The Call of the Green Man: Autumn Equinox Gathering at Robin Hoods Stride – Sunday 20th September 2015

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Immerse yourself for the day in this beautiful and ancient landscape deep in the Derbyshire hills. Here, in this natural temple to the Green Man, the power of the land meets the power of the universe and the connection is strong. There are some really amazing sacred sites and amazing Spirits of Place to work with including a natural rocky outcrop in the shape of a temple, a cave, and an ancient shrine under Yew.

Our 1-day Autumn Equinox gathering is an opportunity to work directly with the land and Cernunnos, just as our ancestors would have done.


We will be working throughout the day with the  Equinox energies, a time of balance when the day and night are of equal length. The element of Water sits in the West and we will be working with this too to help bring about any necessary changes in our lives. We will connect in with the Sidhe realm, whose presence is really strong here. The Green Man, the elves, faeries and sprites are all here to help us, if we just ask, as is the Spirit of the Place.

Our focus will be to bring balance to our lives, and clear what no longer serves us as we approach the stillness of winter. What balance do you need to bring into your life? Where are your blockages which are stopping your flow? What do you need to clear in order to move forward? How can you bring about more balance and peace in your life and the world?

There will be drumming, nature connection time, singing, celebration, reflection and journeying into the Otherworlds. Together we will experience a real sense of community, spending some deep connection time with like-minded souls in one of the most beautiful landscapes.

During this workshop we will:

  • Look at what we need to bring balance into our lives and what might be stopping our flow
  • Journey to the Otherworlds to seek guidance to help us on our way
  • Spend time under the old yew trees at the shrine to the Green Man
  • Journey by and explore the rocks and caves of Robin Hood’s stride
  • Explore where the blockages are which are stopping your flow, and carry out a clearing ceremony

For further information please get in touch, as well as read the details below which may answer some of your questions.

To read a blog of our gathering last year at Robin Hoods Stride click here.


Further details:

Location: Robinhoods Stride, Derbyshire is approximately 10 minutes drive from Bakewell, 90 minutes from Manchester, postcode DE4 2LZ.

Time: 10am – 5pm

Meeting up: We will meet up at the Red Lion pub in Birchover and travel together from there, as it will be easier to find each other this way, and also because there is limited parking at the site itself.

Booking details: Pre-booking is necessary to secure your place as there are limited spaces available. The cost is £40 per person.

Lunch: Please bring a packed lunch to eat on the day

Access: This location is only accessible by car. If you would like to come via public transport then please let us know as we are likely to be able to arrange a lift for you. We will be parking close to the site, and walking across a field and over a stile in order to access it. In total over the day we are likely to be walking no more than one mile in order to venture to the different areas of the site. There are some gentle slopes and a couple of stiles which you will need to climb over.

Weather: This is an outdoor event so please come dressed appropriately for the weather. September is at the tail end of our summer and is still warm during the day, so bring sun cream and plenty of water, as well as waterproofs if it rains. If the forecast is really wet then we will cancel, but there are places  where we can shelter in the event of the occasional shower so we will only cancel if there is torrential all day rain forecast.

Local campsites: If you are planning to come and make a weekend of it we can recommend some good local campsites next to pubs which serve great food. Please ask us for details.

Adults only: This is a day long workshop and we will be doing deep journey work and have quiet reflection time. Because of this it is not suitable for children who will need more child-friendly occupying activities than we can offer at this type of event. Our shorter evening outdoor celebrations are child friendly so keep an eye out for them if you have children you’d like to bring.

Previous experience: No previous shamanic or earth connection experience is necessary. Just come with an open mind and we will guide you through the day.

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