Soul healing through one-to-one sessions

Please note we are not taking Shamanic Healing one-to-one bookings during August, September & October 2017

What is shamanic healing?

Shamanic healing works at the soul level, a part which culturally so often seems to get forgotten. It reaches parts of us that conventional and other alternative healing methods can’t reach. We use the core shamanist healing methods which are used in indigenous cultures across the world, working in the other realms, and accessing the healing which you most need at this time.

People are drawn to us for 121 shamanic healing sessions for all kinds of reasons. For example:

  • It might be that they have a blockage in their life and can’t move on, or are consumed by grief for the loss of someone close to them and sense that there is something deeper going on inside them which needs healing.
  • Or someone might have advised them that they think they might need a soul retrieval, or they are struggling to get over the break up with a partner and move on. It might be that they are drawn to working on some past life issues holding them back from living life to the full, or unhelpful ancestral patterns which have come down the family line.
  • They might be feeling really sensitive in the world, and seem to absorb other peoples problems.
  • Or they might be holding a lot of anger and rage which needs to be released, or that they feel ungrounded in the world, and need support with feeling more whole, and well protected.

Usually our clients have an inclining of what the issue is, and together we take it from there.


How do I book an appointment?

You can book an appointment here from November 2017 onwards. The link leads to a calendar where you can see our availability and choose your session slot. You will receive an email confirmation. Due to the nature of our work, please allow us a few days to respond as we are not always close to a computer or our phone.

Appointments are available on Wednesday afternoons and Friday afternoons.

We operate a 24 cancellation policy. If you decide to cancel your appointment with less than 24 hours to go then you will be charged for the session.


What will happen in a 121 shamanic healing session?

We take a client centered approach, where we are guided by you and your needs, and what you are most present with.

We will begin by talking, where you share what has drawn you to the session. A number of possibilities for what we might do in the session are shared, and then you choose what you would like to do.

Often our clients don’t know what the problem is, but they have an inclining and have been drawn to have a session to work things through.

Sometimes it may be that we need to journey ourselves to speak with our guides and get insights into what healing should take place. If this is the case then we will explain this and relay the information we are given for you to make the decision yourself whether you choose to go ahead with the advice our guides have given us. Everything is entirely your choice, led by you.

There is no need to send us any information or context with us before hand, as we work in the moment. We work in a confidential space, although we have a cat called Blue who likes to sit in on the sessions on occasion!

Here is a list of the of the kinds of work which might take place in one or a few sessions. Please click on the heading to be taken to an overview of that particular healing practice. The list is designed to give you a flavour and some background information into the work that we do and what may happen in the session. However, each session is different, and we will not know how exactly we will be working with together and what healing method will take place until we meet, so please just treat the list as a guide.



Who will I see?

We (Jason and Nicola) work together or separately, depending on what our clients are drawn to. Typically the sessions are run by Nicola, with Jason joining the sessions for depossession work and curse unraveling work.

*** At present Jason is not available for carrying our Curse Unravelling, Depossession or Extraction work until further notice***


How long will a session last and how much does it cost?

Orr prices are:

Curse Unraveling, Depossession, Extraction


£120 for a 2 hour session With Jason and Nicola
All other shamanic healing, including Soul Retrieval, Soul Exchange, Journey work, Ancestral work and Past Life £60 for 1.5 hour session With Nicola


Our prices are calculated based on whether one or both of us will need to be present for the work, as some healing modalities require two of us, and a little extra time.


How many sessions will I need?

This all depends on you and what you are working with.

Typically our clients will come for one or two sessions to work through something, sometimes more like four or five, spread over a month or two. Some clients we see just the once and the work they needed is completed, and others want to come back to do more work on it, or work through something else.

As with the session itself, the number of sessions you have is entirely led by you and your wishes and needs.


Where will the session be held?

We work from our home which is around 4 miles outside of Chorley in Lancashire. Its around 10 minutes off the M61, or a 7 minute taxi journey from the train station if you are coming by public transport as we are not on a bus route. Chorley train station is on the Manchester to Preston line and there are trains every half hour or so.

If you are coming by car we will send you detailed instructions on how to find us as sat nav can be unreliable with our address. There is car parking on our street outside of our house.