Sidhe realm

Who are the Sidhe?

The Sidhe realm is the name our Celtic ancestors gave to the lower world where the nature spirits, faeries, divas and elves, amongst other beings live. There are written accounts well into the 18th century which tell us that humans and the beings of this other world worked together, as a matter of course.

We are in no doubt that on a subconscious level this is why as a nation we are so gripped with films like Lord of the Rings and the whole array of Disney films portraying the fairy tales we grew up with. Although it might seem to many people as being too ‘far out’ and removed from reality there are many other countries across the world, including countries close to home such as Iceland, who work with the Sidhe realm at a government policy level, their existence believed in so much.

The celtic gods and goddesses also reside in this realm, also of immense power, as well as spirits and guardians of sacred spaces. We work with all of these beings to support our own healing and that of our earth.


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Why work with them?

This is simple. If we are to survive as a species here on Earth we need to re-engage with these almighty beings. The shamanic path allows us a way of remembering how to work with the Sidhe Realm so that we can work with them to help bring about the New Earth we are so desperately needing, and looking to create.