Shamanism is the fastest growing branch of earth-based spirituality, and at its core it is about claiming back our power to heal ourselves, our communities and our planet. Drawing on the wisdom of the land, our ancestors and the Other realms we can reawaken to the beauty all around us, and realign ourselves back with Life.

These About pages explain what The Way of the Buzzard is all about, how we work with the Other realms, how shamanism can bring about inner and outer transformation, and details about our insurances and our ethical code of practice.




Why ‘The Way of the Buzzard’?

We, Jason and Nicola, have together created The Way of the Buzzard to bring together a growing community of people who are interested in learning about British Shamanism and earth based spirituality and incorporating it into their lives.

In summary The Way of the Buzzard is about:

  • awakening to the three pillars of shamanism: self care, earth care and community care
  • being earth aware, and remembering how to live in balance with the earth
  • aligning ourselves with the cycles of nature and using this powerful force for healing
  • drawing on the wisdom of the Otherworlds for guidance and support which are needed at this time
  • treading the path of our ancestors, reconnecting with the spirit of our land
  • health and well being, being the best that we can be
  • opposing the control and repression that are endemic in our world today
  • losing the fear of living with uncertainty and recognising the treasures it brings
  • building and using a set of shamanic tools to help us navigate through life


Why ‘Buzzard’?

One of the aspects of shamanism is working with animal spirit guides, drawing on their energies and essence to help us on our journey here on Earth. This practice has been carried out by tribes across the world for tens of thousands of years, and we know this because it is still done today, and it is captured in rock art paintings in caves dating back nearly 100,000 years.

In our work we bring the qualities of Buzzard and drawn upon these in whatever we do. We were guided to work with Buzzard because:

Almost wiped out by heavy persecution the buzzard has made a huge comeback to our islands.

Similarly those who followed the path of Earth spirituality were almost purged from our lands, but we are back! Shamanism is the fastest growing form of Earth based spirituality.

Like the buzzard we live lightly on the land, we have foresight, we value freedom and we strive to live in harmony with Mother Earth.

Like buzzard, we too are becoming common once more.


Healing ourselves

The first step towards actively working to create a different way of being here on Earth is to look within. The wounds we carry from things that happen to us in our lives and the stories we are told cause us to  close down and put up barriers so that we numb our ability to feel.

We are distracted by the busyness of life, the complexity of the world around us, the messages the media and our government tell us. We simply exist from one day to the next, with our heads down, believing this is the way is has to be because that it what everyone else is telling us.

To break free is to open up, face the pain that is within us and start the life long journey of inner healing. It is only by healing ourselves that we can begin to rise above the old paradigm and start to align with others on the same path to create a new way of being, a new Earth.

The most important kind of freedom is to be what you really are. You trade in your reality for a role. You trade in your sense for an act. You give up your ability to feel, and in exchange put on a mask.

There can’t be any large-scale revolution until there is a personal revolution, on an individual level. Its got to happen inside first. Jim Morrison



Natures healing gift

Nature shows us a way to this inner healing. We all experience it when we go for a walk and feel better about ourselves, or when we spend time outside and get given a moment of inspiration to further us on our journey. Shamanism is this but with intention, working with nature to bring about insights, and to draw on the energies which in turn trigger inner alchemical transformation.

As we change ourselves we change the world around us, our outer world is merely a reflection of our inner world. This is why we must begin with ourselves first.

Often it happens with some kind of personal crisis, when because of decisions we have made and how we choose to respond to the environment we have created around us, we come to a point where we can’t cope any more. We recognise that we need to change, and we start to look for help to manifest that change.

It can often mean choosing a different path to our friends and family, however as we step onto that path we will find that others are choosing to walk it too, and suddenly we find that we are not alone, that there are others like us thinking and feeing as we do, noticing that all is not well with our lives and the world around us, and seeking to change this.

The Way of the Buzzard is this path, the path to bringing about healing to ourselves, our community and our Earth. It is about a tribe gathering who want to actively implement the three threads of shamanism within their daily lives. Healing the mind, body and spirit of ourselves, our community and our Earth by treading the path of our ancestors.



Learning from our ancestors

The idea of learning from our ancestors is not something we really draw on in our western culture,  but why not learn from those who have gone before us? The human race has survived successfully on earth for over 2.5 million years, and they would have done so by learning from experience.

Scientific studies show us that the people who walked on the Earth 200,000 years ago  were no different to ourselves physiologically, and the fact that we survived for so long tells us that they knew a way of existing which was sustainable, unlike our way of living.

The people who have gone before us have left us clues from which we can learn much about ourselves. What we know from their sacred sites, rock art, artefacts and written accounts is that they drew on the spirit world for guidance, wisdom and connection to support their existence on Earth.

We do not need to look too far to gather ideas on how they did this, as surviving indigenous tribes still work with the Otherworlds.



Working with the spirit realm

In the Way of the Buzzard we connect with our guides in the other realms – the upper and lower worlds – through journeying on the drum. This way we can individually gather insights to support us on our path, and create a relationship with our guides so that we can connect in regularly.

Of course, how we choose to interpret the information and whether we choose to act is our decision, but the guidance is there for us to seek and receive should we wish.

We also work with the other realms to bring our different worlds closer together, which is essential if we are to create a new Earth, a new way of being. The nature spirits, faeries, elves, sprites, gods and goddesses, angels and archangels, ascended masters all reside much closer to us than you might think and have such incredible power. Why wouldn’t we want to connect in with them and seek their support!

For many people this is one on the hardest things to comprehend, but all we ask is for an open mind to consider that there is more beyond what we can physically see in our world, and watch what might emerge in your consciousness.



Waking up 

As we begin to heal ourselves, peel back the layers and discover who we really are, we start to look at the world we live in very differently. We start to realise that the reality we are living in is one big story, and it doesn’t make a lot of sense.

The power structures we were told are there to protect us, look after us and have our well-being in their best interests are in fact the opposite of this. They are controlling us, stripping away our basic rights and exploiting us. Again, this realisation can often come from our own personal crisis as the world we live in doesn’t make any sense to us any more.

We can feel alone and confused as the peole we care and love around us don’t think like this, and believe everything is fine and the only way it can be. We don’t need to look far to find others who think and feel the way we do, we just need to know where to look, and we will find these people when we are ready.

The Way of the Buzzard draws together people who see the world through a different lens from the reality we are taught at school, by the media, our mainstream culture and those who seek to control and manipulate us. By forming a community we can find strength in numbers and together begin to understand more fully what is really going on and, more importantly, what we can do about it.




The legends of people who stood up against power structures run through our land and speak to our souls. Robin Hood, King Arthur, the Boudica. They all rose up as the people for the people to preserve their way of being or fight for a different way. Why are these legends so powerful, passed down from generation to generation? Can we draw on these to ignite a spark of passion and inspiration within us to stand up and be different and to demand change?

The Way of the Buzzard is about being Earth-aware and taking responsibility to care for ourselves, our communities and out planet. Without a healthy planet we cannot exist.

More and more people are getting actively involved in changing the government, but a lot more needs to be done. We need more people to get involved and step up to make the government understand that if they do not change they will no longer be in power. If we don’t do anything, then nothing will change. If change doesn’t happen, and soon, the costs to humanity on a global scale will be beyond our darkest nightmares.

Einstein said “madness is doing the same thing again and again and expecting different results.” There are enough of us to stand up and demand change, and there are many movements to get involved with which are gathering real momentum. We  just need to stop numbing ourselves watching TV, drowning in wine, distracting ourselves with consumerism and listening to what the media says about how bad and terrible the world is.

Activism isn’t just focussed on the external factors, lobbying others to change. We also need to take a long hard look at how we choose to live our own lives. We all have an impact on the Earth as we go about our daily lives. Being born into a western culture means that this impact is very high, much higher than we might think. Understanding this impact and making meaningful and significant changes is another life long journey.

There will be inner battles as we internally fight to justify the decisions we make which do have a big impact on our Earth, and in The Way of the Buzzard we don’t judge each other. Who are we to judge another?

We could all easily point the finger at each other and ourselves, as our culture is so impactful. We simply ask that we each are asking the questions of ourselves and seeking those alternatives which lead to a new way of being here on Earth which is aligned with nature. After all, life supports life, and if we align with nature, nature will support us.

That is how evolution works.

Inevitably, as you begin to awaken, question, heal and remember who you really are, you will question your life purpose. Only you can find that out, but The Way of the Buzzard will teach you a set of tools and a way of being to help you discover this. Once you are in the flow, open to change and well resourced to embrace whatever life brings, your purpose will emerge.

This is the ultimate activism, to live your life purposefully, with an open heart and an open mind. Just imagine the world we would create if everyone did this!

It begins with you.




We think it’s important that everyone has the opportunity to join in The Way of the Buzzard community, so some of our events are completely free to attend or we ask for a contribution in line with what you can afford. We love children to attend many of our gatherings, in particular our outdoor celebrations. However, due to the deep, reflective nature of much of our work it’s not always suitable for children, but where it is, we make this clear and encourage you to bring them along so they can join in and also experience the connections we have with nature and each other.



Our teachers in this realm

We both completed our shamanic practitioner training with Jayne Johnson from Shamanism Embodied, where we completed a three year training programme in the Forest of Bowland in Lancashire. Jason has also completed a shamanic apprenticeship with Robyn Fell.

We maintain our links with our teachers and are in monthly supervision with Jayne Johnson and attend on-going training sessions with both Jayne and Robyn.





We carry appropriate insurance for our work and hold an ITC Certificate in Outdoor First Aid.




Ethical Code of Practice

We have been certified by Indie Shaman and have been awarded the Indie Shaman Ethical Practitioner Certificate of Ethical Practice. As such we:

  • Maintain client confidentiality, unless this is overruled by a child protection issue or vulnerable adult protection issue, in which case to report all suspected such cases to the relevant authority
  • Do not knowingly work with an individual under the age of 18 years without the prior permission of their parent or legal guardian
  • Do not knowingly work with an individual without their informed consent




About Jason

I work with the realm of nature spirits, the Sidhe Realm of ancient lore, to help regain the balance with nature on our beautiful planet. The physical world of nature, both outer and inner, are key to this essential process and I strive to discover and understand the voices of our places.

For me, time out in nature, barefoot, connecting with the rhythm of life is the most nurturing of activities. Too, working with the faieries and other elemental forces at large in our world is vital for my well-being. Age old shamanic practices ease my journey into the realms and inform my every step along the way.

My lifelong quest brings me to this place now. What is around the corner is yet a mystery.

Click here to read more about Jason


About Nicola

I am an Earth Guardian, and am here in service to help mankind find a way to live in balance with our Earth. In the process I heal myself. I am drawn to just about anything that helps shift global consciousness, to create the new paradigm. At the start of my working life I worked in sustainable development for fifteen years, advising corporations, the public sector, communities and people on how to live a lower impact life.

In my mid thirties, awakening to my spiritual gifts I trained as a shamanic practitioner, and use this path to bring in my other healing abilities as a reiki master working with both the angelic realm and the earth energies, spirits, faeries and elementals.

In my journey I have drawn on the healing qualities of nature and, by aligning with the natural cycles, transformed my way of being here on Earth. I don’t pretend to have all the answers, far from it, but I have been gifted a toolkit to help support people through the transition we are all feeling, and that we are all a part of, to create the new Earth.