Your actions

Why take action?

We have been born into a western society, where modern day living is comfortable in a material sense and we often do not realise that we can do things differently.

We shape our future, and we can choose to shape it in any way we like. We are very fortunate, it was not always this way for the generations who have gone before us. All it takes is a little conscious thought, and a little effort to make the difference.

We operate in a non-judgemental way – everyone is on their own journey and needs to reach their own decisions as to what is acceptable and what isn’t, for them. Our work in The Way of the Buzzard is to show that there is another way should you choose to take it.


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What can we do?

There are viable alternatives for so many things and the more of us that move towards that direction, supporting the alternative structures, the more viable they will become for the mainstream, until eventually the balance is tipped and we become the ‘new normal’.

Through our blogs we share how we are progressing on our own journey to low impact living. Through the following links we direct you to some things you might already be thinking or doing, or might be interested in doing differently. They may seem really obvious, but it’s so easy to not do these things as often it appears that no-one else is doing them, or it takes too much effort or sacrifice.

It can appear daunting… there is so much we could do differently. Where do we start? Our advice is just start somewhere, with one or two things, talk about it and see how you feel. If it feels good, which we bet it will, do it some more. If more and more of us do things differently, eventually we will be living in a very different world.

Click on the bullets below to read ideas on different actions you can take:


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Explaining concepts

We have written about some concepts which you almost certainly will have heard of and included links to more resources to help you on your journey.