The Quest – Samhain retreat 30th October – 1st November 2015



**Two spaces remaining**


There’s something quite magical about a Quest isn’t there.

The Quest for our own self is the most magical quest of all. It’s wider than a search, deeper than an adventure and longer than a journey. The Quest has been one of humanity’s uniting factors for millenia and during this workshop we will be joining our ancestors to seek clarity of our path and purpose in life.

Clues lie in the hidden places. The very reason why we are here is woven intricately with the dna of ourselves and of the land on which we tread. The knowledge of who we are is held by our guides and spirit teachers.

The purpose of life appears to be an unfathomable mystery, yet we can gain insights into where we are headed if we know how to ask. This can lead to a life path the weaves its way through times of great adventure, reveals the less trodden ways and a deepening of our sacred wisdom. More of us are seeking out our own personal map of life, and more of us are slowly piecing together the tender shards of ancient callings.decor brown-bar1

Myth, magic and mystery could hold the keys and on this weekend Samhain retreat we’ll commune with the ancient sites of Derbyshire, breathe life into the old stories, consult with the Underworld oracles and journey on the drum to our guides and guardians of place.

This weekend is designed to help participants achieve the following objectives:

  • begin to determine the deeper purpose of your life
  • learn how to seek guidance from spirit guides and teachers
  • access the wisdom and knowledge of sacred sites and fairy temples
  • balance the masculine and feminine aspects of personal growth and wisdom seeking
  • step confidently onto the path to self awareness and spiritual confidence

This magical weekend workshop will help you know your reason for being and will guide you to the resources you need to become the best you can be as you explore your place in the universal grand plan.

Overview of the weekend:

This weekend retreat is running over Samhain, that time of year when one Celtic year ends and another begins, in a fantastic space where we can enjoy community shared living, with roaring fires and comfy sofas.

It’s a time of great connection with the Otherworlds and great inner and outer transformation as we explore the quest for deeper connection and inner knowledge of the magical Earth-path.

Location and venue:

Unstone Grange, Unstone, Derbyshire

This is a gorgeous communal centre towards the eastern side of the Peak District. It’s a large house, with shared sleeping accommodation in rooms of 2-3 people, two lounges with open fires and a kitchen and dinning room where we will cook and eat. Outside are large permaculture gardens and a space where we can have a campfire.

The address is Unstone Grange, Crow Lane, Unstone, Derbyshire S18 4AL and you can access directions by clicking here.decor brown-bar1


Start time: Arrivals from 5pm on Friday evening. We will be eating dinner at 6pm and starting the evening connections at 7.30pm. Please arrive for 7.30pm at the latest.

Finish time: We will finish by 5pm on Sunday.

What to bring:

  • A sheet for your bed
  • A sleeping bag
  • Your drum and/ or rattle (we have spares if you don’t have one)
  • Warm outdoor clothes, including wet weather gear
  • Your journal

What is provided

  • All meals – breakfast, lunch and tea. Please bring any luxuries you might like.
  • Shamanic teaching over the Friday, Saturday and Sunday

Price and how to book

The price of the weekend retreat is £190 and we are asking for a £50 non refundable deposit to secure your place on this very exciting workshop.

Please pay via the paypal button below or, if you’d prefer an alternative way to pay please contact us.

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