Psychic Safety and Spiritual Protection

Psychic Protection workshop

Date of Workshop: Sunday 13th March, 2016

Location: Heath Charnock, Chorley, Lancashire

As life swirls around us at breakneck speed we can easily forget to filter what we take on board and neglect the need to care for ourselves in ways other than the merely physical. We may be aware of the current of negativity that pervades the media, sweeping the vulnerable along its sticky path to a world of gloom, despondency and low level anxiety. How can we defy a descent into sadness?

Awakening to the beauty of the other realms can be life-changing, bringing along new and exciting revelations of ’spirit’ that begins to take its place in our life. A necessary element of this transformative process is our opening up. An opening of our hearts to the voice of Mother Earth, an opening of our own vulnerabilities and wounds ready for transmutation and an opening to those who inhabit the other realms.

Along with this opening can come a very real risk of intrusion and psychic attack that can at the very least take the edge off our life and slow our deep connection with ourself. How can we remain whole, safe and authentic during this process of personal evolution?

Tried and Tested Protection Techniques

On this one day workshop we will work with numerous tried and tested techniques, both magical and mundane that will help ensure we stay safe, protected and energetically clean as we open ourselves to spiritual growth and fulfillment.

We will explore the placing of filters in our life to reduce the impact of sensationalist news and media intrusions that keep many of our developed world in a constant state of fear and anxiety. We will then deepen into a concise and focused energetic cleansing practice that will help ensure we begin with a clean slate as we step out daily into an often messy world.

Would you like to tap into your inner Viking berserker when you need to stand tall and invulnerable? Together we’ll become bear and utilise her power to hold our ground when control seems to be about to be taken from our hands.

We’ll discuss ways to lessen the chances of picking up emotional wounds when helping others work through their issues, putting methods in place to help prevent us from merging with their pain and suffering. Circle casting, smudging, sacred space creation, all these protection techniques will be unpicked as will the alchemical process of fire and ice encircling.

Working with The Power Stack

We find the Power Stack protection routine to be amazingly powerful and will share this in great detail during the afternoon session, journeying three times to build our own tailor-made trio of guardians. This fundamental method helps us to continue working with difficult energies both during Earth healing and oft challenging 121 sessions.

As we become more tuned in to the spirit realms we necessarily become more visible to them and can sometimes attract spirit intrusions which can sap our energy and zest for life. There are simple ways to minimise this risk and we’ll be sharing our methods and rituals to help support you on your journey. Have you got a spirit waiting room set up yet?

Are you drawn to take on the darker reparatory work that is so necessary in this time of deep change? During the afternoon we’ll touch on specific extreme spiritual, psychic protection methods that we will not name here, ways that you can use to fortify yourself against whatever you may find as you work to right the wrongs of the shadow places.

If you are keen to continue along the path of enlightenment, soul growth and spirit connection we urge you to consider your own protection regime and join us on this engrossing, informative and very necessary workshop which will take place near Chorley in Lancashire.

Price and Booking Information

We have a limited number of places available which can be booked using the paypal button below. The cost of the workshop is £60 which includes a pub lunch at The Bay Horse.

You can book by either clicking on the ‘add to cart’ button below or if you would prefer, by bank transfer to Nicola & Jason Smalley. Please email for our bank details.