How you interact with your leaders

We live in a democracy, so in theory, our leaders should represent our interests and make decisions based on the common good. Use your political power by influencing the leaders of our country.

Imagine if your MP received 50 letters from people concerned about how we are interacting with our Earth through the legislation that they pass. Imagine if more people spoke to them or made contact with them expressing their wishes.

This is especially true now we are in the lead up to the general election. MPs are listening the most right now as they are protecting their jobs for the next four or five years.

As well as voting for the party whose polices you most believe in, to make your voice heard you can also:

  • Speak with your MP at one of their local surgeries. MPs run these regularly in your local town so find out when the next one is and go and speak with them.
  • Write a letter to your MPs office.
  • Sign online petitions as they cross your path.
  • Join the Green Party and show your support for a different set of policies.

To read more about the Green Party’s policies click here.


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