Earth healing

Each area of land we consciously call a place has a spirit guardian, the ‘spirit of place‘.

Working shamanically we have the cooperation of the Sidhe realm and are able to communicate with the spirit of the place.

In the new earth we are all watching unfold, the time of the realms working together in harmony is drawing ever closer. If you sense a place is unsettled, not at peace, it may be because the spirit of the place is struggling somehow, in some way.

By meeting them, and speaking with them, any issues can be unraveled, leading to a clearer energy, higher vibration and a more balanced place where great work can be carried out.

We are experienced in working with the guardians of great sacred places, releasing old patterns and regaining the balance of energy. If this is something that resonates then please get in touch and we will be happy to discuss this in more depth and explore how we may be able to help.