Enjoy Outdoors!

If we are going to reconnect back in with the Earth we need to immerse ourselves in her and venture outdoors.

You can get a connection just about anywhere there is nature, in your back garden, walking down the street, or sitting in a park but to really deepen your experience, we invite you to go outside your comfort zone and venture further. Immerse yourself in the countryside; tip toe through a meadow on a warm summer’s day, wander around moorland on a fresh spring morning, or crunch your way through the frosty ground in a winter woodland.

Stop, sit down, lean against a tree and stay there for a few hours, listening softly, quietly with no distractions. We find that it’s during these times that she speaks the loudest.

Some find this really easy to do, second nature almost, however understandably some find this is a real edge.  Modern day society keeps us indoors, where we feel safe, in a place where we are in control, where we are familiar, where we understand. Taking us out into the wilds of the unknown is daunting if we have never done it before as we are taught to fear the unknown, fear that place where others may be lurking.

These fears are sometimes based on sound fact, but statistics tell us that we are much more likely to be in danger walking down the street in a town or city than walking in the countryside.

There are a few precautions we can take however, and a few things we can do to make sure we are comfortable. Here are our top ten suggestions to help you along your way…

  1. Tell someone where you are going. This will give you great comfort when you are out knowing that if for some reason you don’t make it home, someone will be looking out for you and raise the alarm.

  2. Take a mobile phone with you. Again this will give you a feeling of security, and should you get lost, or slip and fall then you will be able to call someone to come and help you. Provided you have a signal of course!

  3. Share the connection with a friend. This works if you have a friend who is also connected, who understands that you want time alone out in nature. You can reach a certain point and then part company, but both still be within sight of each other while you connect in with nature.

  4. Wear sturdy shoes. It’s always best to wear the most sturdy shoes that you have.  As a minimum you should wear trainers, but if you have some waterproof shoes or walking boots, or wellies all the better.

  5. Take plenty of water with you.

  6. Remember your lotions and potions. Sunscreen if you are burn easily, and if you are in an area prone to midges take some insect repellant. You will be really grateful you have as those little terrors can really put a dampener on enjoying the outdoors

  7. Take something to sit on, either a blanket or a therma-cushion which can be bought really cheaply from most  outdoor activity shops.

  8. Wrap up warm and dry. Remember that you may be sitting or lying down to deepen into your connection so take lots of layers. We find that in the winter having thermals on both our legs and bodies is definitely worth the investment. They are pricey, but if you are really keen to immerse yourself into our countryside but do feel the cold, we recommend Icebreaker thermals which keep out just about everything and last for years. Remember also to take waterproofs for both your your legs and your top half. Wet legs mean cold legs. In the winter hats, gloves and scarves are amazing at keeping away the chills.

  9. Invest in a tarp. This is the icing on the cake. It completely weather proofs your outdoor experience, allowing you to shelter away from the rain and yet still experience the magic of sitting out in a woodland watching the rain fall. We recommend DD Hammocks who do a good range of tarps. For a useful all rounder try the 3m by 3m – Olive Green

  10. Buy a map and compass. Having an OS Ranger map (and being able to use it) will open up a whole new world for you enabling you to explore the amazing network of footpaths and bridleways available to us here in the British Isles, which are highly coveted by walkers in other countries. If you are not a confident map reader we recommend attending a 1-day orientation course – it will completely change the way you view and access our extraordinary countryside.