White Crow Medicine

February 29, 2016


This morning Nicola and I ventured out onto the moors to spend a little time talking through our plans for the coming months and enjoyed being surrounded by pairs of crows. We’re not quite sure what the animal spirit message of two crows is, maybe it’s similar to 2 magpies, ‘one for sorrow, two for joy…’. That certainly seems fitting as we are finding this spring to be quite a joyful time for many reasons.

The occasional raven regaled us with a flyby too, an auspicious moment up in our parts! Ravens are quite uncommon on the Anglezarke Moorlands although sightings have begun to increase over the past few years. A trend we’d like to see continue.

As we work with nature in the old ancestral way each of these animal visitations held meaning for us and informed our decision making as we slowly made our way across the frozen landscape.

1602j115Descending from the tops, we noticed a flock of crows dancing a few hundred yards ahead of us, feeding and calling in the rough grasses whilst keeping a keen eye on our approach. Used to being hunted as pests as plunderers of pheasant chicks they don’t miss a trick and rise into the sky at the slightest hint of danger.

The Magical White Crow.

This particular flock had a seagull in it’s midst. Or so we thought. As the snow white bird spread its pinions we soon realised that it was that rarest of rare sights – a pure white crow. Amazed, we watched as it soared skywards with it’s brethren, standing out like a jewel against the sultry February sky. Pure white! What are the chances of that!

Occasionally crows can have a few white feathers, a difference which marks them out from their clan and can lead to a solitary life of isolation and exclusion. But a pure white crow is something else. In my life of nature study I’ve only ever seen one before, a loner who lived his days out on a motorway roundabout, scavenging for scraps and keeping away from others of his species.


The message of white crow is not unlike white buffalo. It can be seen as a portent of great change if only we are brave enough to grasp the opportunities afforded to us. White crow energy speaks of the greatest healing and transformation and is the most magical of birds. We did indeed feel blessed to witness this aberration of nature and took great comfort in the words it spoke to us.

However there was an underlying message, one full of truth but not so bright. A message that brought the underside of deep work very much into sight. This beautiful crow was constantly attacked by it’s clan of black. Every time it rose into the air it was struck with claws and screamed at.

Whenever it alighted in a treetop a group of crows landed nearby and taunted it incessantly. Eventually the white crow headed off into the far distance, a motley crew of tormentors never far from its snowy tail feathers. Eventually it may come to terms with it’s destiny and realise that it will never be welcome amongst it’s own kind, would never find a mate to be with for life and will only find solace in its own company.

1602j162I love crows, and always will. It would be easy to humanise their actions, labelling them as intolerant bullies or worse. Watching the torment was difficult and there was most definitely lessons in the experience even though it took a while and a certain amount of detachment to find them.

Standing out from the Crowd.

The white crow is a real gift of magical beauty. Spotting a white crow will brighten anyone’s day I’m sure. The glow of light through white wings was breathtaking. Letting go of the play of events, our morning was transformed by the meeting and perhaps there is our message.

Standing out from the crowd brings along a catalog of challenges. If we don’t tow the party line we risk being ostracised, talked about and undermined by those whose buttons we push. Like the white crow, letting our light of authenticity shine can be seen as a threat to our old acquaintances. Suddenly we can feel alone, vulnerable and without a friend in the world.


Like the white crow we may not have a choice in the matter. The desire to stand in our growing truth may burn so hot that we absolutely must follow our intuition and carve our own path through life, not realising that our resolution and individuality help others find their own way too. Like the white crow we must find a way to shrug off the onslaught of criticism, to stand firm in our knowings and be unswayed by the nay-sayers who would at one time have had us burned for our differences!

But we will Not be alone!

Unlike the white crow we will not be alone though. Like-minded souls are not such a rare thing these days. As we reach out and embrace our truth, spreading our white feathers for all to see, we’ll notice other white feathered folk begin to emerge from the masses. Before long we will have a tribe, a clan of white feathered friends, a circle of folk whose very existence gives permission for yet others to question their own way and to find out what they are for.




About the Author


Jason has been a visual storyteller all of his life and follows an animistic, shamanic path from his ancestral lands of Anglezarke on the edge of the West Pennine Moors.
Formerly a professional photographer and film maker he now uses his art to help others fall in love with the land that little bit more.

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  1. One for death and two for birth,
    Three for wind and four for earth,
    Five for fire, six for rain,
    Seven’s joy and eight is pain,
    Nine to go, ten back again!

    1. A white crow brings great change and asks are you up to the challenge to take the first steps.
      It will be a great struggle till others join you to birth this change. You will suffer much humiliation from those who see no reason in what they believe to be your madness.
      White crow asks you to except the challenge and stand firm to bring about this change.
      Wisdom of chief Tat tamme East Pennsylvaina tribe.

    2. Few months before my fathers death there was 36 black crows out front of my dads house, on roof the grass n trees, I stood in amazement counting them, called my dad he was also amazed…

    1. I’ve only ever seen one other cindy, although I’ve seen plenty with a white feather or two. Thank you for your poem, very helpful.

  2. The white Crows vulnerability and ability to hold it’s own power opens my heart out to compassion. It’s as if vulnerability and power compliment one another.

  3. Thank you for this wonderful blog Nicola, I am pleased to report that there is also a white crow locally to me. He/she has been around for a year now and although does not have a mate it is not tormented by its kind and although not part of the flock seems to be tolerated and it is leading a solitary life sadly, just a pity this crow can’t meet up with the one you saw. Looking forward to the day of psychic protection where I will be lucky enough to enjoy the companionship of kindred spirits

    1. Glad to hear you have a white crow in your area Adrienne. They aren’t very common at all. Hopefully our one will find peace before too long.

  4. Thank you for sharing this beautiful insight. The message came at just the right time for me to make sense of the world around me as I emerge into another cycle of growth. Great Blessings, friends.

  5. That’s a beautifully told story Nicola. I am in awe of what you witnessed and photographed. This experience sounds amazing and very telling. You called, they came, you searched, you found. Marvellous!

    1. Hi Enza, I’m glad you enjoyed our tale. We watched the white crow together for a minute or two before it disappeared. Fortunately I managed to track it down when I returned with my camera.

  6. Thanks Jason. Beautifully written with real depth and grace. It brought tears to my eyes as I have been living White Crow for nearly ten years. As many of us have. Perhaps the time is nearing where many more connections are made between us all and we will all soar with the support:) Blessings, ilana

  7. Thank you so much for this. It may be an old story now, but not for us newbies to your work.. I’m unexpectedly in floods of tears, lots to think about

    1. Thank you Carole. Our white crow encounter stays with Nicola and I despite it now being a while ago. There’s something so deep in the magic of this bird isn’t there.

  8. Thanks for sharing this today Jason. It’s very relevant for me at this time of my life as I shed many layers and skins to get back to my True Self. It can be a lonely and difficult journey but one I’m absolutely certain is for my greater good. ?

  9. Few months before my fathers death there was 36 black crows out front of my dads house, on roof the grass n trees, I stood in amazement counting them, called my dad he was also amazed…

  10. It seems to be a year for white in the corvid family. I had a pure white jackdaw in my garden a few weeks ago, however the other jackdaws were actually looking after him/her, and appeared to be protecting it. It was a dark eyed white jackdaw so was a leucistic one rather than the red eyed which is albino. It was around for a few days, but I haven’t seen it since.
    I do have a photo of it, but I cannot attach it here.

    I also had a white starling which was on its own, and was only here for an hour or so before it disappeared and I haven’t seen it since.

    For me it feels like this is a time of change, hopefully for the better!

  11. Yesterday I was overcome by a tiredness I couldn't ignore (I don't generaly sleep in the day) and went to bed and slept deeply for an hour. I had the most amazing and real dream of Crow beside me on the bed. Crow studied me, sometimes with his head on one side and I was a little worried about being pecked! But there was nothing to worry about. I studied Crow's feathers and the eye which seemed to look deep into my soul?! and then Crow started to caw, quite gently and not raucously, and I found myself cawing back, in the same way, and in the same time.It was very strong, precious and lovely. So later I journeyed to Crow and it was amazing- I was carried in strong talons to my Axis Mundi to begin my journey all the quicker. Of course I read the Animal section on Crow which made a lot of sense, but in reading this blog, this also spoke very deeply to me. Im over-awed at the strength of this, and how, if it weren't for The Way Of The Buzzard, I would be left wondering, and know none of this. Thank You and for this blog.

  12. I dreamt of a black crow last night, he was telling me to use my intuition. Then I read this! WOW!
    I feel like the white crow all alone but reading this has given me strength. Thank you 🙏

  13. Standing out from the crowd – what me? Yes you- now I get it – I am who i am – it's OK to be different, been the white crow a lifetime – hey ho – onward and upwards little bird – thanks Jason, great film, great words – strut your stuff big bird – you help us more than you know x

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