Wander the Wheel Seasonal Celebrations

Anglezarke Lake and Winter HIll on a wintery dawn
Anglezarke Lake and Winter Hill on a wintery dawn. This is the land that we go out into and work with during our Wander the Wheel seasonal celebrations.



About our Wander the Wheel gatherings

During 2016 we gathered every six weeks to celebrate the wheel of the year, in our new Wander the Wheel day-long workshops. We spent the day close to our home in Anglezarke, with time in an old converted stable block, and out on the moorlands and in the meadows and woodlands, and at local ancient sacred sites. Each workshop was focused on drawing on the powerful transformational energies at each stage in our solar year. It was a chance to connect in with other aligned souls to deep together in our shamanic practice of our land.


Future Wander the Wheel workshops

We have completed the wheel now, and are looking ahead to our plans for 2017. We have something exciting brewing, so keep an eye out for the announcement if you are drawn to working with us in this way.


Here are some photos capturing some of our adventures this year


The old converted stable barn where we started off our days



Our Imbolc mandala



The Maypole Dance


A Summer Solstice Mandala


Our Lammas celebration up in the hay meadow




The Autumn Equinox at Arbor Low





What will the days involved?

We gathered in the old stable block for a morning of connecting with each other and beginning working with the particular energies of that time. At Imbolc and the Spring Equinox we hatched our plans and started to bring our ideas into fruition. At Beltane we worked with our inner masculine and feminine to bring our creativity right to the forefront and this carries on through to the summer solstice when we called on strengthening our inner power. At Lammas in early August we started to harvest what we have achieved, following this through to the autumn, before embarking on our death and rebirth ritual at Samhain, clearing the old and welcoming in the new ready for the stillness of the winter solstice.

Each day was different. We might have been crafting a sacred tool out of natural materials, creating natural mandalas out on the land, connecting in with ancient sacred sites on the moorland, working with tree spirit medicine in the woodlands, or huddling around a campfire out in the meadows. We drew on information from our guides in the Other realms and together create a gorgeous aligned day designed to bring about the inner transformation that is most needed at this time.



One of our previous sabbat celebrations in Anglezark


What are the sabbats?

As we move through the year, there are points where the energies are strongest. We call these the sabbats, and our Celtic ancestors celebrated them through the ages. We still celebrate many of them today but in different guises through the Christian calendar such as Christmas and Easter,  and the energies aren’t necessarily understood or used to the best effect.

At these points during the year we as our ancestors did, gather and create ceremony, basking in the qualities that that time of year bring



Free Wheel of the Year guide

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