Past life healing

What is past life healing?

Many of us believe that this life time is not the only life time our soul will experience on Earth. We have had many previous incarnations, and in those lives things may have happened to us which we did not heal from, carrying this through to manifest into subsequent lives, and ultimately this life.

For many generations here in the western world we haven’t had the opportunity to openly work on past life healing, as its not something our modern day, Christian influenced culture understands. Now the time is here where we can, and it can be an incredibly powerful way of healing ourselves in this life time.

Some people do not believe in past lives, they believe in parallel lives, and this is fine too. If this is your belief we can work with your parallel lives, as the process and the healing potential is just the same.

Also, others may not know how they feel about past lives, in which case we can treat the images and information that you receive as a metaphor to understand how you are feeling now and why it is standing in the way of you living your life to the full.


How is it done?

This is usually done through guided journeying, as it means you are most involved in this way. If you have not journeyed before don’t worry, its something which people pick up quickly and naturally.


Why is it important?

Healing trauma from a past life is like getting to the route cause of a problem. Until its healed the problem will keep on surfacing again and again, in different guises in your current life.

How might it come up as something which needs doing in our session?

It is most likely that you will either bring this to the session yourself, as something which you know needs to be worked on or it will come up as something which we could work on as we talk about what you are most present with and the challenges you are facing in your life.

What will happen in the session?

Once we decide it is past life work that you want to work on in the session, we will present a couple of ways in which we can do this.

We work through journeying, and with this particular work its usually with guided journeying. This is where we talk to you and ask questions, and you go on a journey and tell me what is happening. I guide you through each step of the way. We prefer to work with you like this rather than go off and journey ourselves, as it keeps you most involved in the process and it facilitates the healing process.

Don’t worry if you have not journeyed before. Again, people pick this up really quickly and we will guide you every step of the way. Also don’t worry if you find you cannot journey, as we can journey on your behalf.

After the journey we will talk through what happened and use the session to understand more how this past life has affected you and how your life might be different now you have this awareness and healing that life has taken place.