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Individual healing

ivyhelpSometimes on our path we come to a point where we feel that we need some help or guidance. Often we can’t quite put our finger on what it is that is wrong, but we know that there is something we need to work on.

It’s at this point that talking it though with a neutral person can really help. Friends and family are fantastic, and our work doesn’t detract from any support that you might get from your usual allies. It just adds another level of depth to empower you to work on yourself.

We are trained in a range of healing techniques which we draw upon as needed in each healing session we undertake. We are experienced in the traditional shamanic practices of:

Often our one to one session involves our client journeying for themselves to seek guidance. We work together or separately, depending on what our clients are drawn to.

Please contact us for more information and prices.


The Buzzard Circles

drummingcircleIf you want to be part of a supportive community of like-minded souls who meet regularly, we run drumming circles every month around Greater Manchester.

We call them shamanic drumming circles, but drumming is only a small part of what we do during this time together. It is an opportunity for a few hours each month to come together and just be. Be exactly who we are, and bring whatever we want to bring to a sacred space.

We start by sharing where we are all at, and from there every evening is different, guided by spirit. We journey to our guides or power animals to seek guidance, sing, chant, drum, share food or just spend some time in silence. Always working with the cycles of the earth, the moon, and universal energies.

We have Circles in Greater Manchester, Lancashire and Cheshire. Click on this link to find out more.

Please email us for more information or if you’d like to join us.


Outdoor celebrations

celebrationsWe hold outdoor celebrations at sacred sites in the Northwest of England.

These are open to anybody, free of charge, and we often hold them at short notice, in line with the weather.

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Earth healing

spiritofplaceEach area of land we consciously call a place has a spirit guardian, the ‘spirit of place‘.

Working shamanically we have the cooperation of the Sidhe realm and are able to communicate with the spirit of the place.

In the new earth we are all watching unfold, the time of the realms working together in harmony is drawing ever closer. If you sense a place is unsettled, not at peace, it may be because the spirit of the place is struggling somehow, in some way.

By meeting them, and speaking with them, any issues can be unraveled, leading to a clearer energy, higher vibration and more balanced place where great work can be carried out.

We are experienced in working with the guardians of great sacred places, releasing old patterns and regaining the balance of energy. If this is something that resonates then please get in touch and we will be happy to discuss this in more depth and explore how we may be able to help.


We run day-long workshops throughout the year, often at ancient sacred sites.

Past workshops have included an introduction to shamanism, a summer solstice celebration at Luds Church in Gradbach Forest and Arbor Low stone circle, and a Lammas celebration at Robinhood Stryde and Nine Stone Close Circle in Derbyshire.

Check out our home page for up and coming workshops.

Our 2015 programme will be launched soon. If you want us to cover anything in particular in our workshops please do get in touch and we will bear this mind as we create them.workshops



Our approach to festivals is to use our skills to compliment what is already on offer, and to fit in with the essence of the festival.

We can run traditional shamanic workshops where we help people journey to meet their power animal or spirit guide, through to workshops that help them deepen their connection with nature through the use of imagery and sound.

Here is a list of possible workshops ideas:

•    Meet your power animal
•    Meet your spirit guide
•    Journey to your heartland
•    Journey to the spirit of the festival
•    Deepen into the spirit of nature
•    An introduction to shamanism
•    Connect with the Sidhe realm – the faeries, elves and sprites amongst others
•    Elementals explored