waterAfter completing our work of clearing the energies and freeing the dragon spirit of place, house martins spiralled upwards in the cove, mimicking the vortex of green emerald that we invoked on the waters. Green woodpecker laughed raucously at our mention of green dragon, confirming our intuited thoughts.

Stepping away from the riverside and out of the gloom of the overshadowing cliff our return walk was accompanied by the echoing alarm call of peregrine, warning us to find elsewhere to sleep for the night.

Eventually we chose our resting place amongst harebells, lady’s mantle and eyebright. Tawny owl welcomed us with a flyover of hoots and screeches. The night was clear. We watched the Milky Way awaken, and saw satellites scribe circles overhead. Arcturus burned bright in the western sky and eventually the third quarter moon rose, lightening the inky skies.

Visions of the previous evening occasionally fleeted by, the enormity of our work resting heavy as sleep wandered the dewy meadowlands.

riverThe dark meanderings of our riverine companion merged with rustles of night life and sighs of the silent ash trees who stood sentinel on her rocky boundaries. Through the black of landscape a pale smile of cove streaked our north, his gaze resting uneasily as imagination relived the happenings of times long past. Ancient energies now put to rest, old wrongs now righted. Spirit of Place now soaring with the spirits of crossed boy and dog-wolf.

Hawthorn punctured the horizon, mixing with the moonlit sky where the stars of the Way faded into nothingness as her half-face cast a veil of light over the misty sparkle of our nearby cosmos. Tomorrow life would reign once more, but tonight was for others to enjoy.

small skipperMid morning, she showed her face,
lit by the soft rays of Father Sun,
her scarlet wings glowing with life,
with the light of the Sidhe.
A butterfly pretender
She smiled her thanks and flit to her realm.

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