Earth energies

What are ‘earth energies’?

When we look back to the time when our ancestors lived close to the earth, and observed the rhythm of the solar and lunar cycles, we can see that they knew something that we no longer widely know and use. Why did they build their sacred sites in the places that they chose? What is it that draws us to visit them? Why do we feel different when we go to them?

The answers are there for us to discover, and surprisingly it can be explained by science, in particular physics.

There are two types of energy at sacred sites. One is the earth energy, the polar magnetism running between the North and the South Pole. This is the feminine energy, mother earth energy and is filled with sound and song by the beating of the other energy. The other energy being the solar energy, the masculine energy, the energy from father sky.

These energies are heightened in particular places on earth because of water, which as we know attracts electrical energies. Our ancient ancestors built their temples on sites of concentrated underground water, this being where the energies of mother earth and father sky were most powerful.

When the Christians took over and built churches on our ancient sacred sites they designed them to maximize these energies. Altars were built over the underground blind springs, with the spire rising high into the sky to catch the solar energies, or ley energies.

Why did they do this? Why was this energy important to them?

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Why are they important for us?

Our brains operate at the same frequency as these energies, which affect the pineal gland. Fluctuations in the geomagnetic field affect the production of chemicals made by the pineal gland such as pinoline, which interacts with serotonin creating DMT, a hallucinogen which allows information to be received. In an environment where geomagnetic field intensity is decreased, people are known to experience psychic and shamanic states.

So where the incoming resonance is strongest we hear spirit speak, or the divine, god, source, the universe, whichever you are most comfortable calling it. On our earth, the greater the volume of underground water, the more atmospheric energy is drawn to it.

Water causes maximum conductivity between Sky and Earth, and when we place ourselves on a strong pattern of underground water we are standing on a point of conductivity and connectivity. At these points our connection is deeper, and the insights clearer. The energy provides a doorway or conduit between the material world and other realities.

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Working with sacred sites

This is why we like to carry out our work at sacred sites, ideally ancient sacred sites. The connection is deeper, and the insights clearer. The original intent of temples was to facilitate growth and transform consciousness, and when we approach these places with the intent of working with them for this purpose, the Spirit of the Place opens up in a way that is different from general casual visits, it responds and works with us. When the individual is aware of the site, the site becomes aware of the individual, the temple of man and the temple of the land become one indivisible and mystical whole.

We also are able to influence global consciousness better at these sites. Water, being the fluid consciousness of the earth holds and moves the consciousness around, carries emotion and can be imprinted with thought and intent. This is why churches are based on sites of underground water, with their altars placed on underground springs.

Our ancestors also built temples to teach self-understanding in order to accelerate self-development. Their intent for temples was to surround people with harmony and in doing so they would recreate harmony in their world. Like people, nature undergoes continual transformation, yet ultimately finds balance and wholeness.


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As Freddie Silva says

unless the myths are preserved, the rites performed and the sites maintained as spirit sanctuaries, the living bond is broken, man and nature are separated and neither man or nature has any assurance of life in the future”.

This is why we visit sacred sites and work with the energies there, to help facilitate growth and transformation, for the good of our planet.