Working with the Ancestors at The Monastery Manchester

As we move once again into the dark nights at this transformational time of year, we paused for a moment to remember the ones which stand behind us, our ancestors.

Each of us has a long family lineage of heroes and heroines, all with a story to share. So, over the ancient Celtic festival of Samhain we gathered with like-minded folk in the beautiful Monastery in Manchester to call in the old ones.

Together we welcomed them into our space to acknowledge their strength and resilience in times gone by, then we expressed our thanks for all the positive qualities they have passed down to us.

Here is a short video which captures our time together. Thank you to everyone who came along and to the Monastery team for welcoming us into their incredible space. 

We are planning our 2020 programme of free events which we will announce soon. To keep in touch and hear about the dates as soon as we release them follow this link.

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  1. Hi thanks for sharing what looked like a very moving experience. You both have really inspired me to become a more mindful and better person, really glad I found you both thankyou.

  2. What a beautiful space. Looks like it was a wonderful experience for many seen and unseen. Thank you for sharing
    Much love
    Rhona ✨

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