Creating Sacred Space

Everywhere on Earth is sacred, created by Source, the One, God, the Universal Force, whatever you want to call that creative force behind everything.

However, through our intention we can create a particular kind of space where we can enhance connection, and bring about healing and transformation. Sacred space can be created anywhere, and this page shares insights into how we go about it


Choosing your location

Firstly, anywhere in nature, anywhere that calls you can be your sacred space. It might be under a tree, in a meadow, deep in woodland, or by a fast flowing river. Some of the most powerful places are those that have been used as sacred sites for many years, the energy being greater in these spots. Stone circles, standing stones or special rock formations are wonderful if you can travel to them, as can be sites where there are now christian churches – if the vicar is open minded.

However you don’t have to travel far to find the perfect spot. You can create a beautiful sacred space inside your home; in a room where you can be quiet and gentle, or in the lounge where you can welcome friends to join you. You can create somewhere special outside in your garden, wherever calls you at the time, wherever best meets your intention for creating the space. Think about whether you want it to be a permanent sacred space – an altar in your living room, or temporary.


Deciding on your intention

What is the purpose of the space you are creating? You will need to decide this beforehand, and what you plan to do in the space. Will it be for meditation or journeying, to connect in with your guides to seek guidance on a particular issue? Or to celebrate the full moon or one of the festivals in the wheel of the year? If you are performing a ritual to heal or transform something in your life, you will also need to design this beforehand.

The more ritualistic you make it, the easier it will be to drop into your sacred space and achieve what you are looking for. Here are some tips.


Setting up the space

You can cleanse the area using a sage smudge stick, by drumming, with chimes or a singing bowl. Perhaps create a mandala on the floor using a cloth and items to represent the four directions – Earth in the north, Air in the East, Fire in the south and Water in the West, and place a candle in the center. Here are some ideas on what you can use to represent the quarters:

  • Earth: stones, wood, crystals
  • Air: Feathers, wings
  • South: Red or orange candle
  • Water: Shells, bowl or goblet of water


Entering and using the space

Firstly do something which will help you step from every day life to ritual space. Wear a special item of clothing such as a robe or shawl, or simply light a candle, or chant.

Cast a circle or imagine a circle around you to separate you from ordinary reality. You could do this with a wand, or crystal or simply your will.

Call in your helpers. This could be your power animal, if you know who that is, or your spirit guide, or guardian angel, whoever comes to mind. If you do not know who any of your guides are, then perhaps enter into the space with the intention to meet them for the first time. In this case, for protection, call on Wolf to help guide you.

Open the quarters, if this feels right, although its not always essential. To do this you can call in Earth from the north, to help ground you and give you wisdom, Air from the East to help focus your mind and give you insights and clarity, Fire from the south to help with your creativity, and to be surrounded by Love and finally Water to help you tune in to your emotions, and to allow them to flow freely through you.

After this, simply allow yourself to drop into the quiet space and use it in the way that you have prepared for beforehand.


Closing the space

When you have finished your meditation, ritual or celebration, firstly thank your spirit guides and anyone else who has given you guidance and support. If you have opened the four directions, ensure that you close them and then take down the circle. If you want you could also cleanse the area again with smudging or by using the chimes or singing bowl. Essentially retrace the steps that you took to create the circle.