The World in a Bubble underneath a Coot’s Bottom

April 14, 2016

by Jason


For this short piece I want you to imagine the theme tune from ‘Tales of the Unexpected’, that weekly tv series that ran during the 60’s and 70’s and was very much about what it says in the name. For the full effect, click the link and let the music play as you read on!

So, back to this modern day and I’m wandering along a lake shore, well actually a lodge that used to serve an old factory on the western flank of Chorley. For those of you who are local it’s now called Yarrow Valley Country Park, presumably its old name of Birkacre wasn’t cool enough and needed some spinning.

1604d105Engaged in yet another fruitless attempt to photograph the mighty kingfisher I was distracted by a coot resting low down by the lodge wall, just beneath my feet. Coot are quite cool birds and according to a Native American tradition they rebuilt the earth from pond mud after the great floods had subsided. Kudos to Coot energy.

Despite not being kingfisher glamorous we have lots to thank them for. And they can be engaging as they war and fight like Ragnor the Viking, or his ex, defending their territory from all comers, large or small, real or imagined.

But this one had laid an egg. Or so it looked. Of course it wasn’t an egg that sat under its sooty rear, floating on the water all sparkly and transparent. Not unlike an escaped mirrorball from the said 70’s, the bubble reflected the world around it for the few moments that I was able to journey through its impermeable skin.

I thought there was something odd about that bubble! And then it popped, but I got my shot.


Pressing on I searched for the fisher king in vain, hoping to see the gaudy assault of colour tearing through the still air that accompanied the ducks to bed. Nothing doing. So I photographed wagtail, daffodil, wood anemone and of course duck.


Getting home I uploaded the shots to my Mac and immediately went to the Bubble underneath a Coot’s Bottom sequence. I have a real affinity for reflections in nature, they often hold secret tales, unseen worlds and can lead me down top quality rabbit holes of imagination. (Wait ’til you see what I see reflected in the microscopic dewdrops held by the sensual parts of mosses!)

I was not to be disappointed with The World in the Bubble underneath a Coot’s Bottom!


Firstly it’s the kind of selfie I like. Can you see me peering down?

Looking deeper though, where on earth did that little lemur guy bottom right come from! And what is that zig-zaggy white thing near the middle? Not to mention the tiny white water dragon!


Did I see a window into the other realms? Was I gifted a port key to another reality? Are the beings in there looking back at me through their ‘round window’ and saying much the same to their pals?

This all begs one question… where did they go when the bubble popped!


About the Author


Jason has been a visual storyteller all of his life and follows an animistic, shamanic path from his ancestral lands of Anglezarke on the edge of the West Pennine Moors.
Formerly a professional photographer and film maker he now uses his art to help others fall in love with the land that little bit more.

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  1. Love this, Jason….fabulous shots (I ESP like the duck!) and so wonderfully ‘visual’ in the telling. You may not have seen a kingfisher but Nature (and the coot) granted you a very special glimpse of Her magic!

    1. Thank you dear Annie! I’m very pleased you like the shots and the story. I’m getting more into my visual storytelling again so watch this space. By the way, if you liked that duck you may enjoy seeing this one, and reading his story… x

  2. I see a small figure in black looking back at us surrounded by galaxies and stars.. Maybe this is a new art form, it is MEGA! 😀

    1. I think that small figure in black may well be me reflected from the banking! Yes, I think there may be some mileage in exploring this as an form of art. Thank you for your comment. 🙂

  3. It’s like reading a crystal ball. I think the white bit in the centre is the coots white feathers, as for the rest there is so much to see and ponder. Where did they go after the bubble popped? They went to another universe ?

  4. Amazing what a small bubble can reveal, I shall look into them more often too! The journey to the kingfisher is full of surprises, maybe the kingfisher wants to show you something before you find it. Wow. Thank you for sharing Jason.

    1. Isn’t it amazing Enza. And you are quite right about the kingfisher too. I’m exploring more about our connection. Often I find that I only see the intimate details of nature when I review them in a photo, especially in the world of very tiny things. 🙂

  5. a universe created … and popped … are we in such a universe underneath a cosmic coot’s bottom … hoping it doesnt pop too soon!!!

    1. Ah yes Sue! If our universe doesn’t pop I think our Earth is under immense pressure! Thank you for your comment.

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