A Samhain Story

November 5, 2020

Leaving home, I wished a quick 'good morning' to Lady Buzzard who was taking a rest from her day on the roof of Big Black Van. I knew this was a particularly telling sign as I left for Anglezarke.

A fine mist dwelled on the upland, silvering the moors with a damp, wintery sheen and stealing the near horizon from view. Emerald mosses sponged between peaty pools, liberty caps poked their pointy crowns through the sheep shorn pastures as a raven sirened from an unseeable sky.

The Spirit of Round Loaf had called and I ventured up to her land in answer. Fifty steps ahead was all I was allowed to see as I followed my memory lines out into the unforgiving void of the Moor.

Nothing familiar revealed itself as I strode my way through bog, tasting the peat on the fog wet air. Lost in the thickening gloom I strayed south of my intended route, guided by a big black dog shape that I occasionally glimpsed on the edge of sight.

This unknowable shadow led me to a place I knew from my youth, Devil's Ditch. 'Ah, so this is the way you want me to enter this sacred space' I mused. Staff in hand, I clambered across swallow bogs, spooking slumbering snipe as I traced my way wherever dog shadow led until, long before it was expected, Round Loaf loomed ghost like from the dying heather.

Offering words of gratitude I climbed to the zenith of the burial mound and, in answer to a cold moody wind, regaled the Spirit of the Place with a strange story that rose from a land far away many lifetimes ago.

Dog Shadow circled the mound, keeping to the edge of reality, kicking pinpricks of light from the dank air, stars from the other universe breaking through the Samhain veil. Silence followed the storytelling, a breeze of connection glancing over the wet lands in reply.

A harvestman spider climbed onto the foot of my wellington boot and then slowly made its way up my leg and along my arm to rest on the back of my hand. Here we sat together for an hour, held by a landscape to which our ancestors belonged.

Harvestman then wandered back down me and I took my cue and headed back. Ten minutes after walking away from Round Loaf I was unsettled to find the mound only a few steps behind me. Such is the nature of space and time in this special place at Samhain.

If you would like to enjoy a taste of Samhain in the valley that leads to the moors watch the video below.

About the Author


Jason has been a visual storyteller all of his life and follows an animistic, shamanic path from his ancestral lands of Anglezarke on the edge of the West Pennine Moors.
Formerly a professional photographer and film maker he now uses his art to help others fall in love with the land that little bit more.

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    1. Thankyou for sharing this short video . It made me appreciate the beautiful local scenery at this time of the year and all that telling a visual story can achieve.

  1. Hi Jason
    This is lovely .. would I be aloud to share this on my Well-being team at work we are all struggling in the lock down we continue to work through this time ..
    Thanks Jan

    1. Thank you Janis. Please do share this piece, and any others on The Way of the Buzzard or indeed our Earthlight site that you think may be inspirational. Best wishes, Jason

  2. This is great, it says 'wake up and follow the energy-you have a journey to make'
    I got a totally different feeling from watching it the other night.
    thank you for your magic touch.

  3. Wow that was amazing thank you! We are isolating at present and although we do have a garden and a lovely view of the valley I have really missed being out in the countryside so that really was medicine for the soul.

    1. Thank you Sue. Yes our land can be our balm can’t it and I will do my best to share the beauty through words, images and film as the winter holds us in its grasp.

  4. What a beautiful world we live in it’s amazing to be able to see the land from high
    I watched the replay from Samhain that you did and I throughly enjoyed every minute.
    Thank you for opening my eyes to our world of beauty.
    Many blessings ?

  5. Beautiful imagery. Such an artist eye and your language describing your walk to the burial mound is captivating and enchanting.
    Best wishes

    1. Thank you so much for your encouraging words Stef. As we fall in love with our local land it can become all we need can’t it.

  6. Beautiful reading Jason. I’m still riding high from Samhain. Saturday evening, outside, wrapped in a blanket watching the flames of a fire….listening to The Way of the Buzzard. How fortunate am I?
    The video here is spectacular. Close to tears, it’s certainly an emotional time for us all.
    I thank you and Nicola for helping me see the miracles of nature whilst learning the Celtic wheel of the year.
    Joined you at Lamas…..will be forever here….trying my best for the greater good.
    Many warm wishes to you both ??

    1. You paint a beautiful picture of your Samhain Gill. thank you. And for your kind words here too which help me double down on my hopes to create and share our land’s beauty whenever I can. Warm wishes to you.

  7. What wonderfully atmospheric blog…
    Thank you so much for sharing on this first day of lockdown mark2?
    Happens to be my 55th birthday today so doubly glad.
    Loved this video in your recent Samhain Blue Moon special circle?

  8. Absolutely gorgeous. There is magic in this time of year for sure. Whereabouts is there area that you wrote about? I was walking in the Northumbrian hills yesterday and theres an ancient energy about the place.

    1. Thank you Sarah. It’s on the West Pennine Moors in Lancashire and we are fortunate that our little home overlooks it. We both love Northumberland too, even more so since our weeklong camping and walking holiday recently.

  9. Thank you both for that wonderful film. I have been in a very dark place for some time now, losing my mother and having to sell the family home, which has been in our family for over a hundred years, and several other things which I won't go into. Firstly I read Jasons' account of his magical walk, with his wonderfully descriptive words, and it was as if I could feel exactly what he felt on that misty journey. Then watched the film which went straight to my soul, opened up the flood gates like the waterfall, and washed away that dark place.

    Thank you both with all my heart


    1. You are most welcome Allan, and thank you for sharing your words here. I’m so sorry to hear of the tough time you’ve had recently and really feel for you. I’m pleased the piece and the video connected with you in such a way. Reading of your experience sent a shiver up my spine.

  10. Atmospheric and engaging. Loved your words and watched the video for a second time- the musics so in synch with the images x?

  11. Thank you for your lovely description of your walk, I felt I was there in the beautiful landscape. Your film is also inspiring along with the music.

  12. Thst was beautiful, especially the sequence near the middle with the red bubbling water. It looks like a tide of lava the way the sun was shining through it enhancing the colour.
    This is a magical time of year.
    Thanks Jason & Nicola

  13. Lovely to watch the video again, it’s beautifully made and the music suits it perfectly. What a beautiful place to be able to visit near to your home.

  14. Haunting and very atmospheric. I swear that Round Loaf has legs…

    And beautiful video – you've made me want to come and visit although now isn't a great time. Thanks for sharing the beauty of Anglezarke at a time we're not allowed up there.

  15. I loved it the first time I saw it on samhain and it gets more powerful the more I watch it its divine photography with the best musical drumming track portraying natures heartbeat while your transported on a pure inspirational magicical journey beautiful and mystical

  16. A beautiful piece of filming. The waters are currently wild here in South Wales too. We have had our first taste of frosty mornings this week. Still encountering pairs of magpies almost every day on our dog walks. My dog is called Teifi after the river. Thank you for your work. You are both very special ?

  17. Lovely and very creative, also the film is great, I loved it. Jason you are a fantastic filmmaker, the slow motion and the the drone really adds a professional quality to this beautiful composition…

  18. A beautiful reminder of the magical and amazing world we are so incredibly lucky to live in. A very uplifting video, thank you so much for sharing. Many blessings to you and Nicola.

  19. Aaah! You brought me into the magical atmosphere of the wild…
    Made my heart leap…
    And stilled it again with skies at the close of the day…

  20. I struggle to get out and that for me was amazing. Stunningly beautiful. How wonderful to see the trees shedding its leaves like confetti and that water full,was amazing. Thank you so much. Wonderful,to be with nature so good for our well being.

    1. Time with nature is so healing and nurturing isn’t it Jill. I’m glad you enjoyed the video and yes, the tree shedding leaves was quite something. I stood there for ages spellbound.

  21. Wonderfully atmospheric. Really captures the season. Love the soundtrack compliments the piece beautifully. Please keep them coming. Being city bound and in lockdown I'm not seeing so much of the countryside.

  22. Food for the spirit of the wild twin indeed ! Evokes ancient, timeless memories of deep respect of nature. Thank you for sharing what better way to start the day.

    Thank you Nicola & Jason

    1. You are welcome Sue. It did indeed feel very wild out there and gave me so much solace. I’m glad I can share this through video.

  23. I was walking on the moor last week in the mist and missle. Your words and film took me straight back to the land of my soul. Thank you

  24. Love the video and drone work. Very atmospheric. Enjoy your writing too. Your detail gives a real sense of being there. Nature’s blessings ??

  25. Fuckin hell !!!!!! Sorry that has blown me away !!
    Not coping to well with Samhain I know what’s right for my path but my heart is drawing me … going through some relationship changes atm …. thank you for that amazing video great work ….
    Blessings Trigga

    1. It can be a tough time can’t it. Sorry it’s proving hard for you and hope that you find ways to cope. Let the powers of nature and our land give you some help Trigga. Thank you for your kind words, there’ll be more videos coming your way before long. Blessings, Jason

  26. A truly inspiring and evocative piece of work Jason which transports one into another realm of beauty and wonder. The music is In total harmony with the video completing the pictur. Fantastic. Thank you.

  27. Absolutely stunning, thank you Jason. Reached me as only the perfection of this kind of timing does. Be well dear soul's

  28. The beauty of nature, power of water, strength of the tree and spirit of the crow, mesmerising stuff..all new to me, not sure what it's all about but feeling it..

  29. Jason, your video is so beautiful, the visuals really represent this time of year & they work so well with the music. Congratulations, I loved it, I will keep playing it.
    Much love to You & Nicola xxx

  30. wow that was amazing! that touched my soul you captured the beauty of the land in its autumnal splendour capturing the essence of cerridwen influence at her time on the wheel of the year. Thank you.

  31. That was beautiful, and stirring too. Not sure I would be so ready to follow a shadowy Black Dog shape on our moor of Dartmoor though.

    The shots of the tumbling peaty river and the waterfall are stunning, and I love to hear the call of the Raven.

    Thank you so much for this Jason.

    1. Thank you Karen. Yes, there are lots of stories attached to the Black Dog on our moors too. There’s even a pub named the same just a few miles away.

  32. Phenomenal photography and insight in to beautiful places. Thank you for sharing Jason, medicine in potentially trying times.


  33. The depth of your connection to nature is evident Jason, thank you, truly blessed to receive this stunning glimpse of the beauty that surrounds us, much love Linda xxx

  34. So beautiful. The music goes so well with the imagery. It took me on a wonderful journey to a magical place. Thanks to the both of you x

  35. Enjoyed that video very much Jason, thank you.
    It has shown me what I have been missing stuck in a dead end job over the years.
    I am looking forward to expanding my horizons once lockdown is lifted

    1. Thank you for your comment Jo. I must admit I’ve watched the video quite a number of times too! Can’t quite believe I made it! 🙂

  36. I am almost speechless not only from the story telling, but imagery and the jaw dropping colours of the mesmerising environment you presented. I actually have a lump in my throat and I could weep tears because of the beauty I have just witnessed.

  37. Coming up to Samhain thought this would be appropriate to watch, as still making my way through all of these. What a gem to find at the end. Beautifully shot as always, I found it really stirring. Can always rely on Jason's films to lift my spirits x

    1. Thank you for your kind comment Gaynor. I really enjoyed creating the Samhain film and it led me down an interesting and fulfilling path for the year ahead. I find your words very encouraging, thank you. x

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