What do we mean by ‘Personal care’?

The world around us is a reflection of what is going on inside, and so the first step to taking responsibility for our life on earth is to care for ourselves. Working on ourselves is a life long journey, one that can bring the deepest of fulfilment.

In our work we turn to nature as our guide, our teacher and our healer just as our ancestors would have done.

Our work is to support you in learning how to connect in with nature and her cycles to bring about inner transformation, inner alchemy. Through this you will be the best you can possibly be, and in these challenging times, this is exactly what is needed as we collectively step up and create a new way of being here on Earth.

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To support you in your journey we offer:


Soul healing through 1-to-1 sessions

In our 1-to-1 sessions we can carry out  soul healing work such as connection and guidance, soul retrievals, soul exchanges, ancestral healing, past life healing, depossession, psycho-pomping and curse unravelling. Click here for more information.


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Weekend retreats

This is a chance for you to deepen into your shamanic experience over a few days, immersing yourself in a community co-created with like-minded folk who are looking to better themselves and the world they live in.  There is plenty of space for personal reflection and on-going self improvement.

We will share with you the traditional shamanic toolkit so that you can carry out your own personal healing, and support you in deepening your connection with Mother Earth.

You will learn to work with your spirit guides and power animals, walking between the worlds to gain the insights that will support you in everything that you do, should you wish it to. Click here for more information.


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Useful resources

We have amassed a collection of resources which may help you on your journey, including reviews of our favourite books, and useful tips on various aspects of shamanism such as buying a drum, or being comfortable outdoors.

This will build into a portal of shamanic and earth spirituality guidance.

Click here to access these resources.


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We think it’s important that everyone has the opportunity to join in The Way of the Buzzard community. Some of our outdoor celebration events are completely free to attend. At our shamanic drumming circles we ask for a contribution in line with what you can afford.