We have created a beautiful guide to the Celtic wheel of the year as a free gift to people who subscribe to our mailing list. It will give you insights into our land’s traditional calendar, the essence of each of the eight festivals and ideas on how you can align yourself with the energies.

Welcome to The Way of the Buzzard, our shamanic presence. We are Jason and Nicola, and we have created The Way of the Buzzard as a way to gather a community of like minded people who are interested in British Shamanism as a way of life.

By using this guide you will be able to follow the wheel of the year and create your own rituals, to help bring about inner and outer transformation in your life.

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About The Way of the Buzzard

The Way of the Buzzard follows the three core strands of shamanism; care of ourselves on our individual paths, care of our community and care of the Earth. Here on our website you will find information about shamanism and our approach to the indigenous ways, regular articles and book reviews, and information about Earth care. Our passion is to re-learn the British way of shamanism, of our land, through connecting in with our guides and teachers, and working with the Sidhe Realm and Otherworlds to help restore balance back here on Earth.

We run regular shamanic drumming circles around the northwest of England, as well as day workshops, weekend retreats, both indoor and outdoor ceremonies, and a shamanic festival retreat, Space to Emerge.

As well as our group events we work with people on a one-to-one basis through shamanic healing sessions, including the traditional soul healing work of soul retrieval, soul exchange, extraction, psyco-pomping, depossession and curse unravelling, as well as past life work and ancestral healing.

We also make shamanic drums and and other sacred tools, and run drum birthing workshops, and if you are interested in formal ceremonies then we have another website Journey Well Ceremonies which you might like to visit too.

Thank you for visiting our website, and we shall look forward to our paths crossing again some day soon.

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