  67. Truly beautiful, we all need to slow down, look around us, see the beauty of mother earth, hear her sounds, feel her heartbeat. ❤️❤️❤️

  68. This is absolutely beautiful Jason. You always find the right words to use in the description. The film together with the music is just perfect. I will watch this several times over. I love the 'green' tree covered in moss; as the camera starts to move around, it appears to me, to be a dancer, the lower branches being her elegant arms outstretched. Thank you for sharing your wonderful work.

  69. Just so lovely, its difficult to put into words how beautiful that journey was. The music is a perfect match.
    Thank you for sharing this and allowing me a few minutes of pure bliss.

  70. Jason, stunningly beautiful, Thx you for sharing ….
    it touches the soul, resonates on so many levels
    The external journey becoming and reflecting the inward journey
    into oneness of all that is …????
    Wishing you and Nicola a Love filled 2021????

    1. Thank you Rachel. Every time I visit the mossy tree in the local forest she takes my breath away. Just to stand nearby is a real occasion.

  71. Exquisite filming; lovely blend of visuals and sounds. Light playing on water and through the bare winter tree skeletons is evocative and the wind dancing the ferns is delightful.

  72. Stunningly beautiful captures, the green tree in the middle of the Forrest is magical. Wishing you a blessed new year. Ps. Did someone get a drone for Christmas?? I look forward to more videos and a wonderful 2021.

    1. Thank you Hayley. Ah yes, the drone has been in our company for several months now. He's quite tiny and is called Merlin after the nimble falcon of the same name, and of course after the magical wizard! Merlin comes in very handy and can show us a different view of the world when used sensibly. Wishing you a blessed new year.

    1. Isn't it just Simone. She really shines out of the woodland and from certain angles appears to be dancing in the darkness, which I suppose is something we can all strive to do.

  73. Wow, your video brought a tear to my eye , you have conveyed the beauty of the forest so wonderfully. All to often we forget to slow right down and be amazed at the wonder of nature, thank you so much ☺️

    1. Thank you Karin. Yes, there is much to be said about allowing us to be awestruck by the nature around us, wherever that may be.

  74. Thank you so much- this is beautiful. This awful year has given many of us, myself included, an opportunity to slow down and connect with the beauty of the changing seasons and the nature that surrounds us. Thank you for sharing and inspiring and wishing you both a peaceful and healthy 2021

    1. Thank you Sheila, I'm so glad you enjoyed it. I agree that a slowing down has long been needed and many of us have heeded that call this year. Best wishes for 2021

  75. Dearest Jason and Nicola,

    Thank you so much for the work you do, for delighting my inner fire. I am moving swiftly towards another birthday and at this late stage in my life, I am so very grateful to have found you both, your school, your tribe.

    I have just read what you have written and watched the immensely beautiful video, there are almost no words to express how deeply moving and blissful these past moments have been.

    There are tears in my eyes but not of sadness, the tears that flow when my heart and soul are touched by some almost Indefinable richness within my soul that when it hits that spot, I feel the essence of my true being.

    Thank you. Your art, your skills are remarkable and so needed at thistime upon this age, our earth.

    Gratitude and praise for sharing.

    A blessed New Year to you both.

    1. Dear Marion thank you so much for sharing your thoughts with us here. It's so encouraging to hear that, in some small way, our work and words help connections with the beauty of life. We wish you a blessed new year too.

  76. That was beautiful Jason & Nicola.
    We just returned from a 3 hour walk in epping Forest London to be gifted with this email. The stillness & peace that filled our hearts watching this Spirit inspired film was felt in deep gratitude.

    Many blessings to you both for 2021 May it bring joy and happiness to your soul paths.

    Tara ( Billericay Essex)

  77. Exquisite. Your heart and soul truly sing the same song as the nature around you….
    thank you for showing us what we are missing in our busy lives, and bringing us to balance.

  78. Thank you so much for this simply beautiful film, Jason. I was deeply moved when I first watched it at the Winter Solstice Celebration.
    There is something about the mists at the beginning and the reflective pool – like the eye of the forest – that draw me into this magical world. I have also been searching for the deer and watched the film four times before finally seeing its fleeting form in the shadows …

    I discovered theWay of the Buzzard just before the Samhain Celebration and was immediately drawn to the work that you and Nicola are doing and your lovely community. Now I have joined the Mystery School, I am looking forward to exploring more.

    With appreciation and gratitude to you both,


    1. Thank you for sharing your thoughts here Alison. The film did indeed take on a life of its own and became something other than my plan, which is just as it should be. Welcome to the Mystery School too. It is great to have you onboard with us.

  79. Oh.. what a beautiful share… thank you!
    Love the camera moves, the stills, the editing. All beautifully choreograph with a unique sensitivity.
    a delight to the eyes and soul. Beautiful
    feed to an end of an interesting year. We will always have 2020 in our hearts, because it has given us, the gift of finding our Soul path.
    Thank you Jason

  80. Wonderful, just what I needed a trip into the forest I could feel myself on every step, bringing the light back and the earth slowly awakening . A meditation in itself Thank you

  81. Thank you for making this intriguing film. I particularly liked the movement from huge to small, from light to dark and back again. The details in some of the film were delicious – the light catching tiny branchlets on a tree trunk, the young ferns growing among a mossy fallen log. Such green. And the green tree among all the pines. Waiting. Exquisite.
    Thank you. Overall it was so relaxing and very much grounds you into realising your place in this beautiful world.
    Bright blessings to you both.

  82. Stunningly beautiful. Completely awe-inspiring!! The essence of the forest was captured. You took me to a place of observing the space between…………. The colour of the green moss felt comforting and full………… and the pool at the centre at the end felt timeless, limitless. It represented for me the ever turning circle of life. No beginning and no end. Thank you.

  83. Beautiful Jason, thank you….

    She speaks slowly
    with a voice like moss,
    soft, deep and damp.
    If you’re not listening careful
    you might just miss it,
    rising out from the earth
    like vapour,
    gently tugging at your ankles.
    “Rest” she says,
    “Deeper. Rest as deep as I am.
    You are moving too fast.
    Become soil,
    become the slow-growing tree.
    Send your roots deep
    into the rich darkness
    where they can truly be nourished.
    Winter is sanctuary
    and you are weary.
    Come drink of my stillness
    and dream in the dark earth”.

    Poem by Emily Pearce

  84. Magnificent. Like medicine for a weary heart Jason. There is such sacred magic in the works that you create. I can feel it from the other side of the planet and I’m so grateful for this green and welcoming hug, when my land here feels ever so parched, dry and crispy. Thankyou. I feel the cooling and the enlivening and the connection with you both. Just what I needed to see in this transition form one year to the next. Sending love and thanks. Happy new year all the way from Oz, my lovelies x

    1. Thank you for your comment Melissa, it's lovely to hear from you from down under. We are so fortunate to live close to beautifully wet, green places and I'm doing my best to catch their splendour and share. Happy New Year to you. x

    2. Thank you for your comment Melissa, it&#39;s lovely to hear from you from down under. We are so fortunate to live close to beautifully wet, green places and I&#39;m doing my best to catch their splendour and share. Happy New Year to you. x

  85. Enchanting, thoroughly enjoyable. The reflections were mesmerising. The blue tit foraging for food in amongst the ferns.
    This shows and depicts the never ending transformation of life.
    Thank you so much for sharing this.

  86. These images have been so beautifully cathartic for me to watch. My soul is aching at the moment and I'm not sure why but the film seemed to sooth and bring comfort.
    Seeing all the deep greens of the mosses and bracken, the reflections in the water, the stillness of the trees – it was all so magical. Thank you so much for sharing your work. Wishing you and Nicola huge blessings for 2021.

    1. Thank you Tracy. My hopes when I create and share these stories from nature is that you may feel held and comforted by nature in the same way I do when I’m out there filming and writing. Wishing you great blessings for 2021.

  87. Absolutely gorgeous film Jason, thank you and Nicola for all the wonderful things you do. Happy New Year to you both xx

    1. I’m glad you enjoyed it Sheila, it was a pleasure to share it with you. Happy new year, and thank you for your kind words. xx

  88. Fantastic skill Jason. A very calming video reminding me it's been a little while since I visited my forest, thank you so much for the inspiring video.

  89. I love this atmospheric film I watched it the first time on the Solstice evening – it reminds me of woods quite near where I live called Horner Woods near Porlock – I love the choice of music and the light and dark – I still haven’t spotted the deer. Thank you Jason and Nicola and have a very Happy New Year to you both x

    1. I’m glad you enjoyed it Jane, it was a pleasure to put it together after spending three days of quiet time in the wood seeing what the place would show me. A little clue about your hunt for the deer… watch to the left as the treecreeper meanders up the tree trunk. 🙂

  90. Beautiful,
    I much appreciated the slower speed of shots where the camera was zooming in or out.
    I feel nurtured, as though I have had a forest bathe.
    Thank you

    1. Thank you Rachael. Yes sometimes the rhythm needs to be slow doesn’t it. I tried to mirror the sense of the woodland in the flow of the film.

  91. Superb filming & photos really good watching this in hd version
    Throughly enjoyable.
    The photo of the green lichen tree is such a great photo.

    1. Thank you Mark. Yes, I’ve just begun to work in HD as my new camera permits this with more ease. It does make a difference doesn’t it, especially on a larger screen.

  92. Thank you Jason and Nicola, beautiful journey of filming, welcomed by lovely birdsong, stunning scenery, I love the green moss covered tree, she looked like a beautiful dancing forest goddess. So peaceful and calm. Much gratitude and thanks to you both.
    You certainly make a difference and share so generously your wisdom and kindness. The call of nature has never been so powerful as it is just now and you're helping us to listen, and we can help others to listen, and so it goes on.
    Listening, accepting and rejoicing in what gifts we have around us.
    Sending you great blessings in the new year.
    Lesley x

    1. Thank you for your kind thoughts Lesley. And for taking the time to comment here. As Nicola and I spend time with the nature close to where we live it feels good to share the essence of spirit of the land in this way. Great blessings for 2021 for you too. Jason x

  93. Absolutely stunning. Such a beautiful composition here of images and birdsong and strings. The beauty is there in the forest and the obviousness of the birds and nature, but the art and skill lays in the capturing of that untouched beauty and I have nothing but admiration for what you've put together here. Stunning, sir. Just so moving. I commend you and thank you sincerely. I wish you the happiest of new years!

    1. This is so kind of you to say Richie, and encouraging as I endeavour to make more short nature films as the year grows. I wish you a happy new year too my friend.

  94. A lovely Hogmany gift, and a beautiful reminder of the wonder of nature and how much we need it in our lives. Wishing you and Nicola a blessed and wonderful 2021. Thank You Jason.

  95. What a beautiful place. Loved the film. I spend as much time as i can out in my local woods here in Kent or in my garden watching the birds, they bring me joy, solace and calm. Nature is the greatest healer and to protect and absorb her is both a gift and an honour.

    1. It is a gorgeous, peaceful place Deborah. You are quite right, nature is the greatest healer and all we need do is spend time with her.

  96. Wow, I feel so moved watching this, it was beautiful. Do you know I actually felt the energy of the landscape, especially the moss covered tree at around the 5 minute point. I feel like he would probably like to thank you for making him look so glorious and majestic.

    As always, thank you Jason.

    Best wishes for the new year to you and Nicola.

    1. Thank you Donna, this is so good to hear. Yes, the tree is a rather special being and I’ve had a relationship with him for many years now. Best wishes, Jason

  97. marvellous as usual Jason. What skills you have as a wildlife cinematic photography. Captures the essence f the woodland and time of year..
    Enchanted woodland, glimpsing the life and soul of atmospheric winter time.

  98. Stunningly beautiful…love this so much…just what I needed this New Year's Eve…Many thanks again for sharing your truly soulful work. A Blessed & Bountiful New Year 2021 to you & Nicola xxx

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