Winter Wander Series Programme 1: Shamanism Fundamentals – fully booked

A snowy path in winter with sunset light

This programme is now FULLY BOOKED. If you would like to come please get in touch and we will let you know if any spaces come available


This is a both a theory based and experiential six-week long programme designed to help participants gain an overview of shamanism including some core shamanic practices. It will give you a basic foundation in shamanism as a path to inner and outer transformation. Join us to experience ways of using ancient wisdom and healing practices in today’s world, and expand your relations with life within all of the Worlds.

In the programme we will cover the following topics:


Week 1: Then and Now
Wednesday 4th November 2015, 7.3opm

In the first of this series we will delve into the world of our distant ancestors and see how they used shamanic practices in becoming human and developing their consciousness, and in surviving life on Earth. We will explore how this has relevance for us in today’s modern world,  and what the price of civilisation has been to us and our Earth. We will describe the different worlds beyond our reality and finish the evening off with a guided Middle World journey to deepen our relationship with all Life on Earth.


Week 2: Exploring the Lower World
Wednesday 11th November 2015, 7.3opm

In this session we will start to explore another realm. We will talk about the concept of different worlds and how we can access them and then prepare to take a journey into the Lower World from our Axis Mundi. We will travel into the Lower World where our animal spirit guides, power animals, ancestors, the Earth gods and goddesses and the Sidhe reside. You will meet your Power Animal and begin to establish your relationship together and your work.


Week 3: Exploring the Upper World
Wednesday 18th November 2015, 7.3opm

We will build on our work in the previous two sessions and this time go up into the Upper World, the place of our spirit guides, spirit teachers, angels, archangels, deities and ascended masters. You will go on two journeys this evening to the Upper World, to meet your spirit guide and spirit teacher, who are waiting to work with you.


Week 4: Working with the Natural Cycles
Wednesday 25th November 2015

This session will be an introduction into how the solar and lunar cycles can help us on our path of transformation. We will look at the Wheel of the Year and how each of the energies can be applied to our own lives, as well as covering the cycle of the moon. Ceremony and ritual are really powerful ways of transforming ourselves and we will include within this evening a transformational ritual using the energies of both the sun and the moon.


Week 5: Working with the Elements
Wednesday 2nd December 2015, 7.3opm

This evening will be spent working with the four elements Earth, Air, Fire and Water which make up Life on Earth. We will cover the different ways in which we can work with these elements to bring about transformation, which include the technique of shape shifting through shamanic journeying. We will end the evening with a journey to shape shift into the element of Earth to seek guidance as we walk the Earth path.


Week 6: Shamanic Soul Healing Practices
Wednesday 9th December 2015, 7.3opm

In this final series in this Fundamentals programme we will look at the different core shamanic healing practices used by shamans and shamanic practitioners across the world, as well as sacred tools. These will include practices such as soul retrieval, soul exchange, power retrieval, psycho-pomping, extraction, deppossession, curse unraveling and ancestral healing, and sacred tools including the drum, rattle, talismans and sage. We will round the programme off with a guided journey into the Otherworlds to carry out your own power retrieval.



We will be running the programme from The Friends Meeting House, Cooper Street, Stockport SK1 3QL



The cost is £60 if you book all six sessions

If you would you would like to come to individual sessions then the cost is £15 per session.


How to book

You can book for the full programme online by clicking on the PayPal button below, or by sending an email to us at to arrange to pay by cheque.

Should you wish to book an individual session please email to check availability and arrange payment.