Samhain Circles

November 3, 2014


1410jip1653It’s been a busy Samhain for us here at The Way of The Buzzard with our usual monthly drumming circles and two other large ceremonies to hold.

1410jip1650Towards the end of October we were honoured to run a shamanic journey session at the One Tree Gathering in Warrington.

Over 60 Hindus and Druids were gathered to share spiritualities and wisdom and we held the circle for the best part of an hour, journeying the group into a shape-shifting adventure through the other realms.

There are so many commonalities between us! Several folk remarked on our central altar and how reminiscent it is of the way that both cultures work with the elements of life. Our newly acquired buzzard wings went down particularly well, as did the huge ox horn!

It’s quite apparent that there’s a real weaving of threads going on in the world as people of many spiritual paths begin to recognise their similarities and begin to realise that yes, we can all work together. It’s very much as if we are simply looking through different windows into the same central space of connection.

1410jip1676This fact is borne out to us every month as we step into The Tapestry to hold our Stockport drumming circle. The Tapestry is the church hall of St Agnes, and Clive, the amazing vicar who knows the value of this weaving of spiritual cultures welcomes us with open arms into his church to host our events.

We chose this sacred space to hold our Samhain ceremony where we invited a group to journey through death and rebirth using the energy of the Yew tree to facilitate the process.

1410jip1674Despite the seemingly challenging process that a death and rebirth ritual conjures up our circle that gathered with us on that Saturday afternoon stepped fully into the space and worked with yew and birch to step over the threshold to a more connected future.

We will be holding regular Sabbat celebrations and ceremonies both at this venue and outdoors throughout the coming year and would invite any readers to join us. Simply enter your name and email address in the box above right so that we can keep you informed of future dates.

Why not come along to our Winter Solstice celebration on Sunday the 21st of December. We’ll be settling down for a beautifully immersive afternoon of winter treats and soulful retreat time from 1pm through to 5pm.


About the Author


Jason has been a visual storyteller all of his life and follows an animistic, shamanic path from his ancestral lands of Anglezarke on the edge of the West Pennine Moors.
Formerly a professional photographer and film maker he now uses his art to help others fall in love with the land that little bit more.

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  1. HI beautiful people.
    As my path opens before me, you keep being on it. I will ask for the confidence to join you all.

    Regarding the drumming circles, I have mentioned to you that I would like to actually drum, but when I joined you at the Monastery only you drummed. Is this the usual format?
    Other than that, all is well down here in Cuddington.
    With love and Blessing

    1. Hi Ruth,
      we are so glad to hear that your path is opening before you, it’s a wonderful place to be isn’t it. Please do join us all as we walk together.

      Our drumming circles are quite different to the events at the monastery. To begin with, not many who attend the monastery events have a drum so it’s always easier to not have group drumming. Also on occasion, the drums can offend some so we need to be relatively discreet! Not like at our regular circles…

      Our drumming circles always do have ample opportunity for group drumming and it is something we actively encourage. For instance, last night as usual we opened and closed our circle with group drumming and in addition we had a good ten minute session of tribal trance drumming along with a healing drum bath session which had us all drumming together for about 15 minutes.

      The journeys which make up the core part of our shamanic drumming circles are accompanied by just the one drum (or occasionally two if Nicola and I decide to drum together) as it can be really difficult for some to journey and drum at the same time. Also, the drummers need to be absolutely in sync to ensure the best chance of successful journeying.

      We do hope you decide to join us, we are a friendly bunch and will welcome you. Which of our three circles do you think you’ll be drawn to?

      Love and blessings
      Jason & Nicola

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