Our Ignite the Spark Imbolc Gathering.


Yesterday we enjoyed an amazing Imbolc gathering at The Tapestry in Manchester.

Thirteen of us worked with the energies of the emerging light and deepened into our work with willow by crafting wands and journeying.

IMG_3986v2Nicola brought the February woodland floor into the circle by creating an amazing central altar using spring bulbs, moss and bark to supplement our usual tools. Candles brought the woodland to life and encouraged the crocuses to open as the afternoon progressed.

Beginning with an exploration of Brighid and the origins of Imbolc we drummed together to create shamanic ceremonial space before journeying firstly to Brighid to find specific guidance relating to clearing space within ourselves as we emerge gently from the winter darkness.

We ritually cleared our inner selves in ceremony accompanied by drumming, candle lighting and whispered words and then, with green willow branches, copper wire, beads and more we each crafted a wand to embody and amplify the connection with willow, a sacred tool that was used in our second journey as we ignited the spark of our own intuition and creative energies.decor blue-bar

The afternoon came to a close with more trance drumming, releasing the gathered energy with our newly initiated wands.

As usual, no one wanted to leave the circle, the atmosphere was so nurturing and tribal.

We’ll be posting details of our next Sabbat celebration soon.




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