1402a272Always keen to celebrate the Earth festivals we’ve been blessed with 3 Imbolc celebrations over the past weekend!

Marsden Fire Festival was an epic night of fire and drum despite the rain and the winds that chased around the hardy spectators. It’s so good to see a festival being run with the old intent, the pagan deities will have been rocking it that night. We certainly were!

1402a187If you can make it over next year we heartily recommend it. Here’s a short compilation video of our night. Nothing fancy but perhaps it captures the feel of the event.

Hot on the heels of the Fire Festival came the atOne with the Emerging Light day over at The Monastery in Manchester.

Nicola and I ran part of the afternoon schedule and journeyed upwards of 50 people to the spirit of Brighid deep in the heart of the Lower World. Our new drum, Moorland Whisper, resounded loud and clear through the Great Nave right through to the sunset hour.

1402a375Here’s a shot of the green man altar we set up for the month of February.

Of course we still had our own Imbolc event to run at our Wilmslow drumming circle. A small group of us sat, journeyed and drummed around a gorgeous centre piece complete with Alder, Beech, Birch, Honeysuckle and Hazel.wilmslow

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