Us and our work

Our land has the answers.

This is the simple truth behind The Way of the Buzzard. Our land has the answers. We know that everything we need is right here, under our feet, entwined in the very fabric of this, our land. Albion, Great Britain, these Emerald Isles. This land knows our truth in the very same way that it knew our ancestors and will know our descendants.

We feel no pull to venture far and wide to connect with the spirit of Mother Earth in the distant outposts of our planet. Our roots are here, and always have been. Treading the highways and byways of our islands leaves us content. Venturing into the forests and woodlands enhances our senses. Wandering our hills and moors speaks to our soul with great clarity. We find solace, security and kinship on the rise and fall of our mountains and the ebb and flow of our ocean.

The shamanic tradition of our landscape was all but obliterated, like the buzzard. However, just as the buzzard once more soars high and free so the language of our land raises its voice in a song that will not be ignored. Will you join us as we tread the path of our ancestors? Will you come along as we journey to the spirits of this hallowed land? Will you too heed the rallying call of Mother Earth as she gathers her clan around her?

The spiritual traditions of our land are resurfacing. The Earth path is clearing, ready for your footsteps. The heart of Mother Earth is beating in time with yours. Can you hear it throbbing in the depths of your soul?

Hear the beat of the drum, hear the call of the wild, hear your heart-song as it carries you on the wild winds of Albion.

We are rising up like a buzzard in the sky
Brothers and sisters raise your wings and fly
We are rising up like a buzzard in the sky
Brothers and sisters raise your wings and fly

We are rising up, we are rising up
We are rising up, we are rising up


I am an Earth Guardian, and am here to help humanity find a way to live in harmony here on the Earth plane, and in the process I heal myself. I am drawn to just about anything that helps shift global consciousness, to create the new paradigm. I work in sustainable development advising corporations, the public sector, communities and people on how to live a lower impact life.

More recently, awaking to my spiritual gifts I am training as a shamanic practitioner, and use this path to bring in my other healing abilities as a reiki master, working with both the angelic realm and the earth energies, spirits, faeries and elementals. I don’t pretend to have all the answers, far from it, but I have been gifted a toolkit to help support people through the transition we are all feeling, and that we are all a part of, to create the new Earth.

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I work with the realm of nature spirits, the Sidhe Realm of ancient lore, to help regain the balance with nature on our beautiful planet. The physical world of nature, both outer and inner, are key to this essential process and I strive to discover and understand the voices of our places.

For me, time out in nature, barefoot, connecting with the rhythm of life is the most nurturing of activities. Too, working with the faieries and other elemental forces at large in our world is vital for my well-being. Age old shamanic practices ease my journey into the realms and inform my every step along the way.

My lifelong quest brings me to this place now. What is around the corner is yet a mystery.

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