Soul Exchange

What is a soul exchange?
Your soul is your pure essence. It is common between people to exchange parts of their soul unconsciously, when they are really attached to each other. As your lives are entwined together this may be fine, but when you part company, either through a relationship breakdown or death, then it becomes problematic when you hold parts of each others soul.

As a shamanic healer our job is to help you give back what you are holding onto from the other person, and help them return to you what is yours. You can compare it to this reality, when you end a relationship then there is a process of returning each other’s belongings. We do this with the things that we can see but we don’t necessarily tend to the things that we can’t, deep inside us, either because we don’t know how to, or it doesn’t cross our mind to.


How might I know if I need one?
Here are some suggestions to help you decide if you might need a soul exchange:

  • No matter how you try you just can’t seem to get over a relationship. There is something happening which you can’t put your finger on – they have a hold on you and you can’t move on.
  • Someone you have had a relationship with can’t move on with their life. They are attached in some way but you can’t describe exactly why
  • You are dreaming a lot about an ex-partner who keeps on coming into your dreams regularly.


When should I come?

We recommend you arrange for your session on a day where you don’t have anything else planned afterwards. Everyone is different, and so it is not possible to predict how you will feel after your soul retrieval, but you may want quiet time; some time to reflect and be gentle with yourself. With this in mind its best to schedule a time to have your soul retrieval when you have the rest of the day free.


What will happen in the session?
Its really important to us that you feel safe and trust us, so we will spend some time at the start of the session talking and explaining the process, so that you feel comfortable. At that stage, if you feel that this is not something you want to do we can part company. We will also spend a little time exploring if its actually a soul exchange you need, or whether it might be something else. We cannot assume what the precise nature of the work is that we need to do until we have met. If we proceed then the process for you then the process is really structured, and we will guide you carefully through this.

Essentially we will take you through a guided meditation to a place where you will meet the person who you are going to do the soul exchange with. With the help of your guides you will do the work, led by us, to a regular drum beat to help. At each stage we will check that you are comfortable, and the work is complete before we move on. At the end of the process we will carry out a cord cutting exercise where you visualize any remaining binds being removed. After the guided journey we will then talk about the experience and how you are feeling.

Do I need to tell the other person this is happening?
The short answer is no. This is done on a spiritual level, for the highest good of everyone. We will leave it to your guide and their guide to do the work and trust that everything will be as it needs to be, as it always is when our spirit guides get involved.


How many sessions will I need?
The only answer to this is that we do not know. Sometimes one session is enough, and other times our clients feel that they would like to come back to do more work together. We can take each session as they come.


What other support might I need?
You should also consider what your support network will be after the session. Who in your friendship group could listen to you as you share your experience? You may even like to bring them along as added support, which is absolutely fine if you would like to do this.


Where can I have my soul exchange session?
We carry out the session from our home just outside Chorley in Lancashire. Its about 10 minutes from the M61 and a 4 mile taxi ride from Chorley train station.


Where can I find further information?
You can also give us a call and we will be really happy to talk over any questions you may have to help you decide if you would like a session.