Although the ground is still encased in the icy grip of winter there's a change in the air.

Deep in the woods the birds are perking up, raising their voices to the rising light.

The high pitched trill of Nuthatch resounds through the canopy, a Woodpecker drums his steady rhythm on the old oak as tits chase and twitter through the swelling buds of the coming spring. 

Crows and magpies are stitching twigs into their fortress nests. They know what is to come.

Imbolc is Upon us

Promises of life flow from every corner of Nature. Can you feel it too?

Winter is far from over but if we listen carefully to the messages from Nature we know brighter times are ahead.

Snowdrops peek through the frosty landscape of the woodland floor. Tiny diamonds of light sparkling from their bed of fresh green foliage.

Now's the time to plan.

Now's the time to dream.

The time to give voice to your passions and desires.

The Goddess Brigit, Britain's Fire Goddess, may well hear you.

What's the one thing you'd like of the coming year?

What one thing would help you be true to your soul's calling?

Maybe it's the opportunity to grow more fully into your spiritual path. Maybe your dream is to move to your ideal home.

Perhaps you want to find a heart-centred relationship, fulfilling work or more time to be creative.

Working with Sigil Manifesting

This is a good time to craft a sigil, write it on paper and then spend the next few weeks energising it before a celebratory planting in the coming spring equinox.

Follow these simple steps to create your manifesting sigil:

  • Write down your 'one thing', using just a single word if possible.
  • Now cross out all duplicated letters. For instance if your desire is for ABUNDANCE you would use the letters. A B U N D C E.
  • Craft these letters into a pattern and if the pattern doesn't really fit with you try again, and again.
  • When you have finally created a symbol that you like, write it onto a piece of paper that's special to you, perhaps some parchment or handmade paper.
  • Gaze into this sigil until it's burned into your mind's eye. Do this until you can visualise every detail.
  • Meditate on this sigil daily, let it's curves and corners take over your thoughts. Forget what it symbolised, focus on the pattern.
  • At Ostara, spring equinox, bury your sigil with seeds, either in a pot or out in nature. If Brighid thinks it fitting, your request will be granted.

The Way of The buzzard mystery school

Also, take time out to deepen your connection with nature by paying attention to the changes that are taking place around Imbolc.

Listen to nature's voice, feel her with your bare feet and heed her messages.

We have created over ninety minutes of video and audio lessons over in our Mystery School to help with exploring the subtleties of Imbolc.

Would you like to join us?

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  1. I love the Sigil idea, I am embarking on mine, thank you so much for that, I have never done that before, it holds powerful energy and magic

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