A high sun swept over the freshly mowed wild flower meadow as we methodically erected our bell tent on a flat patch just above a small rabbit warren. Beth the farm dog had joined us and was sniffing around for treats under the pretence of welcoming us.

This was to be our time, a few solitary days in the heart of the Yorkshire Dales. Time to deepen our journeys, refresh our reading list and begin to nurture the seeds that we wish to carry into the winter. As ever thoughts of The Way of The Buzzard weren’t ever far from the surface of our minds and we honoured this by crafting our intent for the coming months.


Sacred Spires

In between visiting the sacred spires of Attermire, wandering into the opening depths of Victoria Cave and wild swimming in the icy waters of Catrigg Foss we tentatively took a look at what our future might hold. This was to be a holiday of renewal and as thunder storms lashed our shelter for two nights we too felt the cleansing powers of the place and made space for new beginnings, exciting projects and as yet delicate possibilities.

As if to underline our deepening relationship with the land, our community and ourselves a wild wedding was to happen at the farm during our stay. Rob and Priya were to celebrate their stepping into life together on the Saturday night. The farm was decked out with bunting, outdoor lights, a posh marquee and the beautiful energy of a gathering for love and the landscape.


Renewed and refreshed

Refreshed, revitalised and renewed we are back. Back home to conjure and magic the future seeds of The Way of The Buzzard. We are so very excited with what our guides shared with us and with the threads we wove together. It’s going to be a wonderful year ahead and we are heartened to have you on the journey with us.

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  1. Looks and sounds like you both had a brilliant time away and I’m excited to see wonderful sparkling magic will be happening with you guys in the future months ahead. So love reading your blog. Love and light Shirley-Ann xxx

  2. I love reading your blogs hope to see and meet you at Nlights evening with Alistair Mcintosh on the 12th
    Bright blessings Jacque Garside an Nlights Trustee

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