As we come to the end of a decade we are feeling nostalgic and so are pausing for a moment to reflect on the past year. Here is a short video we have created capturing a few of the highlights.

We have enjoyed a scrumptious year roaming the wild places of both nature and our inner psyches.

From creativity outbursts around the campfire at Space to Emerge to shapeshifting into the ancient beasts of the Yorkshire Dales. From dropping into tree time with the birch and the rowan to flowing through the seasons from the new shoots of Imbolc to the stillness of the Winter Solstice. We have seen the world through the eyes of the wolf and we have run bear jaws through our fingers. We have touched into what it truly means to be human in these emerging times.

Thank you for sharing these adventures with us and we hold much excitement for all that 2020 and beyond will bring.

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  1. Utterly gorgeous video…so creative. Thank you for sharing your time with us….Happy New Now to you both…on repeat ?????

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