Curse unraveling

What do you mean by curse unraveling?

Curse unraveling is in a nutshell recognising a curse which has been places on someone either intentionally or not, and finding a way to work with our guides to unraveling.
It could be a curse which has been placed on you in this life time, or in a previous life.


How is it done?

We will start off by talking about why you have been drawn to coming to this session. You can share as much of your story and feelings as to why you think you might have been cursed, and we can share our insights and experiences to add to this. Then Jason will journey to his guides to ask for insights into what happened in the cursing, and what needs to happen to undo the curse. Jason will share his insights and then together we will decide the best course of action, and with your agreement we will do the work to unravel the curse.


Why is it important?

As with other shamanic healing practices, curse unraveling gets to the route of the problem. It is something which has happened to us either in this life time, or in previous lifetimes, which then gets in the way of us living our life most fully and achieving our greatest potential. Without fixing this at the route cause, problems we have been struggling with over and over again will continue to manifest themselves.


How might it come up as something which needs doing in our session?

We expect this is something which will ring true for you if its something that you need.
Usually the idea of curse unraveling comes up as we work on something else in a session, but sometimes clients do approach us directly with this as a specific problem they are aware of that they know needs to be resolved.