Could creating ceremony be the answer to our plight?

February 1, 2015

celebrationsFor many years I have been searching and searching to find a solution to the predicament we are in here on Earth. We do not need to look very hard to see that the society we have been born into doesn’t work… despite the materiality there is a real lack… and there doesn’t seem to be a major rush to try and find an alternative…

But you don’t have to look too hard now-a-days to see that there are plenty of people searching, searching just like me for that something which will create positive change to assure our survival as a species and survival of life on Earth.  There are many many alternative fields of dreams growing, emerging and merging into a delightful cooking pot of potential.

IMGP7739Over the last few months I have come to realise that ceremony is not only one of them, but the cornerstone, and this has been a real revelation to me. After all, what is ceremony? What meaningful experience of it do we have in our life which we can relate to?

Christenings, weddings, funerals… major junctures in our life which largely we have given over to someone else to create and lead as we go through the motions.  Of course I am generalizing, there are some beautiful ceremonies we have all attended, but there are also ones we have gone to which have left us feeling empty and confused as to ‘what was the point of that Christening’, or ‘goodness was that funeral the sum total of someone’s life?’ or ‘why didn’t that couple choose to speak someone else’s words to each other to publicly declare their love and commitment to one another?’.

Then there are the times for creating ceremonies which don’t even come into our consciousness.  Rites of passage as we become of age, leave a long-term partner, get divorced, become a mother, becoming a father, become a crone, start a new job, create a new home, leave an old home. I could go on, the list is eternal.

Marking these significant points in our journey here on Earth, reflecting on what has been and shedding what is no longer needed, and welcoming in the new inviting in the qualities which will serve us most.

Then we can turn to the natural cycles, honouring each beautiful time on the wheel of the year as we move from autumn to winter, to spring and then summer. Drawing in the energies at that time to bring about personal transformation just as we need it, and just as our ancestors would have done.

Then there is the cycle of the moon as she grows from new moon to full moon the peak of creativity, and then wanes back again to new moon, the clearing energies. These are all times for creating ceremony to bring about the change that we are seeking for our highest good, enabling us to walk out path more fully, and more in connection with the fullness of all life.ceremony

For many generations we lost this connection, this ability to create our own ceremonies.., and mores the pity. Could this be the reason for our ultimate detachment to life, and could it be as simple as reintroducing, no reclaiming this back into our lives, our communities, our world? Could it be that simple… could that mend the sacred hoop of life? Co-creating meaningful ceremony from the heart.

A huge huge thank you goes to Glennie Kindred and Annie Keeling for teaching us all you know about creating ceremony on this years Celebrant Course… what a gift you have bestowed upon us. Click here to find out more about their course.

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Nicola Smalley is an edge-dweller, shamanic practitioner and writer living in Anglezarke on the edge of the West Pennine Moors in Lancashire, England.
Following a career in corporate sustainability, she now runs The Way of the Buzzard with her husband Jason. Her passion is anything connected to nature and the mysteries of the Earth.

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  1. I love this post and agree wholeheartedly. It was when I was sitting in a circle of lovely women each of us allowing the sound of our own pain come forth during a healing traumatic birth ceremony – that it occurred to me that our ancestors had done this for generation – long before the birth of psychology/psychiatry – in ceremony with people who cared and shared our human life and experiences.
    I am going on the course with Glennie and Annie this year – I am so excited about it!

    1. Dear Carole, thank you so much for your comment – I got so so much from Glennie and Annies course, in so many ways. Its so simple now it has been pointed out to me, and in these challenging times simple is very very good! I am really excited for you 🙂

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