What is psycho-pomping?

We know our ancestors took great care to ensure the souls of the dead crossed over safely. It was of great importance then, but culturally this has been lost now. As a result when people die, their souls do not always make it across to ‘the other side’. They are essentially lost, caught between this reality and the after-life reality.

Psycho-pomping is a technique used to cross over souls who haven’t managed to cross themselves.


How is it done?

It is done through journeying to the drum, or through a guided journeying. It is something we can do, or we can do it with you journeying with us, so you have a role and are involved. Sometimes there is soul healing to be done before they depart, or final words to be spoken.


Why is it important?

Its important for many reasons.

On an individual level that soul can’t progress on its journey, as it is trapped between realities. It can’t evolve and reincarnate on Earth again until it has moved on.

On a community level we find its often a key part of the ancestral healing process. Often the soul has not moved on because it is hanging on or being held onto by someone or something. It could be a soul from someone who has lived recently, or it could go back down the family line for decades or hundreds of years. Scenarios could include that at the point of death there was great trauma, and the soul isn’t aware that it no longer has a human body. Or that there was a great sadness in their life, and they are not wanting to move on from its hold. Or there be an over attachment to a loved one who was still alive when they died. From our experience what we see is that this does impact on our current lives, even if the relative lived many years ago.

From an Earth care perspective, trapped souls between realities seems to lower the vibration of the Earth.


How might it come up as something which needs doing in our session?

Psycho-pomping can come up in a number of different ways. Some examples include:

  • As we work on current issues occurring in your life which are influenced by old family patterns. It may be that your ancestors are holding on to something in this reality preventing them from crossing over into the afterlife
  • If someone you love has recently died and you sense that all is not well and that they have not crossed, that perhaps either you or they are holding on to each other preventing their soul from taking the passage across
  • As we work on depossession work, where another soul has taken up residence in your body and needs to be compassionately moved on


What will happen in the session?

We will discuss together what has drawn you to the session and we will explain the psycho-pomping process. Usually, but not always, psycho-pomping is something which happens at the end of us working with something else. For example someone might come to us to work on ancestral healing, and then when we go into the process we find that the person we are working with to heal the family line hasn’t infact crossed over.

We work through journeying, and with this particular work its usually with guided journeying. This is where I (Nicola) talk to you and ask questions, and you go on a journey and tell me what is happening. I guide you through each step of the way. We prefer to work with you like this rather than go off and journey ourselves, as it keeps you most involved in the process and it facilitates the healing process.

Don’t worry if you have not journeyed before. Again, people pick this up really quickly and we will guide you every step of the way.