Manchester Calling

It’s not often we take a trip to the big city purely for pleasure, so this was quite a day for us.

Manchester beckoned through the late summer sunshine and we stepped from the multistory carpark into the glare and gleam of Deansgate, looking for sanctuary in a particularly gothic hideaway where our search would begin.

Sustenance provided by a well placed Sainsbury’s we gathered ourselves and went on the hunt for fairies. Well, to be precise we were looking for old books on Lancashire folklore after spending time in the witchcraft exhibition. As Nicola found her place in the fabulous reading room and hunkered down to serious research I must admit to being somewhat distracted by the beings that crawled over the walls and ceilings.

Here be Dragons!

I took myself off into the grottos and imaginary caves of John Rylands Library and hunted out the dragons! Creeping through the columns and shadowy corridors I stalked the beasts, camera in hand. Fantastical creatures, green men and other otherworldly effigies accompanied the dragon folk through the deeply gothic architecture of the place.

Pleased with my catch I was heartened to see that Nicola’s research paid off too. She found the fairy folklore and a return visit is very firmly on the cards!


If you’d like to see more architectural shots of the building here’s the link…

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  1. John Rylands Library is fantastic. Have you been to Chethams Library, which is also brilliant? Two hidden gems on full view in the centre of Manchester.

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