Welcoming in the Elements

March 13, 2014

elements-photoTruly calling in the elements was something I was challenged by.

Increasingly as I deepen into my shamanic path I want to connect in more and more with the spirit of all things. Animals, rocks, trees, plants, deities, faeries, elves, angels, the spirit of a place, my spirit guides… I am able when I want to, well most of the time,  to connect with them all. As my connection deepened I begun to realise that I was really struggling to connect with the Elements… water, air, earth and fire. I could journey to them and receive guidance, but I couldn’t connect to them consciously when I called them in to create sacred space.

Each time I would try a little harder, try to visualise them as I spoke, or sense them over my skin. It always felt like I wasn’t quite connecting, and if I am not making that connection I started to ask the question, ‘are they joining me at all’?

As is so often the way, the universe gave me the exact teaching that I needed, just when I was looking for it. Last weekend I began a six-month long celebrant course run by Glennie Kindred and Annie Keeling, and together we welcomed in the element from each of the four directions. I have not seen it done this way, and it was so powerful. Rather than one person call them in, and everyone drum, we all welcomed them in together.

Allowing whatever needed to come come, we sang, chanted, moved, whispered, spoke, shouted and quietly thought with our minds and hearts, connecting in with each element in turn, and then for a fifth time with spirit. It was a deeply moving experience, meeting each of them fully for the first time, embodying them, their energy and all the qualities that they brought.

As I am remembering the old ways, I am constantly delighted and in awe of the depth of experience which is out there for all of us. It’s in every cell of our being, and with a little help from others, and listening to our intuition, we can rediscover it, and all the joys that it brings, enriching our lives.

Earth in the north, know that you are honoured here

Air in the east, know that you are honoured here

Fire in the south, know that you are honoured here

Water in the west, know that you are honoured her

Spirit above and below, know that you are honoured here

Shamanic Drumming circles of Lancashire, Cheshire and Manchester…   a new way of opening the quarters is coming….

Thank you Glennie and Annie for all that you shared last weekend

About the Author


Nicola Smalley is an edge-dweller, shamanic practitioner and writer living in the Arnside and Silverdale Area of Natural Beauty in north Lancashire, England.

Following a career in corporate sustainability, she now runs The Way of the Buzzard with her husband Jason. Her passion is anything connected to nature and the mysteries of the Earth.

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  1. Thank you Anne 🙂 I am so pleased this resonates with you too – I have done it this way five or six times now and its just as powerful each time. That’s wonderful that you are taking it to the desert x

  2. Nicola this makes perfect sense to me and did when we experienced it in the drumming circle. I think we may adopt it in the desert, it was very powerful. Thank you and bless you X

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