0911b248The blood of the earth. A vessel for our emotions. I am the tear in your eye when you are sad, the sweat on your palms when you are nervous, and the dryness in your throat when you can’t find words to express how you feel. Constantly moving, flowing, running, dripping, soaking, trickling, sprinkling, gushing, falling, cycling round and round, my journey shaping the world is never ending. My power is such that given time, I shape whole landscapes from the smallest of rivers, the tiniest of drips. I am the largest ocean, the morning dew, and the fine raindrops kissing your cheek. I am the snow blizzard keeping you hiding in your homes, and the gushing waterfall drawing you to me on a glorious sunny day.

Essential to life, but often far from your minds, I give life as I also have the power to take it away. I am forever giving. I ask only in return that you take care of me, and think of me as your life source.

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