Journeying, guidance and connection work

What is this?

One of the ways in which we work is to empower you as much as possible. So, rather than us going into the other realms to gather information, healing and support, we work with you so you can do this yourself. Most people find it really easy and a natural way to connect to their inner wisdom or the Otherworlds.


How is it done?

We start the session by talking about what you are most present with, and then we will suggest a number of ways in which we can work together in the session to give you what you most need. It might include one of the following options:

  • Connection journey to a Guide who can work with you at this time. This might be a Spirit Guide or Spirit Teacher, or a Power Animal or Animal Spirit Guide. We will work with the imagery and messages that you get during the rest of the session to help bring about awareness and healing
  • A journey to the Upperworld, Middleworld or Lowerworld to receive information that you need to support you in your awareness and healing. Again, we will work with the imagery and messages that you get during the rest of the session.


What is journeying and how will I know whether I can do it?

Journeying is where we slow our minds down so they can access a different level of information to what our conscious minds can access. Its a technique which comes naturally to us once we are taught it, as our brains evolved in this way over many tens, of not hundreds of thousands of years. Its just in this culture we have forgotten it, or rather not taught it. It is easily picked up by most people but if you do struggle for any reason then we can journey for you on your behalf and share the information with you for us to then work on interpretation together.
When we journey we have access to a whole wealth of information, guides, helpers and support, to help us work through a situation in our lives.
What happens in a shamanic journey?
It can either be a guided journey or a journey to the drum beat. We will explain both when we meet and see which you would like to do. Essentially you can journey either sitting on the sofa or lying on the floor. You have your eyes closed, and you imagine yourself in a place in nature. From there you visualize going essentially on a walk, into other realities, to access guidance that you most need at this time. Once you have completed your journey, which usually takes between 10 and 20 minutes, we will spend time interpreting what you have seen. Often in our sessions there is time for a second journey.