wsAmongst the excitement and busyness in the run up to Christmas, the Winter Solstice creeps up on us. As we are rushing around, making lists upon lists, writing, buying, wrapping, drinking, partying, cooking, tidying and preparing, nature and the natural cycles are doing the exact opposite.

The sun, rising on the exact same point on the horizon for three days, pauses before it begins its journey back to bring us light once more.

So what might happen when we pause with the sun? When we give ourselves permission to stop, to take time out for ourselves, emulating nature?

What happens when we retreat, find that stillness deep within and form a community with others unified by intention? When together we welcome in the elements of life, sing, chant, drum, craft and bathe in the healing sound of classical piano? When we immerse ourselves in celebrating life on earth with like-minded and beautiful souls?

starAt our Winter Solstice celebration yesterday at The Tapestry I experienced pure joy. One of my lasting memories of the afternoon, of which there are many more than the one I describe here, was when we were giving healing to each other.

The room was filled with the sound of beautiful live classical piano music. The light was soft with flickering candles, and smouldering sage cocooned us in a thin blanket of smoke.

Friends lay on soft pillows and wrapped in warm blankets, as healing hands were held over or rested gently on their shoulders, heads and feet. A gentle caress of the hair, a light touch to the tips of toes, the tender entwining of fingers.

Waves and waves of energy rippled up through my body, overcome by emotion as I watched and immersed myself in the incredible energy of that experience, watching, and holding, with Jason by my side.

What a true gift to experience that, to share it with such amazing souls, at the incredible Tapestry.

Thank you to Tanya for bringing us your beautiful music, Clive for giving us such an amazing space at St Agnes Church, and to everyone who helped create such a wonderful afternoon together.

Solstice blessings to you all.


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