What do you mean by ‘protection’?

We find that clients are drawn to us for help with protecting themselves, and so we have created this page to explain how we might be able to work with you in this way.
When we are sensitive, or spiritually awakened, or both, we find that we are susceptible to picking up unwanted energies. We might feel like these are unintentional, such as psychic attacks, or purposely generated thought forms with ill intent. Or we might feel hey are unintentional, for example being with people who have their own challenges and problems and their energies wear off onto us.
There are a number of ways we can protect ourselves which we have found to be effective when used regularly, and we can work with you to help you develop your own to incorporate into your own daily practice.


How is it done?

We will start off by talking about your own personal experience and why you are drawn to learning how to protect yourself. We find your particular way or protecting yourself through journeying to the Otherworlds to meet with Guides who will help you in this way.


Why is it important?

Its a matter of boundaries. In order to be completely effective in the world we need to be able to choose what we let in and what we keep out. In the physical reality we protect ourselves in our home with a front door, and we only let through those people who we want to come in. We need a similar kind of protection with energetic and spiritual being. Drawing on Beings in the Otherworlds is a really effective way of keeping our energetic boundaries in tune with what we need.


How might it come up as something which needs doing in our session?

This is something which will ring true for you if its something that you need. You will be aware if you are in need of developing or enhancing your own protection practice.