What is a depossession?
As a shamanic healer our job is to meet with the spirit that is possessing you and negotiate it leaving. We firmly believe that this is to be done gently, through persuasion and with empathy. The spirit is lost and vulnerable, and with care we can help remove it from where it shouldn’t be, and help it find its way back to its rightful place. We do not fight it, we do not kill it and we do not hurt it in any way. We simply find out why its there, listen, talk and then help it on its way.


How might I know if I need one?
It can be difficult to decide whether or not you need a spirit depossession, usually it’s best to leave it to our guides to determine the problem. Often the signs are obvious to others even if they don’t know what’s going on, but can be masked from yourself.

Here are some suggestions to help you decide if you might need a spirit depossession:

  • You have some unexplained symptoms which you can’t put your finger on, but it feels like something is draining your energy or causing involuntary movements.
  • You feel a heaviness or an element of sadness for no apparent reason
  • A therapist has suggested there may be such an issue affecting you
  • You may have been experimenting with spirit connections using  Ouija Boards, séances and the like.
  • You may have taken part in a spiritual workshop where a released spirit entity attached to you.


When should I come?
We recommend you arrange for your session on a day where you don’t have anything else planned afterwards. Everyone is different, and so it is not possible to predict how you will feel after your de-possion but you may want quiet time; some time to reflect and be gentle with yourself. With this in mind its best to schedule a time to have your soul retrieval when you have the rest of the day free.


What will happen in the session?
Its really important to us that you feel safe and trust us, so we will spend some time at the start of the session talking and explaining the process, so that you feel comfortable. At that stage, if you feel that this is not something you want to do we can part company. We will also spend a little time exploring if its actually a spirit de-posession you need, or whether it might be something else. We cannot assume what the precise nature of the work is that we need to do until we have met.

We will then remain either seated, or you can lie down, whichever is more comfortable for you. We will then speak directly with the spirit intrusion and enter into a dialogue with it. This can either be done through you speaking, or it may chose to speak through one of us. We will listen and understand why its there, and negotiate it leaving and moving on. Once it has left your body we will carry out further work in the Otherworld to make sure it gets to where it needs to rightfully be. This is an important step for us as we don’t want to release it into the Otherworld to then go and attach itself to someone else.

After the work has been completed we will spend some time talking through the experience with you, answer any questions, and make sure you are comfortable with what has happened.


How many sessions will I need?
The only answer to this is that we do not know. Sometimes one session is enough, and other times our clients feel that they would like to come back to do more work together. We can take each session as they come.


What other support might I need?
You should also consider what your support network will be after the session. Who in your friendship group could listen to you as you share your experience? You may even like to bring them along as added support, which is absolutely fine if you would like to do this.


Where can I find further information?
You can also give us a call and we will be really happy to talk over any questions you may have to help you decide if you would like a session.


Where can I have my session?
We carry out the session from our home just outside Chorley in Lancashire. Its about 10 minutes from the M61 and a 4 mile taxi ride from Chorley train station.