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This page is building into a portal of shamanic and earth spirituality guidance. We are planning to review more books and write more articles and welcome your suggestions if there’s anything specific you’d like us to cover.

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We have created a beautiful guide to the Celtic wheel of the year as a free gift to people who subscribe to our mailing list. It will give you insights into our land’s traditional calendar, the essence of each of the eight festivals and ideas on how you can align yourself with the energies. Click here to download.



Books have been invaluable in our journey to understand the ancient ways of our land. We are building up a library of book reviews which we think people might find useful which you can access by clicking here.



Here are some resources, events and services we have created to help you take care of YOU as you walk your path. Click here to access.



Here are our activities run by The Way of the Buzzard to build a community of like minded people. Click here to read.



Here is a wealth of information to support you in your journey to being Earth aware and taking action for the planet. Click here to access.