The Egg of Your Potential

April 16, 2017


What is our potential? What did we come here to do in this life time? What is holding us back?

At this challenging and yet transformational time in the world, these are great questions to be asking ourselves. It’s an important step in reclaiming our power, feeling empowered, and taking action to create what Echart Tolle calls the New Earth.

So to help in answering these important questions, this month we journeyed seventy people in our shamanic drumming circles to go and meet ‘The Egg of their Potential’.


Egg symbology 

The egg is an ingrained symbol of our culture. Each year, we start to see symbolic ones on the supermarket shelves normally just after Christmas. We all know instinctively that in a few months time we will be working with the egg in our own small way.

With most people, it will be buying chocolate eggs as gifts, or munching away through ones people have bought us, or maybe even ones we have bought ourselves!

But the symbology of the egg runs much deeper through us. It’s not something we have been willing to let go of for hundreds, if not thousands of years.

I know when I was a child growing up in an Evangelical Christian family, Easter was all about the death and resurrection of Christ. Alongside this, and far more exciting was the frenzy about eggs. I remember being confused as to the link between Jesus, eggs and Easter bunnies, and although I expect my mum, or the vicar tried to explain it, I remained confused.

This recent You Tube video of a three-year-old asking questions sums up the complexities and seeming randomness of it all rather well. As we grow older many people stop questioning. I didn’t. Perhaps it was the seed of me going off on my own path to find out what this other, non-christian symbolism was all about.

Photo credit: Wisconsin Kaaskop


Journeying with Egg

So, this month we decided to run an egg theme through our Shamanic Journey Drum Circles. Although what each person shares is confidential in our circles, I am able to share with you the themes which ran consistently through each of the five groups of people who gathered with us to reflect on the meaning of egg, and journey for insights into their own egg.

As we each held an egg in our hands, we felt the cool hard shell through our fingertips and felt the weight of the magic inside. We noticed the contrast of both strength and fragility within the shell. The completeness of the egg, containing everything needed for life within. A beautiful metaphor for us.

We thought of all the millions of birds that are sitting on their own eggs right now, hiding in hedgerows and tree-tops, marshes and sheer rock faces. Birds waiting patiently, holding what was beneath them in the most perfect conditions despite the weather and threat of predators. In just a few weeks time brand new baby birds would pierce through that steel and venture into the world. A new life. Rebirth. Transformation.

It is pure alchemy, when you really take time to think about it, and it gets me really excited!

Photo credit: Grendel Khan


Lowerworld Insights

When people returned from their shamanic journeys, we had time for a few people to share what they had gleaned from the Lowerworld.

Many people were given messages of their greatness. Thinking of ourselves as magnificent can for many, be really hard to digest, me included. It seems that somehow in our growing up into adults, we forget how great we are, and lose the vision that we can become anything we want to become.

But when you think about it, why not. Why can’t we be great? Why in this lifetime can we not achieve our purpose in life, and be incredible. We already are, having made it this far, and wanting to push through adversities and get the most from the years we have left on our beautiful planet Earth. We hope to have many years left stretching out before us, so what is stopping us stepping into our greatness? Fortunately, on the spiritual path, there are many ways to find this out, heal, and become our full potential.

People also got messages of leadership, and were told to consider themselves as leaders. How many of us can accept those words, and even begin to believe we have qualities of leadership within? In these changing and troubled times, this is precisely what is needed, and we can step into our power and leadership roles if only we gave ourselves permission.

The message of rebirth was really consistent amongst people. This is our chance, right now, to have another try. To draw a line and cross over, using the lessons from the past but not letting them hold us back. Only letting them help us grow into something new, an empowered person stepping out to reach their full potential.

The word stillness came through. How important is it as we go through our transformation to find that stillness. To simply stop. To rest. To listen. This is good medicine for us, and we have to work hard to find it in the noise of our modern Western culture and the busyness of our lives.

The word humility also came to us. To be humble in our work. Not to detract from our greatness, but to recognise that we are part of a much bigger picture. A 13 billion year Universe story which is still unfolding. We have an essential place in this, but we have a lot to learn and a lot to work through. So to walk our path with a dose of humility is no bad thing; to wear our shadow as our cloak, and remember that there is much work to do.

Finally, a huge passion for Jason and me: creativity. In many ways our culture tells us not to embrace our creativity. It is made difficult to do with the long working week, and everyday stresses to make ends meet. But we are here to create, and we will do well not to forget that. It reminds me of the Rumi poem “grapes want to be turned into wine”. It is through our creativity that we can hear our souls voice and find our true meaning in the world.


Photo credit: Karissa Burnett 


The Power of the Journey

Quite a round of journeys don’t you think? It always amazes Jason and I when we do group work like this how insightful the collective sharing is. A different group of people on a different night can receive the same diverse collection of insights. It goes way beyond what our conscious minds would come up with. That is the power of journeying to the other realms, where we can bring back precisely the messages we need at this time.

So, through the noise of our cultural celebrations at this time of year – the easter egg hunts, the bank holiday partying, and whatever special TV shows are brought to us in our living rooms, take a little time to reflect on the symbology of egg for you, as you chomp your way through delicious chocolate.

Think about the concept of the egg of your potential. What, with the right conditions, could you flourish into? What steps might you need to take to start inching your way towards this? What can you focus on between now and the summer solstice, when pure alchemy is happening right outside your window, in the woodlands, hedgerows and meadows as spring gets fully under way. What magic would you like to create in your  life?

Journey to the Egg of your Potential. I think you may well be surprised.



Photo credit: Jason Smalley



About the Author


Nicola Smalley is an edge-dweller, shamanic practitioner and writer living in the Arnside and Silverdale Area of Natural Beauty in north Lancashire, England.

Following a career in corporate sustainability, she now runs The Way of the Buzzard with her husband Jason. Her passion is anything connected to nature and the mysteries of the Earth.

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  1. Love synchronicities too Olwen ,and even more love the anticipation of finding the right meaning after recognising and trusting that there s a right time emerging… how weird that there s a comments on this thread after a while and after my last night s dream on going to the toilet (sorry too much detail)and dropping out of my system eggs in the water..different size eggs
    …with blood cells in them..clearly with life full inside…any shamanic symbolisms offered here will be much appreciated..i hope it doesn’t mean am throwing my potential down the toilet although oh my godness that may be it given where I am at thetheoment!!haha.thought I d share and that d definitely sth t reflect on…

  2. Massive synchronicity is at work here, I was invited to join this group after ‘liking’ a photo on fb, on clicking the link I scrolled down and began to read this article, two nights ago I had a dream I was flying through space inside an egg, didn’t know where I was going and started pushing with my arms and legs to get out, the top opened and I found myself looking down on a city in the mountains far below, the sky was bright blue and everything was bright and colourful, it had a really good feeling. Was this a journey? Also.. reading down the comments someone has mentioned holotropic breathing,I hadn’t heard of this until my massage therapist mentioned it on Wednesday when I told her about my dream, hmm, interesting times x

    1. I am loving the syncronicities here Olwen 🙂 and that was quite a dream. I see dreams and journeys both as ways to bring the unconscious through, and are equally useful at giving us insights and messages. you could say that dreams are like journeys and vice versa yes. I find dreams often harder to interpret – depending on the dream!
      Thank you for sharing. Interesting times indeed 🙂 x

  3. Thank you Nicola loved this article and I really focussed on your questions. I found my first time at your shamanic drum circle amazing and felt I had a rebirth on my journey. Since then I have felt a wonderful energy flowing through my body and out of my hands. Many thanks x

  4. Thank you Nicola.
    How wonderful timely to be reading this as I have been carrying inside me the qs of what a cracked egg meant when I saw it in one of my holotropic breathwork trips couple of months ago..I have had people recently “attributing” benign leadership qualities to me…I never thought of myself that way.. if only we allow our own light to show …with the knowledge that we ‘re a small part of sth bigger. (This s SO vital..)as i personally fear the danger of entering the ego mind ..via different routes .. (’s so easy to feel “special” or that we are in this “super special”era today and we re in this “unique”position t bring powerful changes.. so humility and openness are my jewels..
    Having said that,any forum/groups Im in …talk about SAME’s fascinating universe s making the conditions for all that is to be unfold,if we look clpsely.. creativity is one running one in my life at the mo..sprouting out as a reminder from everywhere…!!
    Enjoy the journeys and I hope to join you soon..i too..will take the qs “what creativity can I bring where that s needed…beginning with myself?

    1. Hi Maria, thank you for what you have shared here. It is really interesting isn’t it that the same themes are coming through, and Creativity is such a significant one! We shall look forward to seeing you ar a Circle soon when the time right 🙂

  5. Great article Jason & Nicola. I love what you are shining a light on here and the idea of bringing together the themes of different journeying groups is inspired and at the same obvious. The collective unconscious has much to shape and show us and this is a great way to tap into all that creativity and potential!

  6. Thank you Nicola. I enjoyed the Shamanic Journeying within the group to the Egg of Our Potential…and I have loved reading your article just now.
    I will take the question, ” What magic would I like to create in my life?” as my thought for today.
    Enjoy Sprintime and all it’s unfolding glory.
    Looking forward to the next meet up.
    Love and peace xxxx

  7. This is a really good ARTicle, especially as right now we are all going through a change and it is further highlighted with spring. I had not done journeying effectively until last sumer with you two at Silver dale, the metaphor, symbolism and knowing through such a practice is inspiring. I have a welling up of creativity within my consciousness to set free, well have started. love these transitional time, darkness is not yet overcome but the light has dawned and to a degree the battle is won already. Tis time to create…

  8. How inspiring Thank you I also feel that for us to “hatch” into our next potential then there often is a hard shell to crack open. A need to destroy the safe cocoon of the eggshell surrounding us, safe in the knowledge that Spirit/the Universe has wonderous things awaiting us as we emerge …. xx

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